6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (2023)

In Cult of the Lamb you have toRun a cult and manage your followerswhile trying to free the deity from her prison. You have to fight for that4 bishopsin the game. Fighting them alone can comeheavier. So the game lets you have itdifferent demons inCult of the Lambs to fight them.

Key Highlights

  • Cult of the Lambshas alsoa mechanismvonfight enemiesand sometimes, pSome areas are more difficult and you could lose.
  • Cult of the LambsAlsoadded a functionwhere you can usedemonswhich willassist you in combating the territories.
  • Toreceive demonsfor help, youFirstmustHave one of your followers become possessed by a demon's soul.
  • You canGet the demon's soulvongofor theDemonic Summoning Circleand thenmake an altair.
  • There are 6 different types of demons to choose from, namely:
    • hymns
    • Vosegus
    • Vesta
    • Orkus
    • Oven
    • Hathor
  • Remember,everydemonhas hisown abilitysuch asAdding more healthorReplenish your health to the full.

Cult of the Lamb Best Demons

In Cult of The Lamb, areas become increasingly difficult to clear as the story progresses. Here you will have to use your wits to dodge at the perfect time. Or to get the best weapons in Cult of The Lamb to deal higher damage to enemies. Even sometimes you can't do enough damage, or you just need to land one more hit to survive.

You can look at oursCult of The Lamb weapon rankings. It contains information about all weapons. Here you can review the best weapons to defeat bishops fast.

That one more hit can mean a life or death situation for you in the game. What if we told you that you could summon some "helpers" to help you fight enemies in the dungeons? Yes, and these helpers are called demons. You can summon various demons in the game to help you fight enemies.

In order to get demons you have to make one of your followers possessed by the soul of a dead demon. For this you need to create an Altair known as Demonic Summoning Circle. Once created, use it to summon different types of demons. There are a total of 6 different demons that you can summon in Cult of the Lamb.

Not all of the six demons can be selected as "Best Demons". So in this guide we will be discussing which demon is the best of the six demons you can choose from. Summoning this demon will surely make exploring the dungeon easier. But before we can start choosing the best demon, let's first look at how to summon a demon.

Summoning demons in the cult of the Lamb

You must have guessed by now that summoning demons won't do you any harm, like in horror movies or games. Instead, these demons will help you fight enemies in Cult Of The Lamb. You can unlock these demons early in the game. All you need is the Demonic Summoning Circle, which you get when youDivine inspirationcomes to level 2.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (1)

Once you have obtained Divine Inspiration at level 2, you will gain access to the Demonic Summoning Circle. Before you can unlock it, you must first get the missionary. This will unlock the path to unlock the Circle of Demonic Summoning in Cult of The Lamb. Keep in mind that you can upgrade it to higher levels later in the game, like most buildings in the game. We'll come back to that in a moment.

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Once unlocked, you must construct it like any other building in the game. The Demonic Summoning Circle I costs a total of 20x Coin, 10x Stone and 5x Lumber. If you read its description, it says "Own a pendant with the spirit of a demon so it can join you on your next crusade". This is the basic information on how the Demonic Summoning Circle works.

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Once you've built the Demonic Summoning Circle, approach and interact with it. Here you will get a list of all your followers and what they can become. There are a total of 6 different demons to choose from. Each of these demons has a special ability that sets them apart from the rest.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (3)

Demonic Summoning Circle upgrade

If you want to try everything in the game as soon as it unlocks. Then you know, like we do, that there are various upgrades for the Demonic Summoning Circle. When you unlock the Demonic Summoning Circle, you only have the “Demonic Summoning Circle I” at first.

But later, as you unlock various Divine Inspiration Tiers, you will gain access to various upgrades for this and many other buildings. At level 3 you can unlock the "Demonic Summoning Circle II". And if you unlock Divine Inspiration Tier 5, Demonic Summoning Circle III will be available to unlock.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (4)

You might be wondering what the Demonic Summoning Circle upgrade does to them? It unlocks new demon types or increases their power? It does none of that; Instead, you can summon another demon with each upgrade. You can have up to 3 demons at once if you fully upgrade the summoning circle.

This causes you to have various "passive abilities" in your run. You can have a demon that gives you hearts, another demon that deals melee damage, and a demon that shoots projectiles. This makes the Crusades in Cult of The Lamb a breeze.

Summoning a demon does not kill followers

You should know that if you have a higher level cult follower, that follower will get a bonus with demon's ability. Depending on their ability, they either gain more hearts or deal more damage to enemies. Anyway, once you turn the pendant into a demon, they stay in the circle until you go into the dungeon. There they will accompany you throughout the run and support you where they can.

At first we were reluctant to turn one of our higher tier followers into a demon. We knew that higher level players gave better in-game bonuses, but there was no chance we would risk it. At first we turned newer followers into demons, but later found out the truth about the Demonic Summoning Circle.

Even if it turns your followers into demons, the followers will return to their original form once the run ends. They turn into demons for just that one run in Cult of The Lamb. which means you can use your highest level follower and turn it into a demon.

But remember, if they were doing a very important task, no one else would do it unless you assigned another companion to them. Once you turn the high-ranking henchman into a demon, give this task to another henchman.

Follower aufleveln

If you have a higher level follower, you can summon powerful demons. Leveling your followers can become easier if you know how to do it efficiently. Watch out for followers who have GullibleTrains. They are easier to level.

Through daily newspapers

When you are in the early game you have to complete everyday tasks to increase follower loyalty. For that, you must begin by blessing them daily. Later you will be able to give themGifts. And then you can bribe your followers and increase their loyalty.

Through temple activities

Another method to increase loyalty is to do daily temple activities. Sermons are a great way to increase their loyalty. Additionally,Ritualin the Temple are a great source to increase your loyalty. Later, you can turn one of your followers into a Loyalty Enforcer that will make all your cultists love you. You get it through themto teach.

Completing companion quests

Completing quests your followers give you is a great way to increase their loyalty. A random follower will come back to you with a request. These quests can involve finding specific items, pranking other followers, and more. It's better if you finish them off as soon as you get them as it will boost their loyalty.

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3 star meals

Later in the game you can prepare 3-star meals for your followers. As you get better ingredients, you can cook better meals for them. Resplendent Vegetable Feast and Resplendent Mixed Meal are the best meals you can prepare to increase their loyalty.

Best Demon in the Cult of the Lamb

That was all about how to unlock demons in Cult of The Lamb but it doesn't tell you which one is the best. For that, we must first learn about their abilities. As previously mentioned, each of these six demons has a unique ability.

If you've been playing Cult of The Lamb for a while, you must have tried all of these demons. It gets harder to pick the best demons out of the six if you don't know what to check in. Here we're going to rank them from worst to best, so you know which ones to take with you on your next crusade.


We start our list with Paean. Paean is a spirit-shaped demon that you can summon in Cult of The Lamb. If it has one of your followers, you can "start your next crusade with half a ghost heart". We decided to classify the Paean Demon as the worst in the Cult of the Lamb for several reasons. We will try to briefly explain the reasons here.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (5)

Spirit Hearts are the blue hearts you get next to the red ones. While they aren't as useful as the red ones, it's better to have an extra heart that you can use to deal damage. Those blue hearts don't fill up like the red ones. You can only find the Ghost Hearts by cleaning enemy-filled rooms and by getting certain items from shopsTarotcards or in the healing room.

If you want to tank extra damage for the first few rooms in the dungeon, then this one is perfect for you. Other than that, it has no particular use in the dungeons. Compared to Hathor, this bonus is nothing. Since it only affects the starting hearts, Hathor collects red hearts throughout the dungeon run.

As you level up your companion that transforms into Paean, you can start with extra Ghost Hearts. Even then, it's of no particular use, since those hearts are gone after a few hits.


After that we have the demon Vosegus. Vosegus is a demon pierced by two arrows. If you let one of your followers possess it, it will "automatically collect dropped passions". This ability is slightly better than Paean's. Yes, we know it doesn't allow you to start with extra health. But it shows its worth in other ways. We tell you why it's the 5th best demon in Cult of The Lamb.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (6)

In battle, Vosegus collects all the fervor dropped by enemies. How much it can collect depends on the size of your Zeal collection. At first we don't think the Vosegus demon isn't of much use in the Cult of the Lamb. That's because you can't use Vosegus as it quickly fills Fervor properly.

Although if you use thebest cursesmore common in fights, then getting Vosegus early in the game can still be beneficial. But on the other hand, there are much better options that will help you in your fight against monsters.

Later in the game when you can summon two or more demons at once. At this point, you can summon Vosegus to help gather Zeal once you kill an enemy. This allows you to deal extra damage while fully focusing on enemies.

If you summon Vosegus with an improved companion, he will accumulate additional passion in each room. This will benefit you as you can use multiple curses in a room or in boss fights.


Next in the list of the best demons you can summon in Cult of The Lamb, we have Vesta. Starting with Vesta, the demons can prove a useful start. So if you need help with your dungeon crusades, this demon and the next ones we are going to mention are your favorite demons.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (7)

Vesta is a bow-shaped demon that you can summon with your followers. Since it's an arc-shaped demon, you'd expect it to fire arrows or something similar. Here you will not be disappointed by the developers. Vesta fires projectiles at enemies in the dungeons. It fires these projectiles every few seconds.

(Video) Demons Are Absurdly Overpowered! - Cult of the Lamb - Part 18

While these projectiles don't do as much damage, they're better suited for dealing extra damage to bosses or hard-to-kill enemies. Vesta's Projectile can be useful, as most of your attacks will leave enemies in the last percentile of health. Vesta can fire his projectile and take them down.

If you summon Vesta with a higher loyalty follower, it will get some sort of buff. With a higher level summon, the interval between projectiles is shortened.


Now we are in the list of top 3 demons to summon in Cult of The Lamb. These are the demons you should choose to help you in your crusades against the bishops. To be honest, both Orcus and the next best demon, Fornax, were close to a tie here. Still, there are one or two points that made Fornax place 2 instead of Orcus.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (8)

Orcus is a round demon that has spikes all over its body. With these long spikes, it allocates the melee attack to the enemy closest to it. There is an interval of a few seconds between each of his attacks. But even in that interval, you can expect it to deal high damage.

Orcus comes in handy when fighting high health enemies. It will continue to drain health from bishops and mini-bosses. This way, even while dodging enemies, you'll deal damage. Even if the damage is indirect, it counts.

Summoning a higher tier Orcus deals more damage with each hit. If you're planning a run with one of the bishops, be sure to look for any extra damage you can dish out.


As we mentioned earlier, Orcus and Fornax both deserve to be the second best demons in Cult of The Lamb. Both deal damage and steal health from enemies. Between the two, Fornax is better, and there's a reason for that.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (9)

Orcus's damage may be higher than Fornax's at all levels, but what made us choose Fornax over it other than having Fornax target a random enemy and explode near them. This means that Fornax will explode near an enemy, and if there are other enemies nearby, Fornax will hit them too. That's better than Orcus's single target damage.

You must line up all enemies for a perfect blast of fornax. You can do this by walking around the area. You need to do it quickly as Fornax will randomly attack a target. It can be an enemy far from others, and others will never be hit.

Using a higher level pet to summon Fornax will increase its explosion damage. It can kill an enemy with its explosion alone. You don't even have to damage that enemy. But you still have to kill enemies because the interval between each explosion is quite high.


That leaves Hathor the clear winner of the list of the best demons you can summon in Cult of The Lamb. This is a heart-shaped demon that, as its shape suggests, collects hearts. If you take Hathor into the dungeon, she flies away and comes back with red hearts. Now you might be wondering why Hathor comes first while Paean comes last.

6 BEST Cult of the Lamb Demons and How to Summon Them (10)

Before we explain, remember that Paean only gives you extra "Spirit Hearts" at the start. Whereas Hathor, when it comes to Hathor, "fills up" your health bar while you're in the dungeon. It can fill your health bar multiple times while you are in the dungeon.

The demon Hathor is useful in all situations when exploring dungeons in Cult of The Lamb. You can use it in normal dungeon clearing as it will always replenish your health whenever you need it. And if a boss hits you, Hathor will most likely come with another Red Heart to refill your health. On the other hand, if you talk about the Paean Demon, it will only give you extra heart at the beginning.

So Hathor is a clear winner in this best demons list. Yes, others do great damage to enemies, but what good is that damage if you die before you can fully use it? Hathor will keep you alive the longest of these.

(Video) Cult of the Lamb - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players

Using a higher level pet to summon Hathor will increase the health drops you receive from Hathor. It will charge more of your health.


Hathor is the best of the summon demons you get in Cult of the Lamb. After that, Fornax wins 2nd place due to its some AoE damage. Orcus isn't far behind, as it can deal massive damage to a single target.

Vesta is not so beneficial if your follower is low level. But it becomes useful when you use a higher level companion. At this point, the interval between each projectile decreases sharply. Vosegus can help you use Curses more often. Paean gets last position as it gives you a temporary heart that can disappear with a few hits.

In dungeons, you can only have one demon with you at first. At this point, you can choose one of the top three demons from our list for Cult of The Lamb. We would still advise you to take Hathor with you on your dungeon runs.

Later, when you unlock the Demonic Summoning Circle II and III, you should take at least 2 of the top 3 demons. As for the third, you can take whatever you want.

Before you start playing the game, be sure to check out oursReview of Cult of the Lamb. In it we explained the settings and the story of the game. As soon as you get into the game, you'll want to know more about themGuide for Beginners.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your cult or survive longer in the dungeons. That's why we have them. In these tips and tricks you'll find one thing we've emphasized, which is preparing your farm. If you are new to the game, this is what you need to dobuild the farm.

When you have finished your farm, here are thebest foodthat you can make for your followers. With this you can look at different buildings that are available in Cult of the Lamb. But 12 of them are theBest Buildings.

With these buildings you can do thatBest base. With it, you can have an efficient cult that has everything in play.

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