Anne with an E sorted characters into Hogwarts houses (2023)

Anne with an E, or simply Anne as it is known when it airs on network television in Canada, is inspired by the novel series that begins withAnne von Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery's series has inspired several films and miniseries over the last century, including the most famous 1985 version starring Megan Follows in the title role.

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This new version takes more liberties with the source material than previous versions, fleshing out characters with no backstory and creating entirely new ones. Some of these characters are dreamers who believe in the magic of the world. These characters would probably feel right at homeHarry Potters Hogwarts.

Diana: Hufflepuff

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The Diana ofAnne with an Eis a bit different than the Diana fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novels are familiar with. She has a sneaky side in how she keeps her relationship with Jerry from everyone around her, but she's definitely not Slytherin. This new incarnation ofAnna on Green GablesThe story has made Diana a lot braver and a lot smarter too, but it also doesn't quite fit into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

In many ways, Diana is the stereotypical sidekick, making her a blockfor Hufflepuff. She is supportive and friendly, making and keeping new friends easily. She is also incredibly loyal to her family and puts them first, even if she doesn't always want to. Despite her privilege, Diana is also one of the hardest working characters. Always willing to step in when someone needs help, she tries her best to keep up with Anne's academic interests.

Jerry: Rabenklaue

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Ravenclaw might be a surprising strain for Jerry for many fans. A servant to the Cuthberts and one of the oldest children in a large family, Jerry is hardworking, friendly and makes friends easily. He might as well be a Hufflepuff. However, Jerry is not content with just working hard and being kind. He wants to know things.

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Jerry visits Anne early in the series to help him improve his English and learn to read. He has to work to support his family instead of going to school, but he still wants to study as much as possible. While Anne covers the subjects he might have at school, Matthew covers his more practical training and Jerry could run the Cuthbert farm almost alone.

Josie: Slytherins

Anne with an E sorted characters into Hogwarts houses (3)

If Anne's class had a mean girl, it would be Josie. She's quick to cut people down when she disagrees - even her very best friends. Josie isn't a bad person, but she was raised to put her own ambitions ahead of everyone else's - like atrue Slytherin.

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One of the best examples of this is Josie, who decides to heed her mother's talk of a "notice board" and create her own note to ensure a match before she leaves school. Josie pursues what she wants and she tries her best to find her own way to get it.

Rubin: Hufflepuff

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When Ruby is first introduced, she certainly doesn't seem like a Hufflepuff. Instead, she appears to be more of a Slytherin. She's not as ambitious or sneaky as the show would first have fans believe.

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Instead, Ruby is someone who just takes a while to warm up to new people. When she realizes that Anne isn't looking to steal her friends or the boy she likes, Ruby is ready to be one of her best friends. She is unwaveringly loyal when caring for someone, and she works incredibly hard to keep up with the rest of her friends in class, even if she doesn't want to follow the same path as them.

Ka'Kwet: Gryffindor

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Ka'Kwet is a character introduced exclusively to the series in Season 3. Montgomery's novels did not touch at all on the impact of Canadian cities on First Nations populations.

As Ka'Kwet befriends Anne, she is eager to learn all about the subjects Anne discusses with her, possibly making her lean towards Ravenclaw. Ultimately, Ka'Kwet's decisions prove that bravery - and Gryffindor - prevails. She decides to leave her family to attend residential school, unaware of what is really in store for her. Realizing how brutal the treatment is, she finds an escape route and finds her way back to her family. These are no small heroic deeds.

Marilla: Rabenklaue

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Marilla is one of the most difficult characters in the series to sort. She embodies traits from all houses almost equally in her presentation. Her immense loyalty to her little brother, for example, would certainly come across as Hufflepuff, but her logical approach to her life and her tempering of Anne's emotional moments make her more of a Ravenclaw.

Marilla can often use her head more than her heart to solve problems in her home. She may not be what fans think of when theyThink Ravenclaw, but Marilla's intelligence is in the farm and inner workings of her town rather than in books. Marilla is incredibly pragmatic in her approach to life, but when her emotions get the better of her, she can be as explosive as a Gryffindor.

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Matthew: Hufflepuff

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Matthew is relatively quiet and reserved, and can be difficult to pin down if people aren't careful. He seems incredibly shy, but Matthew opens up as soon as he's had the chance to meet someone. He is loyal, dependable, and one of the hardest-working characters on the show.

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Matthew does the manual labor at Green Gables most of the time. He has help in the form of Jerry, but he does most of the work and running the errands. He rarely questions Marilla's wisdom and follows her instructions - except when it comes to Anne, of course. Matthew is the embodiment of a Hufflepuff in his loyalty to his family and work ethic.

Basch: Gryffindor

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Like Ka'Kwet, Bash is a character created for this version of Anne's story. Initially someone Gilbert meets on his travels, Bash becomes Gilbert's newfound family when Gilbert invites him to help out on the farm his father left him.

Bash, like Anne and Gilbert themselves, loves good adventures. He is someone who can adapt quickly to change and he is someone who follows his heart. The latter mainly sorts Bash by Gryffindor. Bash isn't afraid to allow his heart to let him make a decision others might disapprove of, like moving across Canada to live with a teenager he's only recently met.

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Gilbert: Ravenclaw

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Gilbert's ambitions may include a desire to sort him into Slytherin, but he has many limitations that he will not cross to achieve his dreams, unlike most Slytherins. Likewise, Gilbert follows his heart and is very brave, but he is not quite as headstrong as most Gryffindors. Instead, it's Gilbert's mind that guides him.

Even before he knew (and competed with) Anne, Gilbert is the kind of person who absorbs everything he can about the world around him. He wants to know everything and use that knowledge to help people. That's why he's a Ravenclaw.

Anne: Gryffindor

Anne with an E sorted characters into Hogwarts houses (10)

For most, Anne would be a castle for Ravenclaw. There's a lot of Luna Lovegood, the dreamer, in her. She can find the beauty in the everyday and she has a gift for words. Ultimately, however, Anne is a person who is truly ruled by her heart and not her mind, and that's what places her in Ravenclaw.

Anne spends her formative years fighting her feelings for Gilbert, fighting for where she belongs, and regularly fighting injustice in Avonlea. She is very similar to Hermione Granger in that she loves to learn new things, but standing up for what is right and following her passions is most important to her. Anne isa Gryffindorthrough and through.

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What Hogwarts house would Nico di Angelo be in? ›

Nico di Angelo – Hufflepuff.

What Hogwarts house would Gilbert Blythe be in? ›

Gilbert Blythe: Hufflepuff

His ambitions are always centered around those he cares about and living up to his father's legacy.

Is Bonnie Bennett a Hufflepuff? ›

5. Bonnie Bennett: Hufflepuff. Bonnie's most defining trait is her selflessness and her devotion to her friends. She is more than willing to sacrifice herself to protect them.

What Hogwarts house is Bonnie Bennett in? ›

Bonnie Bennett: Gryffindor

Just like Elena, she often would do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones, even sacrificing herself on multiple occasions to do this.

What House did Moaning Myrtle belong to? ›

Moaning Myrtle

Born in the late 1920s to Muggle parents, Myrtle Warren started her Hogwarts life in the early 1940s, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw. She had no friends, and was bullied relentlessly because of her glasses and acne.

What Hogwarts house is Melinda May in? ›

Melinda May – Hufflepuff

She was never afraid of hard work and toil. May was also exceptionally loyal to Coulson and a very caring and kind person to Fitz, Simmons, and Daisy, so Hufflepuff has to be where she belongs.

Where does Nico di Angelo live? ›

Nico Di Angelo
HomeCamp Half-Blood Camp Jupiter Underworld Venice, Italy (birthplace) Washington, D.C. (formerly) Bar Harbor, Maine (formerly) Argo II (formerly)
7 more rows

Is Nico a Slytherin? ›

No, he is not. Here is how it works: The Peverells were NOT descendants of Slytherin.

What Hogwarts house is Yelena? ›

Yelena Belova/Black Widow - Gryffindor

Audiences first caught a glimpse of Yelena Belova in episode 3 of Hawkeye.

What Hogwarts house is Cormac in? ›

Cormac McLaggen was a wizard and member of the McLaggen family, a family known for being "big in the Ministry". He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1990 to 1997. He was Sorted into Gryffindor house and was one year above the famous Harry Potter.


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