Daniel O'Donnell's sister remembers being a 'force of nature' as she is laid to rest (2023)

Daniel O'Donnell's sister was remembered as a "force of nature" who always spoke her mind at her funeral serviceCounty Donegal.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Kathleen 'Bosco' Doogan (née O'Donnell).died suddenly at her homeat Kincasslagh last Friday morning. She was 67 years old.

The world-famous singer joined his siblings Margo, John Bosco and James as they carried their late sister into St Mary's Church on Monday.

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Kathleen's sister Margo held a framed picture of her late sister. Also in the funeral procession were Mrs. Doogan's husband John, sons John Francis and Daniel, daughters Tricia and Fiona and their beloved grandchildren.

Many have traveled well to attend the funeral and among the familiar faces were celebrity architect Dermot Bannon, TV chef Brian McDermott, Donegal's 1992 All-Ireland winner Anthony Molloy and former TDs and local parishioners Pat the Cope Gallagher and Dinny McGinley .

Thousands of people watched online, sending messages of condolence and warmth to Doogan andThe O'Donnell Familyat her sad loss.

Mrs. Doogan's son, John Francis, kept a cheerful tone despite the tragic and sudden death of his mother. He remarked: "The Irish film 'The Banshees of Inisherin' has won numerous awards at the upcoming Oscars. It's the story of two friends who suddenly find themselves arguing about nothing in particular.

Daniel O'Donnell's sister remembers being a 'force of nature' as she is laid to rest (1)

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“Martin McDonagh, the director, must have spent some time in the hills above Kincasslagh because we had this story with my mother over many years where she was just arguing with someone about something. And then she just casually made up, like nothing happened at all.

"I think there was a kind of acceptance from you when Mum had any form of argument with you, but it was awfully hard for all of us to keep track of who the good guys were and who the bad guys were."

However, he said his late mother meant a lot to many people.

He added: "She was a sister to Bosco, Margaret, James and Daniel, a mother to ourselves and a wife to our father. She was a grandma, an aunt, a cousin and she loved interacting with all those neighbors who were always there for someone when they needed her.

Daniel O'Donnell's sister remembers being a 'force of nature' as she is laid to rest (2)

“It was very humbling for a family to see the crowds inside and the visible shock and upset her death caused throughout the community and beyond.

"Some of you have traveled great lengths just to be here for mum today and the love shown to her means so much to all of us."

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Many in the congregation wiped away tears as some of Kathleen's grandchildren recited a poem they had written especially for their grandma and what she meant to them.

Daniel sang a number of hymns in Irish and English during the service including Lady of Knock and his own song Beyond The Rainbow's End, during which the singer became very emotional and his voice shook as he remembered his loving sister. He was accompanied by a number of musicians including Gavin Boyle.

Among the many sections of the community represented at their funeral service was the Mullachdubh Band, of whom Kathleen was a great supporter.

Father Pat Ward described Ms Doogan as a force of nature who always spoke her mind.

He said: "If I started getting lyrical about Kathleen, a lot of people would think they were at the wrong funeral. One of the things that Kathleen has is that she said everything that was on her mind and that's one of the gifts she's had with her family.

He recalled her years running the Viking House Hotel with husband John and their family and how she treated everyone equally.

"When she became the landlady and owner, we all got to know her and her larger than life personality came to the fore. Her ability to tell anyone straight out what she was thinking, and it didn't matter who they were. The one thing about Kathleen was that she believed in equality and everyone got equal treatment.

"When she was very loving, she was very loving to everyone, and when she had something to say, it didn't matter if you were someone having a quiet pint, it didn't matter if you were a guest in town, It didn't matter if you were the local vicar or if you were the Pope in Rome, if Kathleen had anything to say, she would have told you.

"We remember her for that, and we remember her as one of those characters. Kathleen was one of those larger than life characters, she was one of those ones you wouldn't forget.

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"Sometimes you might have loved her and sometimes you might not have loved her, but you would never forget her. She was a force of nature who became one of the great figures in and around our community.

"I'm not sure if she really fell out with people, but she lost weight and lost weight sometimes. Sometimes she was close to you and sometimes she wasn't so close to you.

"I know at one point she told me she forgave me, but I didn't even know what we were fighting about.

"I'm sure you all will be sure that between the ebbs and flows with Kathleen, the tide would come again," he laughed.

Father Ward also paid tribute to the remarkable love Kathleen had for her late mother Julia and how she cared for her in her later years.

"They were two very strong women but Kathleen always seemed to bend to Julia and allowed her to be the matriarch of the family and she worked hard to allow Julia to retain that position and that dignity within the family. She had this great care and kindness with her mother," he added.

Among those who concelebrated the Mass were Father Brian Darcy and also Creeslough priest Father John Joe Duffy who was a personal friend of Mrs Doogan.

Father Ward thanked Father Duffy for his presence and for all his work with the heartbroken Creeslough community and noted that Kathleen had attended the novena of masses in the village following the tragedy that killed 10 people on October 7th.

The congregation erupted in spontaneous applause for Father Duffy in recognition of his generosity and endless work over the past few months for the tragically torn Donegal community.

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Mrs. Doogan was later buried in nearby Belcruit Cemetery.


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