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WHAT’S INSIDE Freitag, 17. September 2021 ZNiEmWbSabwe HSPoOwRLToga
was "fired" to use
MNEnWanSgagwa instructor to a king
blocked Mozambique 'errand boy'
by Chadzamira Story on page 4 Story on page 62

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entangled in it
BAT bribery

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Issue 48, 09/17/2021


A CONTRACTOR hired by one of the UK's retired Deputy CIO General Managers, Brigadier General Walter Tapfumaneyi
The largest companies mediated a proposed corrupt
Payout for Robert Mugabe just before he comments on it?” appointment. I would call it bribery, corruption and trafficking in tobacco products. In 2016 BAT
2013 re-election. The Bureau has received no evidence of hush money. He said any donation made it public that allegations were being investigated
Art would have been a "material issue" for misconduct and is linked to the UK
A joint investigation by the Bureau of Investi- that the proposed payment in return for the re-it would have helped Zanu PF switch the Carious Fraud Office (SFO). BAT has fully cooperated
Gative Journalism, BBC Panorama and the University Leases from Prison have each actually been done. speed of his voting machinery. It would have with the subsequent investigation of the SFO that
Versity of Bath reveals that British American Tobacco also influenced the outcome of the election.” contained allegations regarding South Africa.”
(BAT) was linked to a conspiracy to pay a bribe in which Mugabe won a decisive majority
between $300,000 and $500,000 on the July 2013 election and opted for another BAT did not oppose the proposed payment to the SFO
the notorious dictator sentenced certain people to four years in prison. Mugabe when asked. Investigating BAT's activities in Africa in
leased from prison. January 2021 on the grounds that there is insufficient evidence.
Dumisani Muleya, Editor of Zimbabwean The Company, said: “Our anti-identity efforts for law enforcement. The investigation costs
Leaked documents suggest there were discussions.
sion about paying bribes in Mugabe's political context of this donation is the problem because coercive measures in the fight against the
Party Zanu PF. BAT sought some favors from the government

At the time, BAT was paying FSS, a South African
rican private security company to set up a ser-
Cret operation to hamper competing tobacco business
it in Zimbabwe. FSS had come into conflict with Mugabe
Regime after agents were accused of espionage
on behalf of Savanna Tobacco, which was conducted
by Adam Molai, husband of Mugabe's niece.

It was forced to rely on a local security command.
pany to do his dirty work. But at the end of 2012 three
Directors of this company were arrested and
charged with conspiracy to rob.
The documents show that a plan was hatched
with the knowledge of BAT to get rid of the directors
Tick ​​and protect the name of BAT.

The bribe was suggested by the brigadier general
Asher Walter Tapfumaneyi, currently Deputy
ty Director General of Zimbabwe's dreaded Central
Intelligence organization spy network. In the
At that time he was a director in the Ministry of State
Affairs of the President.

The man who brokered the deal said so
He already had Bureau and BBC's Panorama
bribed Zimbabwean officials to get an initial
Meeting with the Brigadier.

“I had to make it clear that they will
Expect a nice thick envelope with notes on it,” he said. "I
would receive a sum of money as an opportunity
rational budget and from that I would always
Give him a handshake and a nice chunk of cash
Principles just to warm them to the idea.”

A leaked document claims so, meanwhile
Meeting between FSS chief Stephen Botha
and Tapfumaneyi, the Brigadier said that "with
the upcoming elections" a donation to Mugabe's
political party "would pave the way for negotiations"
to continue". That would “open the doors
to continue this project in the near future".

Tapfumaneyi told the bureau: "I have ab-
absolutely no knowledge of or connection with that
Events, circumstances, persona that you claim
to have uncovered, except Zanu PF. The rest of
Your story, I'm hearing from you for the first time

Three sources have confirmed that BAT was
aware of the deal on the table and documents
show that company money was paid to start with
Payment to secure the meeting. A paper trail
shows a BAT employee signing off on payments
for an FSS operation codenamed "SOS Zim".

The arrested agents were released in early January.
June 2013 unmissable to Tapfumaneyis Pro-
presented her release as a "gesture of goodwill".
to any payment of bribes.

In mid-January 2013, emails reveal that a
BAT employee named Johann van Rensburg
sent urgent questions on Zimbabwe to FSS,
including “Examining the Pros and Cons of
Donation to the party and joint business
as discussed".

The charges were officially dropped
the arrested directors on March 13, 2013. FSS's
Operations for BAT in Zimbabwe have resumed
same month.

The agent who arranged the meeting
claims it would be "Fantasyland" to propose FSS
was able to continue its activities in Zimbabwe
without paying bribes to Mugabe.

He told the Bureau and Panorama: "Robert
Mugabe killed 30,000 Zimbabweans in a gen-
cid. Absolutely beaten, destroyed, the soul of one
nation torn from itself. How on earth would
They are even considering doing business there and why
wouldn't you rather ethically retire and

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Issue 48, 09/17/2021

MORRIS BISHI Mnangagwa blocks law enforcement
by Chadzamira for corruption
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is
Blockade attempts to hold the Minister of State accountable for Masvingo Ezra Chadzamira
Secretary of State for Walls, Ezra Chadzami-
ra, who was arrested by investigators
die Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commis-
sion (Zacc) on allegations of corrupt Al-
to seek out land for his proxies in the province,
but the anti-corruption agency has not given
the case, The NewsHawks has learned.

Chadzamira was briefly arrested by Zacc
Investigators last Monday, but prosecutors
at the district court of Masvingo refused this
accused him and advised the anti-corruption
Watchdog that the case is progressing along the way
the summons.

This was after Chadzamira searched for Mnan.
Gagwa's help after Zacc attacked him
following investigations.

Beamte in Masvingo sagan Mnangagwa
Intervention proves its anti-corruption
fight is not sincere.

Mnangagwa's attitude is in sharp contrast
to Zambian President Hakainde Hichile-
ma's "zero tolerance" towards corruption, where
He has publicly stated that he will never
Intervention in the operations of the Anti-Cor-
Rupture Commission of Zambia during her tenure
ties. Hichilema made the announcement
when he opened the first session of the 13th
national assembly.

Zambia's anti-corruption agency involved
Wednesday welcomed Hichilemas state-
ment. The body also revealed that 87 cor-
Since then, cases of disruption have been reported
Zambia's elections last month, 55 of them
in connection with politically exposed persons.

Chadzamira is Mnangagwa's political ally
but was put under pressure by a faction
aligned to Vice President Constantino Chi-
Wenga, who wants to arrest him for corruption.

There is also an urge to support him.
pending by the party on corruption charges

As of January 2020, has Chadzamira as Chair
Person of the national committee of the province
commissioned land administration of the district of Chiredzi
Tee off by calling to end the call-up

Despite the ban, several people continued
country with the consent of the
Provincial leadership in the Lowveld district, a
Relocation that angered local residents and war veterans

A high profile delegation of war veterans
Ans von Chiredzi visited Chiwenga's office
to file the complaint against Chadzamira,
a move that led to the former mill
itary commander commands the minister of
state to undo the assignments. beneficiaries
were plots of land as part of a project development
by Tongaat Hullet for the government in opetet
Hippotal. Chiwenga cited corruption
and segregation of the Chiredzi people in
the project as reasons for the reversal.

A senior Zanu PF official in Masvingo
told The NewsHawks it wasn't
for Mnangwaga, Chadzamira could have done it
been locked up.

He said Chadzamira was one of Mnan-
gagwa's strongest allies in the province
the time when Mugabe was overthrown by a
Coup d'état in November 2017.

"These fights against Chadzamira in
the province is not over yet. The faction
aligned with Chiwenga is still pushing for his
arrest and they are pushing for his arrest and
suspension from the government. The crew is
does not rest on his quest to make this man
rested. This faction is now gaining ground
in Masvingo, a province that always is
used as a battlefield by Zanu PF leaders
to explain their interests,” the official said.

A senior government official in Masvingo
told The NewsHawks that the case is against
Chadzamira is more political than criminal
for what he is accused of is similar to what
other government officials do.

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Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Zim is to send instructors to Moza

A CONTINGENT of Zimbabwean military from the port city of Mocímboa da Praia that Defense Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri had withdrawn.
Instructors assigned to training assignments were a key insurgent stronghold because “This is certainly not the time for
Mozambican soldiers in the conflict-torn more than two years. The city has escalated near the site.
northern parts of the country is currently one of $60 billion worth of natural gas projects, the center for democracy and development, or early victory celebrations, like the
Standby in Nyanga, awaiting the finalisa that had to be stopped after the violent extremist organization conflict in Cabo Delgado
A mission-by-mission agreement, The Newment (CDD) warned in its latest research note, is far from defeated,” said Adriano Nuvunga of the
sHawks has established itself. of more rebellion if the violent extremists step down, CDD said in the research note.
group while Mozambique's allies plan a force
Last month Secretary of Defense Oppah said: "While it is possible to
Muchinguri-Kashiri told a press conference that tremism is a short-term solution.
Zimbabwe would deploy 304 non-combatant aliens by military means alone, as they exist
Soldiers in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, are proving that underlying drivers need to be addressed. That can
inz. only through dialogue, negotiation
ments and compromises, otherwise there is a
The conflict that erupted almost five times with a resurgence in violent extremism
Years ago, the deaths of hundreds of greater intensity and external support has resulted. While
of civilians, while hundreds of thousands know the scale and context of the situation in Afghanistan.
been ousted. istan is very different, it shows that 20
years of multinational military operations, in
Sources familiar with the developments said the lack of timely negotiations only
The NewsHawks, who, like Zimbabwe, are preparing, railed against further strengthening the Taliban.”
for the use of a reaction quota
Amid fears that the conflict will continue to esca- Sadc, the research note says, needs more fi-
At least the trainers drew primarily from the financial support for their military operations
Special forces, are currently on standby in a conflict-torn province of Mozambique.
Itary Camp in Nyanga.
“However, any further funding should be
Delays in finalizing the Status of Force required the SADC to define success
Agreement for the coaches, sources added, was the commitment to create a self-sustaining in-
delay deployment. Intervention in Mozambique. This is important
to prevent troop-contributing interests
“300 troops currently on standby beyond stabilizing Cabo
are in the training of trainers course Delgado and expand for financial gain and
in Nyanga. The SFA for training is the enduring projection of impact,” the CDD said.
Point. But while they wait for the finalization,
tion of the agreement, the country and others "However, without wholesale transformation
Southern African Development Community der FADM (Mozambique Defence Forces) an
Countries are also preparing for deployment as they expand their capabilities (the
despite indications that this breach is likely to last for years) Mozambican forces can
borrowed extremists were tamed. Militarily, not only security and pro-
They could make a tactical retreat with protection in Cabo Delgado. Because of this,
an intention to regroup and attack”, a source dialogue and negotiations – at the earliest opportunity.
said. Portunity – has to be the priority.”

Nyanga is home to the Alls Arms Battle while Sadc has now deployed a military unit.
School. on site, that was Rwanda
stole the show with a performance that has
Defense Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri was not only able to help push back the militants, but
unavailable for comment. also revealed the lethargy and inability of the re-
Regional leaders and their security system. - EMPLOYEES
Last month she said the government had done it
approved the use of a training team WRITER
of 303 instructors to train an infantry battalion
ion-sized unit at a time. Zimbabwean military instructors who are to be deployed to train Mozambican soldiers are currently on standby in Nyanga.

She said the government has also agreed
the dispatch of a specialist officer to
Sadc readiness coordination mechanism
Armed Forces Headquarters in Maputo.

"Considering that there are two ma-
essential elements of use, viz
Bat and training, the status of the force agreement
(SFA), signed July 8, 2021, is limited to
only combat activities", Muchinguri-Kashiri

“The SFA in relation to training is pending
signed. It must therefore be noted that the
Countries that are currently stationing are doing so
So based on the SFA signed on July 8th,

She said the soldiers would be deployed afterwards
the signing of the SFA.

Sadc should immediately press for dialogue,
instead of getting complacent after Rwanda
Soldiers fended off violent extremists in Mozam
Bikes resource rich northern Cape Thin
province, said a Maputo-based think tank.

Last month, Rwanda and Mozambique
Curity Forces fighting insurgents took control

SOLDIERS are deployed in the residence of Troubled Soldiers while AK-47 Rifles disappear
late commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces
Vitalis Zvinavashe landed in barracks themselves) were deployed. at Pomona Army Barracks in Harare. The ones with the Inkomo Parachute Regiment; spencer
hot soup after three AK-47 assault rifles and “The soldiers were deployed to confront the Deputy Commander of Pomona Barracks Machigondo (29), a non-commissioned officer of the command
Several rounds of ammunition were stolen from jor Maxwell Samudzi, the "suicide" regiment; Ruka Matemai Bitone, a color series
the home of the national hero, as cases of armed trusteeship at the general's home while he is held in solitary confinement. geant (39); James Bhebhe aka Mitewell Moyo
Robberies involving military personnel increase, widow, as the guns disappeared. Investigata-(29), a corporal; Also trust Hapanyengwi (31).
The NewsHawks has established itself. where and why the rifles were stolen A total of 120 serving soldiers were arrested as non-commissioned officers; Mighty Nyoni (34), another Cor-
are in progress. in connection with the theft and allegedly Torporal and Chadmore Chakaingesu (42), who
While Zimbabwe is making desperate efforts to recover. is a Color Sergeant who has been associated with
Speaking of two years of economic decline, "heads will definitely roll," a source reports family with a spate of robberies in Mashonaland
of soldiers involved in robberies agreed with the above developments. A provincial member of the Movement for Democrat-West.
Also on the rise was Pascal Gwezere, who posed a security threat to the ic Change (MDC).
Country. In 2009, a senior army officer was arrested, allegedly tortured and charged for comment from Zimbabwe
Suicide in the course of breaking into a military compound involving theft. Defense Forces spokesman, Colonel Teddy
Impeccable sources told the NewsHawks armory in Harare amid mounting fears that the Ndlovu was unsuccessful last night as it was not
that the assault rifles and bullets were stolen, that missing weapons were being used to foment instability. Last year, 10 serving soldiers were arrested while answering phone calls. - STAFF AUTHOR
Soldiers from Harare arrived in Chinhoyi Wednesday for armed robbery.
District stationed in Josiah Magama. At the end of 2009, 20 AK-47 rifles and a number of
Tongogara Barracks (formerly King George VI) Shotguns were stolen from the armory Ishmael Neboet Zibula aged (29), a corporal

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Issue 48, 09/17/2021

LIZWE SEBATHA Demands from the Public Accounts Committee
Corruption investigation in the Ministry of Agriculture
THE Parliamentary Committee on Public Finances
tee has recommended a Zimbabwe anti-corona report showing that millions of dollars of machines bought in 2017 and 2018 have not been delivered or are missing, despite being paid to date.
Interruption Commission (Zacc) investigation.
within 90 days of disposal of inputs and grant agreement was not claimed for audit (US$853,750) by officials within US$18,250,042 during the fiscal year
Assets in the Ministry of Land, Agriculture and Inspection. 90 days." Under review. This was due to improper
Water, after its investigation found that counting devices used to treat capital transfers to domestic
and multi-million unit worth of machinery- "The Auditor-General noted that the "The Auditor-General was unable to inspect the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe
ed State Dollars could not be included. The agricultural implement distributed by the ministry has restored the budgetary provision of the ministry for the year (IDBZ).”
from Farmers World without attachments from mon-2017 as $292 was allocated to the ministry
A report containing the results of the probe readings for the device. In addition, 696,000 are subject to the appropriation law.
presented in Parliament last week.
rations from the Department of Agriculture, such as William Bain, were not recorded in the Minis-Appropriation Account, so a deviation from
Failing to keep records of assets purchased and attempting the Master Asset Register,” the report adds, “$1,871,000,” the report shows. Section 299 of the Constitution grants the
disposed of, failure to follow standard work with committee recommending to Public Accounts Committee with unqualified recommendation
Proceedings, questionable transactions without a ministry must recover "the value of the equipment" expenditure in view of acquiring supervisory powers over all government revenues and
Receipts, leaks, misappropriation of fixed assets was overstated by a spending amount.
and theft cost the country millions
lions of dollars. According to a report, on December 19, 2017, the Department of Irrigation purchased 10 motor vehicles from Solutions Motors valued at US$518,850 but received only six (6) motor vehicles.

The committee said it had a "great in-
quiry” when there was a “huge amount of at
Unallocated Reserve of $1,559
713 867” at the Ministry of Agriculture. The A-
The investigations concerned the years ending in December
2017 and 2018.

The committee began its investigation
in May 2019, but only completed re-
oral evidence in March 2020, session
multiple challenges, including rejection by
Witnesses and companies are to testify, the report

“Second was the refusal of the bank (RBZ).
Providing information to the Committee, in particular
in particular correspondence between the reserve
bank governor dr. (John) Mangundya and
the Minister of Finance and Economic Development
opment, Hon (Patrick) Chinamasa regarding
Treasury Bills,” the report said.

“Third was the bank's delay and refusal
answer material questions that arise from dis-
crepancies in relation to Treasury Bills. As the
Report of the Committee on Agriculture Command
will show that these discrepancies have never been asserted.
generally addressed up to now

The report reveals that vehicles, equipment and
Bought machines worth millions
2017 and 2018 were not delivered either
to this day despite payment or absence
or not entered in the register of assets.

“The Ministry of Irrigation bought ten
(10) Solutions Motors motor vehicles
of $518,850 on December 19
2017. The department received only six (6)
motor vehicles from the ten (10) motor vehicles
cles paid in advance without asking for any compensation
from the supplier for the remaining four (4)
US$207,540 worth of motor vehicles,” the report said

“Also from a technical point of view
Contract specifications, solution
tors should have supplied the engine
Vehicles with canopies and bull bars and all that
six (6) delivered motor vehicles had none

The remaining vehicles were not delivered.
made until today.

The Ministry of Irrigation also stepped in
into a procurement contract with Solutions
Engines to buy two excavators (SANY SY365C),
a motorized compactor, a water bowser
and two dump trucks priced at $958,665 for
Irrigation renovation on December 5, 2017.

"Two (2) excavators (SANY SY
365C) ​​and one (1) Water Bowser worth
515 $ 650 were not delivered and the departure
ment did not request any remedy from the supplier.
The Auditor-General was unable to verify this
Owned two (2) dump trucks and one
(1) Motorized compressor as it wasn't
made available to the registration books”,
port shows.

The ministry has not taken stock either
Motor vehicles nor the register of installations updated
contrary to the Treasury Circular Number
8 from 2018 since the merger of the ministry
of land, agriculture, water, and fisheries
Rural resettlement, mechanization and irrigation
tion Development with the former Ministry of
Land and Rural Resettlement and Water and

The ministry has no surrender/
Acceptance certificate for auditing.

“The ministry received 36 tractors, 30 engines
vehicles and 200 motorcycles through a grant
from the Republic of China. The fortune was
not recorded in the ministry's master asset
Register yourself and the

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Issue 48, 09/17/2021

The government's bogus mega deals have raised false hopes


Ahead of the July 30, 2018 election, several deals were signed in various sectors, including mining, only to fall off the radar after the pomp and ceremony.
Ident Emmerson Mnangagwa repeatedly claimed
that Zimbabwe had attracted investment companies, Moyo who served as foreign minister, the covid pandemic is history but little has been seen of small and huge machines being put into operation.
Investments of over $16 billion since the big hotel groups were requested and deployed by the big hotel groups elsewhere during the reign, not to mention ambulances.
He took power from his late mentor Robert National Unity, said much of the people celebrated in the country.” e, vehicles and computers for government
mugabe Robes from Beijing were mostly mock chambers supporting the mining sector. Human
robes. “When a new power plant is built, investment capital also drives development and innovation
Some of the so-called mega deals that bring Mnan-in the Railways notable improvements.”
Gagwa were signed in mining, energy, agriculture "Instead of investing in Zimbabwe, the funds for efficiency and if the national road network and."
and tourism. For example, the government's improvements to China's border posts may be completed in May 2018, according to Mkaratigwa, Mnangagwa said
Ernment signed a US$5.2 billion deal with South Exim Bank, Chinese Development Bank and Zimbabwe can expect National to make the economy more attractive
African firm Nkosikhona Holdings for pro-Asian infrastructure investment bank on the other hand - proposition for investors but they will probably still be development strategy one. For this an
Production of over eight million liters of liquid fuel, and Chinese suppliers, engineers and engineers remain cautious unless the government severely restricts mining and industrial development
per day from coal in Hwange. A pioneering designer on the other hand, without the permitting and permitting requirements to land on it,” he said. Provision approach investments see the
The ceremony for the facility was scheduled for June 1 on the Zimbabwe coast,” he said. worth realizing a single multi-faceted project
2018, while mining operations are expected to “Zimbabwe is considered a key – over US$10 billion, spread across four provinces –
Started in September of the same year, but none from Moyo. In addition, Moyo said the investment fed the projected economics following political plans for an iron and steel plant in Mvuma
that happened. been associated with tax incentives, tax holidays, Losophie of North Korea. This is extremely unat- near by chrome panels, with rail and
and tax credits for periods up to five years. Where attractive for investors that have road connections to the whole world.
The deal was even granted for a national project for which investors pay taxes that they can prefer to choose from when choosing an investment
status of Mnangagwa itself. The project was raised because taxes are very low, especially at the destination.” He said stainless steel production as well as con-
Eyebrows, with analysts saying the South African mining sector, he said. The construction of a smart city should ultimately
company credentials may be suspicious. Again presenting his keynote address at the 2018 ly complement the performance of the Mnangag-
In 2018, the government signed an agricultural agreement “This will deprive the country of the pre-budget seminar held in Bulawayo, wa administration spokesman.
with the financial and resource ecosystem, much-needed mining revenue that could be used by the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda called for
(FinComEco) worth $1.5 billion that went into the country's development. All Societal Consensus to Fight Inertia, Making Deals Worth It “On the other hand, is the magnanimity of the President
Announced to create 630,000 jobs. Countable institutions, including Parliament, are signed in the billions each time, but a non-indifferent and compassionate approach is encouraged
The media, civil society and science should implement the scale-up in good time, if at all. the much-needed political entity that creates one
Another important deal that has been signed matches their review of the mega investments, especially through a favorable environment that ensures a positive development.
$4.2 billion with a Cypriot investor to develop from China. Zimbabwe is being subjugated, Mudenda said the signed accords should not be mentioned on the political stage, which will certainly be manageable
a platinum mine and refinery in Zimbabwe, a neo-imperialism from Beijing,” he said. allowed to go for more than six months without this favorable environment to support our nation -
Investments, Mnangagwa said, showed the country is being implemented. If it stays longer, it is simply all economic efforts towards sustainable national
was open for business. But very few if any of the renowned independent economic analysts John thought there was no obligation to invest in socio-economic growth,” he said.
Deals were implemented, Robertson said nearly three years ago, Zimbabwe's Investment Authority said.
after some of them were announced. was approached by many potential investors: “As I have always said, investments are
but not all of them submit actual applications for the portfolio chair from many national development sectors
Former business licenses from Parliament's Portfolio Committee and not all Mines and Mine Development Committee approvals are sensitive and voluntary and cannot be enforced
granted by Mines and Mining Development Chairperson. Edmond Mkaratigwa said the Mnangagwa Amendment therefore it is always a negotiation process and
Temba Mliswa, an independent lawmaker, said the ministry's performance in implementing these achievements reflects tremendous progress."
“Some of the investors are discouraged because the number of projects was fair.
Low-up on these mega deals. Number of licenses and permits they need to apply for “Lately the government has passed more
pay for and When they discover that many of “the plan is to look inward and not always outward to judge objectively what President
"My actual question to this week's speaker that they need to be renewed and paid for in a gagwa and the government had set out and where in finding national development solutions -
What had become of these deals a year or so and they realize that all of this will contribute to us being under the prevailing socio-economic challenge today. In fact, national development
Because we can only be successful if foreign direct production costs that could produce their goods or their environment, I appreciate the milestones reached by each citizen enterprise," he said.
Investments are implemented and executed. Then the services are not competitive, they could then decide, and it would be wrong if I didn't have to say anything
They have money coming through,” Mliswa said. take their investment plans to another country,” he said. When asked about the progress of the deals, informa-
he said. Deputy for Public Relations and Broadcasting Services
"We don't seem to have been happy about any money." To be honest, there's a lot going on and Foundation Minister Kindness Paradza pointed to questions
our own resources at all. We are always in some cases, said Robertson, the authorities are well positioned and the country is jumping in - Mnangagwa's spokesman George Charamba
Talking about how we're doing fine, but resources have demanded technicalities that Ward would enforce. I'll hasten to talk about the successes that have instead blamed companies for their failures
we have what came out of it, but our domestic the disclosure of patented methods or the mining industry, which I know well.” to implement them.
and external debt is still high,” he said. confidential design features that would jeopardize that
Competitive advantage of the potential investor. Mkaratigwa said he has so far witnessed the "They want me to become a spokesman for a corporation.
Mliswa also lamented political inconsistencies, the opening of new mines, several gold mines, an expanding organization? The government didn't go
said it would undermine investor confidence. “In such cases, the investment proposition is to use or upgrade existing mines (e.g. to be the implementer, right? Call them
Ally withdrawn. On specific capital projects (Unki Mine and Blanket Mine) and re-openings, ask them how far you've gotten
“There is no investor due diligence. The investor needs assurances that large amounts of closed and abandoned mines or those under the agreement they have with the Zimba
These are briefcase businessmen. Where will the purified water always be available, or that longer care and maintenance (e.g. bwean government), Charamba said.
RBZ on investor due diligence? no power outages cause damage to equipment or Shamva gold mine, Falcon mine) and some of them
The real conglomerates aren't coming to Zim- prolonged downtime while the production streams are the new mines in the development phase. "I don't speak (for the companies), I speak for them
babwe it's the traders the shabby corrupt people who are restored but when these assurances cannot be given even though their commissioning has been delayed by the President. The President is not the shareholder
who are investing and we don't need that." en, the proposal will be cancelled," he said. the Covid-19 pandemic. from these companies, is he? government allows
run businesses. An agreement on a
“We need conglomerates. We need a “Other investors depend on efficient rail transport.” “We have also seen that a quasi-state state and a corporation do not avert the state
Glo-Americans come here. There's so much about port services and they're withdrawing organizations that book profits and turn Divi- into a player, but it turns the state into an intermediary.
Paper; There's nothing on the floor," he said. when they see the state of our railroads.” dends, for example MMCZ (Minerals Marketing Delivery or lack thereof, it is up to the company
Corporation of Zimbabwe), ZCDC (Zimbabwe Rate Body. You can't get me to explain the errors
In a recent statement, the South and East (New power plants to be built, but the Consolidated Diamond Company) and Kuvim are one corporation. How is that my business?”
ern African Trade Information and Negotiations Obstacles holding back the start of conba. We were also favored with oil and gas, he said.
Institute (Seatini) has raised a red flag for its many years of business. The exploration and Muzarabani is a case in point.
The government signed in 2017, declaring that the Lusulu Power Plant was approved for construction
were characterized by opacity and lack of publicity in 2012, but work has yet to begin. The Sengtering of the Zimbabwe region and Murowa Mine a leaf from his mentor Mugabe by signing up.
Accountability. wa Power Station has been approved, canceled and is focused on an expansion drive.” Billions of dollars worth of clothing deals – some
reapproved and canceled again. Opaque or dubious rumors - which never see the light of day
"However, there are concerns suggesting it could go ahead now, but no confirmation. All this and more is a clear demonstration and tag.
can be found from the opacity of the processes that lead to formation,” he said. Validation of achievements made by Mnangag-
These big investment deals like those signed in wa by the "Zimbabwe is open for business" were countless deals during Mugabe's era
Boardrooms where the public lacked key details, Robertson said some tourism projects have enshrined a mantra and ease of doing business, particularly with China, raising hopes
deals like that,” Seatini said. in Victoria Falls and “it's likely that the Vision 2030 agenda, he said. a rapid economic turnaround only to disappear
They'll add value to overnight stays there when they fall off the radar after the pomp and ceremony.
“There is no full disclosure of details and information. “Tooling and conversions are underway and have
Information related to these deals, including full disclosure of
the investors. Currently there are limited forums
for collective querying of this system
Offers that include communities and civil
society,” it said.

Policy analyst Gorden Moyo said the Mnan
Gagwa presidency “is sadly notorious for
promising and underperforming. In the last
five years ago we experienced premature celebrations.
on the part of the government.”

“The Zimbabweans were given houses, jobs,
improved incomes, infrastructural revolution,
civil liberties and enhanced social protection offerings
grams and many more. And yet today, Zim-
babweans are worse off than they were ten years ago
before,” he said.

“This type of investment is not an investment
Everyone. The irony is that Zimbabwe's sovereign debt
The inventory has increased as a result of the
so-called investment from Beijing.”

NewsHawks News page 7

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Proposed bank mergers illegal – Biti


FORMER Finance Minister Tendai Biti, agreeing to government advice, was referring to a government-owned merger. Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti
is also a former Chairman of National of FBC Holdings Limited, where the Na The proposal also includes merger plans
The assembly's public accounts committee said the state's Social Security Administration (NSSA) is the building societies and a savings bank.
the proposed mergers of financial institutions with the largest single shareholder and National Build, Zimbabwe Women's Microfinance Bank. In addition, there were 178 purely credit
Involvement by government agencies does not pass the ing Society (NBS), in which Nssa is the only one and the Empowerment Bank, also owned by
Due Diligence Check. Shareholder. the government. Crofinance institutions, eight deposits
microfinance institutions and two development
The main merger is a CBZ Holdings, ZB The other merger involves agricultural financial institutions in the jurisdiction
Financial Holdings, First Mutual Holdings nance Company (AFC) — formerly Agribank of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John of Central Bank. The banking sector had to
Limited (FMHL) and First Mutual Properties - and People's Own Savings Bank, both Mangudya, as of June 30, 2021, bank assets of $486.4 billion
(FMP), in which the government cooperated, comprised 13 commercial banks, five advances totaling ZW$142.79 billion and a net capitalization.
With local and international bankers, the company is endowed with ZW$72.90 billion as of June 2021.
is working on an ambitious project to create the
largest financial services company in the country
try, with an asset base of over $2.5 billion.

The authorities are also considering one
idating six financial institutions controlled by
government into three major ones. The consoli-
planning process will create five main departments
consisting of banks, insurance companies, investments,
property and agriculture.

Biti said the mergers, especially the one
with CBZ, ZB and FMHL and FMP, was
“pure theft of public property, having no foundation
economy and economics”.

„Die Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe als reg-
ulator should conduct due diligence. That
Deals should go through a fitness test,”
he said.

“Because these are public assets, they are deals
should go to Parliament. This
Transactions concern national social security authorities
ity (Nssa) Shares Transferring
to a person. The competition law is against it

The competition law is intended to promote
and to maintain competition in the economy
from Zimbabwe; to set up a competition
and tariff commission and to ensure that they are made available
functions; ensure prevention and
Control of Restrictive Practices, the Regulation
of mergers, the prevention and control of
nopoly situations and the prohibition of dishonesty
trading practices; and to take care of matters
in connection with or in connection with the foregoing.

Pursuant to Section 28 of the Contest
Law: “(1) Subject to this Law, the Commission
may conduct an investigation at its sole discretion
necessary - (a) in any restrictive practice
the Commission has reason to believe
exists or may arise; (b) in or-
to determine — (i) whether a merger has occurred
was, will, or is to be made; (ii)
The nature and extent of any controlling influence
Interests held or acquired therein
merger or proposed merger”.

The new mergers under consideration


For more information visit-; To place your booking contact
Charmaine on 0735 666 122
Die NewsHawks @NewsHawksLive[Email Protected]Email-[Email Protected]
Landline (0242) 721 144/5

Page 8 News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

chiefs in arms with
Zimplats about stocks

BRIDGET MANANAVIRE ing sector meets 51% stake Zimplats Chief Executive Officer Alex Mhembere honors his commitment yet bosses in the South
Mandate does not deny that our communities have seen their Africa Royal Bafokeng Nation
CHIEFS in Mhondoro-Ngezi, Chegutu and the right to participate and maintain the "communities" receive their community shares communities directly empowered by their 13%
Zvimba is in an uproar about the Zimplats of Platinum Miner nity Shares that have been allocated to us. takes away the reason for the existence of the trust. Property of Implats. Implats owns Zimplats.
Zimplats' failure to allocate the 10% to the community. Zimplats has also accepted to have a commissioner. Are the bosses in Zimbabwe less deserving
Shares agreed in 2011. “To give our beneficiary communities the seat of the ZMNCZ Trust on its board
Community shares means that the 10% community shares are taken away from those who have been sent in full. to let their communities participate too
Bosses are also upset about the obligation of the trust deed. Failure to ensure the wealth that Zimplats extracts
"What's saddest for us as Chiefs is our local communities?"
Clothing program without including them, which Zimplats has failed to do for so long
including a cattle project started by President Chief Ngezi, said they had observed Zim-
Emmerson Mnangagwa last month, which Plats had gone ahead to pursue his own venture
The communities should participate. Evaluate social responsibility programs without
any direct involvement and decision making
In a letter dated September 9 to Zimplats, the chiefs and local churches.
CEO Alex Mhembere, the
Chairman of the Zimplats Mhodoro-Ngezi: “Recently we celebrated a wonderful cattle
First, Zvimba Community Share Owner-Projekt Zimplats in Anwesenheit von gestartte
Ship Trust, Chief Ngezi, the traditional leader President ED Mnangagwa, and yet we are not
said they were not happy about being deliberately sidelined and were never consulted about it like ours
while Implats, which owns Zimplats, was honorable, communities could benefit. Was the purpose of
to meet our obligations in South Africa. Formation of a trust to ensure no direct holdings
and decision-making by our communities?”
Community ownership trusts were formed
according to General Notice 114 “We are concerned that Zimplats is now
2011 Indigenization and business-driven interest, shares in Sable Park Es-
Empowerment tates, a community invested company
in and bought 33% stake. Zimplats wants
Act in Zimbabwe with the intention of buying shares in a company that the municipalities
Forcing foreign miners to give up 10% of nity has contributed to growth and yet it doesn't want to
Participation in a community Shareholdings to give the same community its shares for as long as it takes
confidence in their field of activity. committed,” he said.

"Following the government's indigenization policy, Zimplat's Head of Corporate Affairs Busi Chin-
icy, we enjoyed the anticipation of bedove telling The NewsHawks to send the questions
a direct shareholder of Zimplats followed suit via email but had not responded with a release
Zimplats, with the Government of Zimbabwe, time.
founded the ZMNCZ Trust in December 2011.
In the Deed of Trust Zimplats undertook that the chiefs said it appeared the actions of Zim-
It shall allocate to the Trust Common Shares in the Plats subject to withholding of the Min-
Zimplats share capital representing 10% of the company to share assets with local businesses.
the issued share capital of Zimplats (The communities.
Munity Shares)'”, the letter signed by the boss
Ngezi read. “There is a clause in the signed deed of trust
by you and the Government of Zimbabwe
He said the Board of Trustees agreed on 7 says: “The Trustees recognize that the Trust shall
September that despite the changes made to the issuance of the common shares to the
Indigenization Act, they believed that the Compa Trust was a significant shareholder in Zim-
ny was still bound by the obligation to allocate plats. The Trustees agree and understand that the
10% stake in the community. the trust's success in achieving its objectives
dependent on Zimplats’, among others
"As Chairman, I firmly believe what success and prosperity are." We've always wanted to
A belief shared with the Chiefs and other Trustees of Zimplat's success and belief in that success
that some indigenization changes will now be shared directly with our community
Legislation affecting how businesses operate in the ministries.”

NewsHawks News page 9

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

NYSHA CHINGONO Illegal Drugs Task Force Noble,
but crisis requires action
AS, the Zimbabwean government has established and deployed an inter-ministerial containment task force
Inter-ministerial task force to tackle endemic unemployment and unrelenting economic woes have forced drug abuse as a coping mechanism for many Zimbabwean youth. substance abuse. While cabinet boasted on Tuesday
Drug problem, another crisis brewing arresting 200 drug dealers, hundreds more
in schools, with scholars that are now part of the drug that is now affected,” Madamombe said. has devastated lives. Disguised in Freezit packaging, they still roam the streets terrorizing families
Thugs, The NewsHawks can report. It is worrying that the government's medi-parents fear the dangerous homemade whiskey lies of drug users and are flooding the market with them
is sold in schools. dangerous narcotics. However, it is to be welcomed
A local NGO, a short-term anti-drugs strategy, doesn't mean the government has finally heard the cry
This was at the forefront of drug education in schools, where new drug research from The NewsHawks shows mothers are suffering the effects of drug abuse
Kampf, confirmed rampant drug abuse is taking root in the thug. Some corrupt cops worked to build the task force.
Schools, with scholars, mostly boys, colluding with and supplying drug dealers
Class to find a solution. “Establish family support structures to protect against raids. Most of those arrested The steps taken by the government are also to be welcomed
and facilities to deal with the negative effects are often released without justice. This has passed the review of the national National Pol-
Drugs like crystal meth, commonly known as substance and drug addiction, immediately triggered the problem. icy on drug and substance abuse and modifications
mutoriro in street jargon, cannabis cakes and oth- and extended family, for example family clubs, ment of the Dangerous Drugs Act that is in effect
er dangerous substances have found their way to churches and religious organizations. The previous administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa with the current illegal substances
into the schools and triggered another crisis. Finally, in the fight against the penalties abused in the country, the party has come to toughen the penalties.
The national drug network has devised against the scourge of drug abuse and
Zimbabwe reopened schools two weeks ago as drug lords try to break into new markets
after almost six months fighting a deadly third like schools. Abuse. how crystal meth would act as a deterrent to both of them
Wave of Covid-19. users and traders.
In the central capital of Mashonaland, Bindura, the government made the announcement this week
Parents had their hopes pinned on das and Guruve, a dangerous beer called Tumbwa, although the government's latest move has failed
Schools reopening to cope with layoffs to address root causes of drug abuse in US
which had led many scholars to drugs. But country, it's a step in that direction.
Parents have a different crisis on their hands than that
Drugs are now being peddled in schools. “The government wrote a blueprint; we are
whether this will be implemented is not yet foreseeable. Once in a while
Disguised as muffins, "ganja cakes" are also blueprints that gather dust and nothing gets done. So,
being sold in schools by other school children, we all need hospitals, the psychiatric ones
Working with drug syndicates that have the capacity. The state must build
destroyed townships, establishment of bases to flood the rehabilitation facilities as an urgent matter",
Market in dangerous narcotics. said madamombe.

Mutoriro has also become popular in schools However, The Elephant in the Room is un-
since its reopening, according to Mubatil, economic hardship. The new task force is
Rapamwe, a local NGO that works with Communbound, can fail if the economic foundations are not
tures around Harare. treated. With no prospect of a job
due to inexorable economic problems, teenagers
In Warren Park, parents have reported cases of drug abuse in the townships
Substance abuse among her children who are now in a coping mechanism.
the habit of skipping class to sniff out the dangerous
substances. Zimbabwe has almost 90% formal unemployment.
Education and youth account for the majority of jobs
Mubatirapamwe co-founder Savannah Madaless. Years of bad governance, back-to-back droughts
Mombe told The NewsHawks that drug dealers and more recently the Covid-19 outbreak
had found new ways to advance their countermeasures, which had led to a worsening of the economic situation
Band and schools have become easy targets. in massive job cuts. Drug abuse was accused
mainly due to idleness and lack of economic opportunities
"It's still business as usual, but we are now facilities for youth in urban areas.
to see how substances are being pushed into schools. she
use their feather barrels to sniff out these substances," while Mnangagwa's step is commendable,
said madamombe. the government needs to revitalize an economy
stroyed by corruption and bad governance.
“Parents say children bunker
sons to do drugs. These drugs are also sold
in schools and we have a real problem on ours
hands,” she added.

Cows, die an Re-
young people who are addicted to dangerous drugs
as mutoriro said the government must intervene
increase enforcement and cover all areas to stop this
Trafficking in illegal drugs.

“We need serious surgery because it is
business as usual in townships and children are

. . . while Zim becomes the peddlers' transit zone

NYASHA CHINGONO sion of $15,000 crystal meth. detectives. She was found with 10 pounds of cocaine sold from backyard drug dens known as "mab-
The teenage accomplices were involved in $430,000 worth of stuff, which was loaded into cabs of white hesi (bases) in township lingo, crystal meth
ZIMBABWE has become an important transit country. flooded the market and fetched up to $12 apiece
Test target for dangerous drugs, with dramatic police pursuit before finally finding them.
Authorities who routinely seize millions of dollars have been arrested. In a joint operation of the South African police
Contraband to ports of entry as an endemic substance and Zimbabwean authorities in March this year, scientifically known as methamphetamine,
Abuse persists. Kudakwashe Charles Mapara (25), Gertrude 1 400 Drug dealers, smugglers and other crim crystal meth is a highly addictive stimulant and
Glenara (21) and Natasha Gamuchirai Chari (23) were arrested by recent syndicates. Zimbabwean drug users love the drug for its powerful euphoria
Last year the courts charged with trafficking in dangerous drugs as the traffickers were working with their South African qualities. The drug is addictive the first time you smoke it
dated with cases of drug trafficking of cocaine defined in Section 156(1)(c) of the Criminal Law Counterparts to ensure the smooth movement and become a crippling vice for the youth of the country,
and crystal meth known as mutoriro in the Street Lin (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 as contraband. who take the illegal substance on a daily basis to escape from it
walk. Under the guise of the Covid-19 lockdown, read Section 14(2) of the Dangerous Drugs Issues. Also known as "dombo", "buwe", "guka".
Drug traffickers took advantage of the porous boron Act Chapter 15:02. While the border was closed to normal 'trav-makafela' in street lingo, the infamous drug has
of smuggling in dangerous narcotics. el, trucks en route to Malawi and Zambia wrecked lives.
Authorities have also caught drug syndicates transporting large quantities of contraband.
While several unlucky ones were caught, many cats at ports of entry, including a 32-year-old, stalked police. While Zimbabwe, like many other countries
roam the streets selling dangerous submarines from Chitungwiza, on the Beitbridge Border around the world, focused on fighting the
Attitudes against township youth who post. Philip Nyahoza was found in possession of the operation codenamed Thatha Konke, an equally deadly but silent Covid-19 pandemic
are already trapped in a vicious circle of poverty. $54,255 worth of cocaine earlier this month. aimed to intercept transport trucks with plagues, prowled and caused countless things
He was held in custody until September 17. hazardous materials and contraband. Suffering for families as it threatens the entire community
The drug-thirsty market has also generated traffic. The abuse of crystal meth and other deadly ones
Fucking easier and more sophisticated since he was drugged before meeting his contact in Beitbridge. Such incidents have shown that drugs are widespread among youth in Zimbabwe
rds invent ways to chat with port officials before authorities confiscate the contraband. due to its central location in north-south trade in the country's townships, leading to mental illness.
import the contraband. This week, 50 years and traffic corridor has become a danger, violence and premature death, among other things
Former South African citizen Sheilla Khumalo was Zimbabwean and has become an easy transit point for our route for narcotics among other things. problems.
sentenced to 12 years in prison by a Harare magician - dangerous substances including truck drivers -
kicked for trying to smuggle cocaine into Zim-in the Thug. Drivers hide contraband Beitbridge also has over 200 illegal crossings, according to the latest Zimbabwe National
Babwe from Brazil. on appliances such as televisions and refrigerators along the Limpopo River that the Drug Master Plan that the government has passed is doing
to avoid detection. smuggling of illegal contraband easier as the au- both an integrated and comprehensive approach
Four months after her arrest at Robert Thorits, authorities are unable to monitor the entire river. which will deal with a range of drug-related issues.
Mugabe International Airport, Khumalo, weak border controls will have made drug trafficking more difficult
spent ten years behind bars after customs officials were accused of labour. According to Interpol, drug syndicates use This includes illegal and legal drugs. However,
The judge set aside two years on condition that he was in league with drug syndicates. Zimbabwe, as a transit country for cocaine smuggling, critics doubt that most of the goals will be achieved.
good behavior. Khumalo has been snapped to the rest of the world for im and cannabis while there is one
Immigration officials stopped her when she tried to leave.
through the green route. They found meth and codeine just below route for drug dealers than airports as border valley. The local drug market has suffered in mental health facilities
a kilogram of cocaine hidden in her luggage. The controls tend to be stricter there. has also grown over the past two years and has caused drug-related problems," the report says in part.
local demand for hazardous substances.
Last month, two Harare women and a 2018 man, a South African, Thandeka Jack, 34, were themselves among those seeking to break off the paralysis
was tried after she was found possessed - was sentenced to 10 years in prison for smuggling.
Drugs from Brazil. She was arrested after warning huge profits to drug lords, some of whom be-bwe have no public rehabilitation centers.
Zimbabwe Revenue Service officials said they were politically connected.

Page 10 News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

AFTER government forms an inter-minis government, unveils a multi-sector government
terial Committee to address the substance abuse approach to combating substance abuse
Menace among youth, cabinet has come
with a cross-sectoral approach to addressing the scourge of substance
the drug pandemic in Zimbabwe. Abuse, including: identification and upgrading
existing mental health facilities
This comes after the number of children, adolescents and adults affected, including
Number of young people who abuse drugs, such as
Meth, marijuana and illegal beers that are out of province until they recover.
extremely toxic.
“Operation Clean up Harare Ghetto will
A report presented by Public Service, Labor continues and is codenamed Operation Clean
and Welfare Minister Paul Mavima, who stretched Zimbabwe up and to every part of the country
also serves as chairman of the Intermin country with a focus on thwarting the activities
isterial committee, says a multisectoral ap- of criminal groups and neutralizes drug and
Proach, which includes rappelling into the services drug abuse.
used by the police and judiciary
the fight against drugs. "Communication
ty-based activities including setting up
“In terms of responding to the threat, a support group for parents and patient support
multidisciplinary and multisectoral approach groups,” he said.
accepted to calm the situation.
This includes an intensification of prevention, harm Mavima there in the medium term
Reduction, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Reduction will be a review of the National Policy on Drug
Need and supply elimination and availability and substance abuse as well as changes in
Possibility of illegal and over-the-counter substances Dangerous Drugs Act, while a national call center
and drugs in the market,” Mavima said. tre for drug and substance abuse is established
to offer online psychosocial support
“The capacities, efficiency and activities of and related information.
police, judiciary and customs office
complemented and strengthened. He said that youth centers will be set up to
cree empowerment opportunities for the
“The cabinet noted with satisfaction the rapid youth and the strengthening of their professional training.
Response of the country's security forces, which programs. - STAFF AUTHOR.
led to the arrest of over 200 perpetrators
Trafficking in illegal substances and drugs
Men's. These will face the full wrath of the law.”

He also stressed that short-term measures
Measures to combat drug abuse include:
Establishment of psychiatric facilities and commitment
in community-based educational programs.

"The Cabinet would like to point out to the public that in
The following measures are short-term

. . . Addressing root causes that are vital to contain the scourge

NYASHA CHINGONO/ CHIPA GONDITII Some studies have shown that drug abuse has increased in economies with high unemployment rates. seen in mental health services in all 10 provinces
cases. Common substances abused in Zimbabwe
WHILE it is commendable that the government has options for the youth as they find tighter budgets during the economic crisis are illegal alcohol drinks, cannabis and cough syrup
set up a task force to address the growing awareness of drug abuse of dangerous narcotics. Crises impacted drinking behavior, including crystal meth, which was locally recognized as a mu-
destroying young lives in the townships, less alcohol consumption is needed as people switch to toriro. The Covid-19 era was also an important topic
For a holistic approach to curbing the Prob Cabinet decided that cheaper products and drinking at home would be more likely drivers of drug abuse by the government.
Lem. the opening of youth centers and empowerment – ​​than drinking in bars. However, preliminary studies have
Empowering opportunities for youth and strengthening this economic downturn along with the ongoing lockdown
Several studies show that substance abuse ends their professional training. Their related stresses, such as job loss, are associated with Zimbabwe, especially at the beginning of the
Demic social illness resulting from multiple problems with increased problem drinking. There is also a pandemic in the last year, many young people have been caught up
such as unemployment, peer pressure, stress, with no concrete steps to achieve these goals, evidence that unemployment is strongly associated with dangerous vices such as mutoriro and other narratives.
Collapse of family support system limited, drug problem will continue unabated. Dealing with problematic substances, including the Cotics.
Knowledge of the Effects of Substance Abuse and Reuse of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Illicit Drugs,”
especially the Covid-19 pandemic. Most Zimbabweans live by hand to the unemployment rate, opioid abuse out of redundancy and boredom, youngsters as
Mouth, prospects for a better tomorrow, gloomy everyday life and other drug abuse: quasi-experiments Young people from the age of 12 experimented with drugs.
Without addressing social issues, the economy teeters on the brink of collapse. identity from the published treatment intake data
Drugging youth, the latest move by the government of Sunday Azagba and others on January 10, 2021. Reports collected by The NewsHawks reveal this
would be in vain. According to a study by World Health Organ-Crystal meth is widespread even in distant places
(WHO) that exacerbates high levels of poverty, youth in Zimbabwe use drugs as a form of es- such as Gwanda, Mhangura and agricultural areas.
While the measures announced by the government are prompted by economic pressures, additional capism comes from the reality of having to wake everyone up
are part of a cocktail of actions that may be stressors that make a person more likely to be unemployed. Sixty-six percent of young people between the
10- to 24-year-olds participating in a study titled Drug to Curb Substance Abuse and Address Symptoms
and not the root causes of the endemic problem. According to the latest Zimbabwe drug and alcohol abuse among young people in Zimbabwe
would be in vain. Closely related to economic problems are the unconditional Mater Plan, rising unemployment and Babwe by Vakai Matutu and Daniel Masusa.
Employed persons who, according to unofficial figures, are likely to have reduced opportunities for using an illicit drug or substance
The NewsHawks has released a range of information is 90%. With most young people under the age of 30, the poorest apply more strongly in the last three months.
Investigations related to drug abuse, mainly crystal meth as they never had a paycheck or formally became vulnerable to drug use and also drug dealing
which is popular in the townships and it is an occupation, research has shown that layoff is a cultivation to earn a living. One of the main drivers of substance abuse is
that substance abuse is driven by other social factors is an important factor in substance abuse. a broken family unit. children who come
factors. Studies on the drivers of drug abuse The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that broken homes are likely to succumb to peer pressure.
show that sub-Saharan Africa will experience a during the relationship between unemployed partners that 3% of the adult population (450 000) are safe and stop using drugs. young people who do not
increase in substance use. and drug use remains unclear as there are people in the countryside who have either a drug or an alcohol - who tend to have strong family ties
spend less, other studies have shown that alcohol and drug use appeals to the wrong people.
According to research from the ENACT program, increases in substance abuse are more closely related to problems falling under the top three
at the Institute for Security Studies, in partnership economic situations. According to a Getway Foundation study
with the Frederick Pardee Center for International Peer Pressure and Addiction, it is difficult to repeat.
Futures, the number of drug users in sub-Saha- "The relationship between economic conditions
Ran Africa is projected to increase by nearly 150% and drug abuse is ambiguous. Several studies revel.
by 2050. Only 5% of this population are
“Peer pressure often plays a substantive role
published in September 2019 says. consumption and addiction. When everyone else is doing it
something we find difficult to do without
Such a somber read into the future of drug use. We often surround ourselves with peers
Abuse in Africa is a wake-up call for governments that share common interests and hobbies. As such, if you
who normally ignore push factors. are a heavy drinker or drug user, you probably have
Friends who also drink or take drugs,” it says
The study points to several push factors for part of the study published on November 4th
Drug use in sub-Saharan Africa. 2020

With a predominantly youthful population, present day education is crucial for dealing with peers
Africa, including Zimbabwe, is always under pressure as children are vulnerable to inappropriate exposure.
prone to drug and substance abuse, the research influence. It is obvious that drug and substance
Remarks. Abuse is a complex enemy that is multiple
approach to tackle the problem.
“There are many forces driving this increase
drug prevalence. Africa is still young, government should work with families,
increasingly prosperous and rapidly urbanizing – all municipalities and NGOs
Factors that increase the likelihood that a person will successfully deal with this problem.
choose to use illegal substances,” reads one piece
research. According to UNODC (2020) World Drug
Report, global drug use is on the rise, hovering around 269
Relentless economic woes that afflicted millions of drug users worldwide in 2018,
they have plagued Zimbabwe for decades. that's 30 percent more than 2009 while over
35 million people suffer from drug use disorders.
The government needs to fix the economy, provide it

NewsHawks News page 11

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Mubatirapame starts to become aggressive
Training to thwart Zim's drug pandemic

MUBATIRAPAMWE Trust, a local youth charity
Organization focused on the rehabilitation of youth undergoing training
of crystal meth and other drugs, has increased at The NewsHawks
Training for young people and parents alike, as a conference room recently
confident in dealing with the drug pandemic in Zim- how to fight drug abuse
babe. mostly among their own kind.

According to the latest Zimbabwe Drug Master
plan, about 60% of patients admitted
psychiatric institutions suffer from drug reference

In an interview with The NewsHawks, Mubati-
Rapamwe Trust-Mitbegründerin Savannah Mada-
mombe said the institution is a vocational school
Students dealing with drug-related issues a
community-based level.

"To fight the drug pandemic in
Zimbabwe, we needed volunteers to be there
social work and psychology. These are people who
go to the community for our community pro-
gramme and these are the people who speak to him
Community members, especially the social workers
dealing with the parents,” said Madamombe.

“But because we lack the funding, there was one
opportunity that presented itself. We have recognized that
Hundreds of college students studied
Psychology and social work we weren't
to find ideal placements for their attachments.

“So we created a program that we could use
they absorb and we have absorbed
them (the students). We have almost 50 of them
Students who have enrolled with us. They are
from the University of Zimbabwe, Africa University,
Midlands State University und Women’s University

She also said that the students will work under
the guidance of other volunteer psychologists who
will take care of them and help them at the same time
in fulfilling their tertiary duties.

Madombe emphasized that mubatirapam
We also trained the parents on how to use it
Community members who use drugs and pointed out
that there have been cases of severe hallucinations,
caused by drug-related psychoses.

“The other group we train is a commune
nity itself. We have parents who need training
on drug issues so they
stand addiction and mental health problems and these
are things that are taught to parents
standing," said Madombe.

“Most parents thought that their children
was enchanted. There was a lot in common
tion in many families about hallucinations, like
their children, who are going to do drugs, would do it
begin to manifest due to hallucinations. Some-
Sometimes the kids get paranoid and
Start accusing family members of witchcraft, but
there will only be hallucinations and that's what
we educate the parents so they understand
it's just hallucinations.

“Therefore we must teach the community
about drug abuse and that worked very well
good," she said.

Page 12 News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Sex workers turn to the Gweru military bar


It's Friday night, Samantha (name changed)
wears tight blue jeans, high heels
and a light blue top. Due to the Covid-19 regulations
prohibiting bars and nightclubs from opening
the public, the 23-year-old sex worker has noted
a new port to practice their trade.

The bar is a popularly known military pub
Gweru als "At Six Maint", centrally located
Business district across from the commuter Old TM

Before the Covid-19 pandemic locks that down
In March of last year, the ladies of the night began
the capital of the Midlands had traded
at various nightclubs across the city. but
due to the closure of bars and discos
To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, life must
come make it difficult for women who sell sex
meet ends.

“But with the ease with which we
Our trade has become modified on the army staff
easier because we find a lot of potential customers here," says Sa-
Mantha told The NewsHawks.

“There is no other joint like this one
one can practice one's profession freely without fear
of police raids".

This was the result of a quick poll for this publication
on weekends Six Maint works until
early hours, making it one of the
the city's most famous bars with nightlife
Entertainment. This flexibility has made it popular
among sex traffickers.

But observations in this publication indicate a
lack of compliance with Covid-19 regulations, with
not properly wearing face masks and omission
Among other things, observe social distancing

"I'm not sure how bars are run by the military.
tary are licensed but have become safe for us
a relief when we're looking for money to survive," another
Sex worker who identified only as Nancy

“It's difficult during these lockdown periods
operating from the street like you're about to be arrested
ed, so at least here we have a place to look for
Customers unhindered,” said Nancy.

Asked if they were not afraid of Covid-19
to overcrowding in the bar, the sex workers
said life during Covid-19 'was dog-eat-dog-sit-

Was contacted to comment on whether the law
Force agents descended on stray gratings
in the city that broke the Covid-19 regulations,
Midlands Police Spokesman
tor Emmanuel Mahoko urged the members of the
Public to notify the police departments in their area.

“There is a need to inform the stations (police).
concerned," he said.

However, he declined to comment on the operation.
tionen der Heeresstange.

NewsHawks News page 13

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

MORRIS BISHI Unexplained deaths of babies at
The Masvingo hospital causes a stir
THERE is a high number of stillborn babies
at Masvingo General Hospital, as expected The situation at Masvingo Provincial Hospital is dire due to the lack of medical supplies.
Mothers do not receive urgent treatment
due to a lack of basic maternity equipment

That's what the provincial health authorities say
preventable deaths reveal the rot in the land
of the healthcare sector at a time when multiple
lion dollar contracts are awarded for purchase
Deliveries connected to people at inflated prices
government officials who
Gateway to Life Saving Services.

Although the medical department of the province of Masvingo
Rector Dr. Amadeus Shamhu told The New-
sHawks that he was not aware of the problem,
Forward questions to the public of the hospital
Relations Officer, other officials confirmed this
rising cases.

Masvingo Provincial Hospital Public Relations
Security Officer Mercy Ruth Zulu told The New-
sHawks that her office is investigating
Complaints raised by various people along the way
Their babies died in childbirth. She said al-
Although the hospital is facing bottlenecks,
Officials always do their best to save lives.

“I'm not sure of the cases you are
talk since I left work
some days. I can confirm my office again
received some complaints related to what you
speak and we are currently investigating
Gating health officials handling it
patients. Sometimes we face critical bottlenecks
equipment, but we always strive to ensure this
that patients who need urgent treatment
tended to,” said Zulu.

A woman from Masvingo who lost her
Child during delivery in the hospital last week
said she was traumatized and depressed.

She said she was also at risk according to nurses
told her they can't do surgery
on her since the hospital had run out of surgical medication.
Cal Blades. The operation was performed later
after the hospital borrowed some blades
Morgenster Hospital.

"I'm still traumatized by what happened
me last week. I lost a child after an operation
was done hours after the expected time. That
Hospital was out of surgical blades they
later borrowed from another hospital. she
failed to tell my husband who would have vis-
it a pharmacy to buy the blades. We later
saw more than six bodies of babies dying
upon delivery at the morgue during the time we
picked up ours,” said the woman.

A senior nurse at the hospital told The New-
sHawks that the situation is bad because of
Lack of medical supplies that the government
ernment should not fail to procure there
They are cheap. He said the situation is more
severe for patients who are referred
from other health centers.

Expectant mothers do not receive urgent treatment due to a
Lack of basic pregnancy equipment.

Page 14 News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Harare's ailing trains are old but cheaper

Give the visitor great convenience right next to Lytton Road. From town to Mufakose I pay between US$1, commuters complained about the time it takes
Minutes from the start of the ride after they set and $1.50 per ride with private cars. I can't take the train from one place to another
WHAT strikes you when you arrive to use the Zupco buses on Copacabana (central bus, especially those traveling to relatively distant destinations).
Harare's main train station along Kenneth Kauntled in their seats for the journey, some of the passenger terminals) because the queues there are very long," said Ruwa.
As the road has the large Zupco stickers plastered on gers, begin examining the cabin and noticing that Ndemera said.
the sides of the old carriages. The train looks very old. The seats, although intact, “I have no choice but to come here
seen better days The windows remain open “Now with an alternative like this, they say I'm looking for National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ).
For long-suffering commuters struggling throughout the journey; Due to dilapidation, a lot of money can be saved on transport costs and this for a train home. As you can see, these moves
find affordable transportation every day, the newly introduced window mechanism no longer works. is money that can be channeled into others are dirty, rusty and they are slow. We go
The train service is a bargain. Surprisingly, there are essentials like rent and groceries. Leave the station at 5.30pm and then
There were none for the Zupco trains, despite the queues. And even just looking at the yellow locomotives caught my eye today as an added benefit that we will be arriving at 6.30pm. It takes a lot of time
An unusually attractive long-distance fare of ZW$40 pulled by the carriages shows that they don't have to worry about the serious traffic delays to reach our destination,” Tinashe Maburuse, a Ruwa
like Town Mufakose. The average commute has probably been there since the time in Zimbabwe that occurs during rush hour,” he said. residents said.
uh, affordability doesn't get any better. was officially called Rhodesia.
The timetable at Harare station says: “As a seller, I cannot manage the fare, which is
Clive Ndemera, a commuter, said that despite the train's departure from the central business district (CBD), the process of securing a seat on board is burdened with private transportation, which is the other factor
ple’s train” involves buying a ticket from the contrains as the savings come with paying mufakose at 5.15am and arrive at 6.10am which pushes me to come here. On 4th Street
Ductors stationed outside the wagons. ing only ZW$40 for a ride which normally costs before after pick up (Simon Muzenda Street) the bus station where we leave again for the CBD
between 120 ZW and 180 ZW on the road, plus passengers. are supposed to find buses, people are crowded-
Once on board, it becomes clear that passengers have the added benefit of avoiding traffic congestion by waiting for the buses to carry them.”
Gers are a mix of young and old meaning that the train is a far better mode of transport. In the evening the train leaves for Mufakose
at 5.30pm, arrival at 6.10pm. On each trip, a different commuter said Miriam Chigebeza
As the 5:30pm departure time of the 'First time traveling on a train and to be a friend' stops at Lochinvar, Rugare and Kam- the train was for someone who wasn't comfortable
City-Mufakose line is approaching, the seats are pretty obvious these trains are very old Buzuma on the way to Mufakose. Despite catches two elevators to work.
In the old carriages, both are mainly filled and they are probably the same trains, some of which were the cheapest means of transport available
the younger generation who have never been to our grandfathers, but they are very affordable. “I got up at 4 a.m. to have time
a train ahead and oldtimers still thinking about going to the station. At 6.45 the train
The efficiency of the "old" National Railways will go to the city, they have to stick to a timetable
Zimbabwe (NRZ). So.

“I remember the 1980s when I traveled a lot. “The challenge we have with these trains
regularly from Gweru to Harare by train. In which it takes an hour to reach the city
days the train was a very reliable means of transport, I was supposed to be at work at 8 o'clock. I work out-
as it has been used by many people. The trains are behind the city center so I'm supposed to search
then there was a very strict timetable for onward transport to my place of work. Those trains
Example if the departure time was 5:30 p.m., then are also old. The same traits they inherited from
The train would depart at that exact time. (Rhodesian Prime Minister) Ian Smith years back
Today they rename them Zupco buses.
“This is my first time on a train after many Instead of moving forward as a country, we are
years and I hope to see the same professions - going backwards," she lamented.
Sionalism from NRZ that we saw earlier.
This initiative (Zupco train) is very good as it supports the newly introduced Zupco trains
Help people travel to their various homes on the following routes: CBD-Mufa-
affordable fare but as you saw out there the trains are kose; CBD Dzivaresekwa; CBD Tynwald u
don't travel many routes and that's some CBD Ruwa.
that the government needs to correct," Godrey said
Karonga, a Mufakose resident. The new
train introduced
A public address system announces that the service is a bargain
The train is due to leave in 10 minutes. This attracts long suffering
an excited chatter of the young generation,
who has not yet experienced this. Commuter.

Then the attendants get into the wagon
one last ticket check, everyone stares at her. To the
many, the novelty of a train ride is interesting. the
younger passengers are particularly intrigued,
often ask the conductors for more information
Information about the train. Some elderly passengers
are curious to hear from the conductors whether
the old standards of NRZ train service will be
matching this new “Volkszug”.

Punctually at 5.30 p.m. the train finally meanders in
Away from the station, cheers from the sparks
Young people on board, waving excitedly at everyone
The train travels through the outskirts of Mbare

NewsHawks News page 15

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

ZCTU President of ZIMBABWE Trade Unions Congress reflects on five
(ZCTU) President Peter Mutasa five years at the head of the Chamber of Labour
tenure at the head of the labor movement
ends next month. The new ZCTU President
sHawks (NH) caught up with the outgoing Peter Mutasa
Mutasa reflecting on his tenure. He also
talked about issues affecting workers, its su- and deal with this monster boldly. Mor- these accusations against me are simple. You have to make political decisions.
suspected poisoning and the state-sponsored Brutalgan Tsvangirai (later ex-ZCTU leader, who shows us the policies we have questioned but are sometimes viewed as opposition to the
ity. Below are excerpts from the interview: later became MDC President) and eventually benefited from workers or citizens.
The team clearly understood this, hence the route We questioned the government's bond launch. The government is impoverished
NH: How is the labor movement going? They took. and some have even berated us in unions. Now many sectors of society through their policies.
ment? Where are we? It was a robbery and we knew it. As a result, all demand justice and equality.
We may have different views on whether we challenged corruption at Nssa (national unity of it and that doesn't do these citizens
PM: Like many Zimbabweans, we are fighting - it was successful, but there can't be a debate on the Social Security Board) and, look, pensions - opposition politicians. We're just citizens
fight for survival. The environment is terrible because unions need to make a serious effort to keep unions wallowing in poverty. We demanded that our rights to fair wages, education,
the labor movement. Dress the political question. This makes the civil Covid-19 response, particularly the distribution of housing and other socio-economic facilities,
and civic education an important goal of social transfers, look what happens, the national rights.
NH: I understand that your five-year term for unions. I also learned that while we didn't reach the poor with money, we ended up with them in the end
tenure as chairman of the ZCTU ends in a deadlocked independence, we still have structural politicians. We challenged the Treasury Secretary NH: Would you give us your best and
time of month. When is the next Congress and the social and economic challenges that will prevent Mthuli Ncube's austerity and now the ZCTU President's worst moments?
What is the theme? The majority of working-class families, about half of the population, live in extreme poverty. we
to uphold social justice. Workers in Zimbabwe have been arrested for challenging tax increases. PM: I had a good time and learned a lot
PM: Yes, my torturous path is still in bondage and we need the ideological clear and basic goods price increases, now the major comrades. Most of my moments within ZCTU
To come to the end. We hold our congress and the bravery of the union fighters who have died cannot even buy bread. We made noise against guides were interesting. I would however
from October 26th to 27th of this year. The general like Benjamin Burombo, Joshua Nkomo (late state conquest, especially the Zupco monopoly.) highlights the Hwange demonstrations
The council has yet to agree on the issue. As usual former vice president), Tsvangirai and others. In addition to benefits for politically exposed persons, lasted over three months. It was organic or-
it will be a theme expressing the struggles. Our struggle must be understood as a struggle that citizens are suffering now. organized by Hwange women and we just came
of workers and must inspire us to fight back for total freedom, not any wage increases here to support and amplify their voices. It was
against all forms of oppression and exploitation. and since; that is not enough. So those who think we're wrong must learn beautifully from organic intellectuals,
Show us how these policies have helped the poor citizen activists with no organizations or budgets.
NH: Does the ZCTU Constitution allow for the other lesson I learned from my experience, citizens and workers? We warned against neocolonization for their rights. I would sometimes feel my tears
a second term, and if so, will you run for workers to collectively ease the process of easing through China and many said we are agents, my eyes water and I hear the stories about it
reelection? to shake off the repressive and exploitative system of the West. Now even traditional leaders are leaders of the community and that's why they had to fight
Tasks of the state and the capital. My experience of complaining about our natural beings being plundered for their husbands' salaries. The worst moments
PM: Yes, the ZCTU constitution allows for Hwange, with women demonstrating and resources for a song. There were times when we had to bury our comrades.
a second term. I've been thinking about these various ZCTU demonstrations that showed me that we've lost union veterans and promising ones
for some time. It's not a decision I can make about workers still being in power. We only have NH: Some of your critics believe you are young squad.
my own. First of all, I think about my health to find ways to organize ourselves and gather more opposition political activists than
After the poisoning that almost took my life last year, I am actively seeking freedom. I also got to know the Beau Labor leaders. What is your opinion? NH: What do you think about your state
which I believe was state engineered. I will rely on diversity and that when properly applied it can leave the working class community?
on medical advice as to whether I should continue. change this world. The trade union movement PM: Together with other comrades we were
Second, I also consult my family. Everyone has different people with different views and got arrested for demanding better salaries and cuts. PM: Am both happy and concerned about it
One in my family suffered from the pain of retaining skills that can be used for the collective good. on taxes, lowering the cost of living and fighting the state, I skip the union. I am happy
with someone wrongly viewed as an enemy of corruption. Are these opposition problems? py that despite pressure from the state for capture
of the state. Remember, my nephew was from- NH: During your tenure as President, there. If so, then I am guilty as charged. or co-opt the ZCTU, we have defended its independence.
led and severely tortured in 2019. My son, allegations have been made that you have severely criticized denenz without fearing the danger to our lives and
Those they wanted managed to flee and rule, even in times of good politics. We have always raised our voice against that of our families. Some of us have been deceived
hidden. My house was broken into and everything was implemented for citizens. What is your mission for workers and defending workers' rights? and riches promised if we compromise the earnings.
had to be away from home for some time. take over that? Unfortunately, our issues as workers are federally dependent, but we declined
created by politicians, the government. In ad- such offers.
They threatened my family with bullets and PT: My humble challenge to those who address our problems, we must address these
always followed our movements. I'm glad that we have another generation
threatened to rape our daughters. In short, the leadership of an uncompromising federation.
State agents have done many bad things to my family
Ily. So I would need family approval
to continue, although they always
faced the cost and burden of standing up
workers in Zimbabwe. Then for unionists
no one stood up on ideological grounds
for optional. We don't believe in advertising
for positions, the workers and comrades
should nominate you for a position. A number
from comrades and trade unions have approached me
and state their desire to nominate me
for re-election. I've temporarily accepted
Offer subject to personal and family considerations

NH: How do you see your chances of re-election?

PM: As a union leader in a very polar way
political environment like Zimbabwe, you
can never please everyone. The majority of workers
and comrades I think eloquently and powerfully
raise their issues, both locally and on the
international stage. You want me to con-
Continuing the fight against state repression and
exploitation by capital.

However, some may not be happy because
legal reasons. They considered me standing
against the government and may not want me to do it
continue. The state itself is churning
much propaganda against me and the ZCTU
Secretary General, using state and other media.
We've been called terrorists, enemies of the
State and regime change agents. Unfortunately some
Comrades might have been influenced by such vile influences
Propaganda. However, without government interference
ence and manipulation of our processes I think
I have a good chance of winning a second term. That
The majority of workers understand their struggle.

NH: What lessons have you learned from this?
last five years as ZCTU President?

PM: Leading ZCTU has been a great honor
and I've learned a lot in the last five years.
I learned that the biggest obstacle to development
Equal Opportunity, Justice, Justice and Peace in
This country is politics. No matter how workers
and unions might try to use collective labor
Collective bargaining and other labor market tools for improvement
Prove the conditions of the workers without judging
the political question fizzles out.

This is a great lesson to be learned through en-
Gaging full-time on the job. workforce
and unions need to understand this quickly

Page 16 News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Peter Mutasa condemns state brutality against workers and says the ZCTU represents citizens demanding their right to fair wages and other socio-economic constitutional rights (pictured below).

I'm also happy that we developed a good number. 90s, the government learned nothing. It NH: Your last word on the government, companies will benefit from this in the short term. I warn companies against this
Finding young leaders who can defend the move isn't about pleasing the IMF and World Bank. and working class? this current situation where majority workers
ment. Our economy must serve the citizens. We have and the citizens are deep in poverty earn miserable
half the population in extreme poverty, Sal- PM: My final word to the government is that salaries are unsustainable. Long-term all-
However, I am concerned because the state is changing and pensions have been severely cut. They are failing workers, and our beautiful Na-one will suffer serious losses while we-
unrelenting in his quest to conquer the unions. Pensions and wages are not enough to buy something. Many of the people in government enjoyed 2008. It's a zero-sum game and all of us
I only have faith in the unionists' ability to provide a monthly food basket. We stand before Job and the ruling party that fought for liberation from this, and we have a responsibility to make sure we push for one
to continue defending our movement who have been losses due to the country's depressed domestic aggregates. I want them to examine themselves and take a new direction. It's frightening that big companies
built and defended by the blood and sweat of men. We are saved only by remittances from the diaspora - the values ​​and ethos of the struggle. Wasn't it some owned by very respectable rich people?
our ancestors. I'm worried too because today is for now. We opened our whole country to labor justice and egalitarianism (gutsaru - treat workers with contempt.
the labor movement is financially weak and plundering as we celebrate few achievements (zhinji)? Why are the working conditions similar?
concepts of numbers. We no longer have the ZCTU from an extractive madness. We are an economy under colonial conditions? It's not about land for the workers of Zimbabwe, thank you for that
the 1990s. We face many job losses, Casualisa- that has no mortgages or hire purchases because people? Why are citizens being expelled who do me such an honor. lead the
of workers and union membership from currency volatility. from their ancestral lands into an independent labor movement was a great honor and
has shrunk. My hope is that we can get workers in Zimbabwe? Everyone who supported those responsible. We tried our best in difficult conditions
Leaders who will fight and innovate. We have become an example of what the UNDP government laments during the struggle, environment. When I come back we will do a lot
tive measures to address these issues. (United Nations Development Program) Workers, farmers, war veterans and students. This more to free us from bondage
conceptualized as a nation that is eco-showing that there is something faltering from those with political power and invaders
NH: Your assumption of office coincided with a nomic growth with negative consequences. We were terribly wrong and soon people will be doing business again. If not, let's move on for the march
the last kicks of former President Robert Mug - jobless growth, with no meaningful decency to extricate himself. The ruling elites do not need to be terminated. I promise to keep pushing
the administration of ab and the jobs coming on board are created. It is reckless growth that no longer takes people for granted and is quick to grant labor justice in other supporting roles as well
President Emmerson Mnangagwa's "Second Deepening of Inequalities". The majority denies people freedom, justice, equality and prosperity. the movement.
Republic" administration. How can you afford food in comparison while there are a few connected buildings?
the two in the light of labor rights? mansions. We are also experiencing futurelessness For the business I had good labor relations Workers in Zimbabwe we must be very
Growth based on the plundering of our natural resources - with many business representatives. I however clear about our problems. We can't afford that
PM: Those in government and their sympathizers with no export earnings to match and witnesses of this, they sometimes extol the bad policy fallacy that we must be indifferent to politics.
Boy Scouts accusing us of supporting the OP without regard to environmental and financial needs and urging politicians to proceed with these policy decisions is what is impoverished
position do not say that we have also supported those of future generations. We need a new policy. As long as they still benefit from the ex and bring us into misery. That's why we have to stand
Overthrow of former late President Robert Mugabe. jectory, a new economy that is inclusive, serves the spirit of the whole nation, some businessmen are rising up and speaking out against such policy decisions
We had hoped for improvement, but now everything has turned around and we have settled on an agreed social contract. That doesn't bother. Secretly, some point to the bad. and player. The struggle is real, we must move on
out, we were wrong. “Zimbabwe is open for business” and “Austerity My word is that we must all speak out against standing up to repression and neo-liberals.
for prosperity” economic direction was bad bad policies and practices in our country withalism. Sign in to vote and be sure
Mugabe was bad for workers, but the power was bad for workers and citizens. We need a new social fear or favor to save our nation. You are also registered here. It is an important civic duty.
The administration made it clear to everyone to see the contract. Most companies enjoy exploiting workers. Vote wisely, hold the ballot, but think
that it's worse. We've seen more draconian and supportive bad labor laws and policies for your pathetic salaries. Aluta continua!
actions against workers. The nurses and doctors
Strikes have shown us that the current administration
tion is worse. Also the incapacity of the teachers
shows what the current administration looks like
down on the workers and doesn't worry
the plight of workers. most work-
ers wallow in poverty and compared to
the last days of Mugabe, every worker can see that
the current government is worse.

Every time we tried to strike, it was workers
beaten and arrested. We also witnessed something
used to be seen sparingly during the Mugabe era
now done with more zeal and frequency.
Many union cadres and civil society activists
People were kidnapped and tortured
Administration. My nephew suffered this fate
simply because I am a trade unionist. It's tough
cult to make a different judgement. We fight-
ing against a system and the removal of Mugabe
didn't help us, the situation is even worse now.

NH: A range of economic policies, some of them
who have been praised by the world
Bank and the International Monetary Fund,
were implemented by the government
save economy. Believe this policy
serve the interests of employees?

PM: It seems that since the Esap (Economic
structural adjustment program) in the era

NewsHawks News page 17

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Special Covid-19
PANDEMIC coverage

TOTAL 5 366 health workers in Zimbabwe The pandemic is taking its toll on health
So far, 5,400 cabinet professionals have been infected with Covid-19
announced this week.
Lack of protective clothing exposes healthcare workers to Covid-19 infection.
Dozens of healthcare workers have succumbed to it
the disease. Church,” it said in the cabinet meeting. “Following the previous announcement that hospitalization is required for Covid-19. That
“Cabinet wants to welcome the openness that all civil servants should be vaccinated. The bed occupancy rate in the cabinet was 6.9% during the review
"The Cabinet feels sorry for the families and further resolves there is no unvaccinated community service week compared to the 10% recorded during the
Friends of health workers who have relayed communications between government agencies will be allowed to come to work last week.
during the three waves of Covid-19. Government and all stakeholders across the socio-economic sphere
would like to express its gratitude to the health community of Zimbabwe and assure that the Cabinet has also noted a 35% decrease in the number of patients, while the Cabinet previously reported the renewed
Workers who have worked resolutely and steadfastly in the nation that every member or group of infections has engaged in low-risk sporting activities with 719 cases
Saving lives during waves of Covid-19. His sons may make representations to the cabinet in the reporting week, com further decided that all sports codes can be resumed.
His Excellency the President has led the nation in an inter-ministerial taskforce on Covid-19, down from the 1113 reported the previous week. Their hours of operation have been adjusted to
observe a minute's silence regarding related matters, but must not be members of the group between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. to accommodate them
departed health workers," Cabinet letter from Tuesday - next." “The Cabinet also wants to inform the nation and working people. - STAFF AUTHOR.
read. that the number of people has decreased

Healthcare professionals have historically been
complain about a lack of protective clothing
ing, expose them to infection.

There are now 132 cases of Covid-19
recorded in schools, a week after opening for
the rest of the classes. All active housings are isolated
ed and administered by the Department of Health and
Child care, depending on the cabinet.

While the government is aiming for 60%
of the population vaccinated by December it is
concerned about avoiding the vaccines in
Mashonaland Central and Chitungwiza.

“The Cabinet is concerned about the low intake
of the vaccine in Mashonaland Central and
Chitungwiza Town and every effort will be made
made to encourage citizens to get vaccinated
this is for the good of all of us," the briefing said.

Zimbabwe has taken over so far
11,860,000 vaccines and four million syringes.
A total of 2,873,893 people had received theirs
first dose of the vaccine on September 14, 2021,
while 1,926,247 people received their second

Despite a High Court ruling allowing the renewed
Requirement that churches only in
Son Services for Vaccinated Parishioners, Cabinet
maintained his position that only vaccinated con-
Gregantes are allowed to visit the church.

“The cabinet discussed the churches’ motion for
a review of the number of parishioners allowed
in church services at least a third, taking into account
consider the size of the church. while everyone else
Gatherings may not exceed 100 people, whereby
gards to the churches, the cabinet just decided that
Vaccinated community members can and should attend
be limited to 50% of the capacity

. . . Dentists have not been spared the effects of Covid-19
THE Zimbabwe Dental Association (Zida) says infections and unfortunately deaths. Luckily with vac
Dentists, who are part of the working procedures of dentists on the country's frontline, put them at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus. few cases have become complicated. to
Workers fighting the scourge of Covid-19 have currently killed two dentists from Covid and
high risk of contracting Covid-19 and should limit patient screening. Testing all patients procedures, but over time practicing most, the number of infected is not known exactly, as this is the case
Guard at work. before treatment was not a practical strategy - has returned to near normal with precautionary measures," he said.
Egy because of the cost and widespread use of dental, he said.
Zida President Advance Chingwena told the services. The Zimbabwe Dental Association has also taken a psychological toll on Covid-19
The nature of a dentist's job makes them a very reputable facility for members from time to time. Meanwhile, Chingwena said there is no sector for dentists yet.
high risk of contracting Covid-19. Time to optimize their security, including discovering an epidemic that
eventually limited work to non-aerosol dental care in most parts of the world. “The club noted support
“Dentists are among the professionals with a high psychological burden due to Covid-19. The main
The greatest risk for Covid-19 as we were in the maelstrom of “As with other professions, practice guidelines were issued
the state of the mouth. The Dentist's Working Session followed by the members. We also have
Uation requires the patient to remove their mask, stated some speakers on topics like psyche
in practice and open your mouth. No illness, grief management and approaches to
dancing is just as possible with the patient as coping with stress at the dentist. The club also has one
working on the patient,” he said. Committee focuses on confidential member care
port,” he said.
Chingwena said the dentists' procedures did the trick
Practitioners in Serious Danger. “The second major risk Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the
is that most dental procedures are the income of aerosol doctors.
heat. The primary means of transmission of
SARS-CoV virus are aerosols,” he said. “Covid has had a lot of impact on dentistry
sector, including declining incomes and some
Dentists face special challenges. times practice closure due to high risk in
“Dental practice since the beginning of the pandemic periods of mass community transmission. PPE
required assumption that patients are covid-pos costs have increased the cost of doing business.
itive, therefore requiring expensive personal In addition, national access to further oral
Protective equipment including gowns, N95's health has definitely been disrupted," he said. —
Masks and surgical gowns for all patients and

Page 18 News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Covid is tearing apart my social fabric

THE Covid-19 pandemic that has devastated There has been an increase in cases of domestic violence, gender-based violence in mining areas, among others.
Economies around the world, not only has
stroyed the means of production, but Bert Maziriri said at an outreach program in the sector, were also affected. ASM (ASM) sector.
last week eaten into the country's social fabric and the Zhombe. “However, Covid-19 has severely impacted workers. “Covid-19 has had a major impact on the ASM
In mining communities, the problem is even worse.
Meanwhile, on the production front, Chinhe period, especially those employed by sectors. We had challenges like liquidity bottlenecks
Zimbabwe Diamond Allied and Minerals ma said Covid-19 has severely affected Chinese chromium in the chromium mining sector. you age The cash shortage comes from the
General Secretary of the Workers' Union (ZDAMWU) in the mining sector. closed their factories in anticipation of resuming profits from previous commercial flights
Judge Chinhema said many mining companies have pulled out but so far have failed to open up. come to the country and abroad
forced to remain at their mining sites, with- “The Covid-19 pandemic had no impact Around 2 000 workers working for flights were restricted. Therefore, this im
to visit their families - to curb the mining industry in general. Production cashed out these chrome washes along the Great Pact on Fidelity Printers. there
Spread of Covid-19 - but the move compromise went smoothly Dyke lost his jobs and some went unpaid Fidelity Printers and Re-
missing the social fabric. in some mines. Employers continued with their final benefits,” Chinhema said. Fines because of the pandemic,” he said.
production since the government declared it
“The impact of Covid-19 in the mining sector an indispensable service. Production even went up Sentiment was echoed by Zimbabwe Consequently, the situation led to a significant surge
does not have to be viewed from the pros' side only because workers were at work as they were not Miners Federation (ZMF) CEO Wellington production decline.
production, but also from a social perspective. Than allowed to leave mining sites," he said. Interview with Takavarasha.
union, we noted that Covid-19 “drastically reduced production during Covid-19
Effects on the family value system,” he said. However, he said workers serving Chi-Takavarasha argued that the Covid-19 was panicking. Statistics show that from 22
Chinese companies, particularly in chromium mining, has had a detrimental impact on artisanal and tons to 9.8 tons,” he said. - STAFF AUTHOR.
In mining compounds, it has an in-
Increase in domestic violence cases, gender specific
violence and an increase in corruption cases and in
in extreme cases, the dissolution of families.

“Some mines wouldn't allow their employees to do that
leave mining sites to visit their families and quarrel
that this was aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19.
In addition, most mines restricted workers
to leave or bring in their connections
People from outside: This means husbands and
Women wouldn't meet like they used to," said Chinhe-
mom said.

“The marriages of most miners were affected.
ed. The situation has prompted a surge in immorality
inside the mines. prostitution a
mining districts has really increased.”

Covid-19 has also hit young people, particularly
especially the girl.

In one of the most important mining areas in the country
Kwekwe, many schoolgirls, especially in low-income ones
come communities, either eloped or fell pregnant
nant during the lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

“Most of our female learners have
affected by these lockdowns. Some burned out, some
became pregnant during the Covid-19 lockdown
depths. And the main reason for such activities
can be attributed to poverty. Most learners
eloped or gotten pregnant for artisanal miners in
the hope for a better future. However there
Government, we encourage every learner to come
go back to school even though they may be pregnant
nant, Kwekwe District School Inspector

DUMISANI NYONI The arts and crafts sector brings in $4 million

ZIMBABWE'S Arts & Crafts Sector Proves Success ZimTrade says the improved performance in the arts & crafts sector is against the backdrop of the trade facilitation activities it has undertaken.
a 'hidden gem' during the Covid-19 pandemic,
Bring in US$4 million through exports to the export destinations for these products include Products offered by Zimbabwe include Bas- The country launched in 2020 and 2019
72% higher than South Africa, Europe and America in the first five months of this year. Warp weaving, wood carving, metal sculpting, or cultural and creative industries
revenue period. sic and performing arts. Strategy (2020 to 2030) and National Arts, Culture
ZimTrade said improved performance comes from the Heritage Policy.
This is despite the fact that the sector is classified as an export destination for these products against the background of trade-promoting activities
non-essential service. ties it performed. These included an engagement in South Africa, Europe and America. “Given that the national strategy is in place
Meetings between ZimTrade and sculptors in connection with ZimTrade's efforts, no doubt
In its February 2020 analysis of Zimbabwe national statistics, an Inward Buyer Mission was hosted.
Data from the tics agency for the period between January 13 to March 20, 2020, among others. at the national level to ensure that arts and crafts are competitive," the report says.
and May of this year said ZimTrade of Art and Tribute to Business.
Crafting is a hidden gem that needs support
from everyone involved.

During the reporting period, the handicrafts
The sector's export earnings were $3.74
million, with a comparable prior-year period of
$2.17 million.

“The arts and crafts sector thus represents a
untapped opportunity with potential for
bet more on export growth,” ZimTrade said in its

“Despite the categorization of handicrafts
as non-essential service providers under görtert
the Covid-19 restrictions, performance was
exceptional, up 72% over the period
January to May 2020 to 2021,” it said.

Sector performance peaked at
$1 million in February 2021 and beyond
cumulative marginal declines over the period to
$0.7 million in May 2021.

Compared to the same period
In 2020, exports peaked at $0.7
million in February before falling
56.000 US-Dollar im Mai.

“Obviously, the performance over the two pe-
rioden was mainly driven by gathering and collecting.
Tor's pieces. The products offered by Zimbabwe
include basket weaving, wood
Carvings, metal sculpting, music and performances
art,” it said.

NewsHawks News page 19

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

The Covid nightmare haunts the Masvingo schools

MORRIS BISHI Gutu High School is among the least affected schools.

The province of MASVINGO is experiencing an increase in planning a meeting or
New Covid-19 cases in schools, a development training?
which worries the authorities who are pushing for it
School administration to ensure preventive Ÿ Select the NewsHawks Executive Conference Room
Containment measures are observed

Over 50 students visited the province this week
Infection with the virus, which raises concerns for some
the schools, mostly boarding schools, maybe

Walls Province Covid-19 Task Force
Spokesman Rodgers Irimayi told The New-
sHawks that the province is still endangered as it is
still record more cases compared to others

He said most cases are now being recorded
in boarding schools and warned the authorities
Learning institutions to ensure that students
here to set safeguards.

“We are concerned about the new wave of
Covid-19 cases in our province, especially in
Schools. The numbers change daily, but from
Wednesday we had 52 new cases and registered
of these, 36 cases came from Gutu district
and let me tell you that most of the cases were
inducted into Gutu High School and Alheit Mis-
version We have many other cases being recorded
at other schools. I urge the school authorities
so to stick to Covid-19 prevention measures
that students are protected. The province is still a
red zone, people should not relax," Irimayi said.

Merged Rural Teachers Union of Zim-
Grandfather (Artuz) told President Obert Masaraure
The NewsHawks warned teachers' unions
government before opening schools. He
said the government should provide schools with
Funding to enable learning institutions to be able to
to meet all requirements to prevent the spread
the coronavirus. He added that all schools in the
country are potential super spreaders of Covid-19.

“We have warned the government about the schools
opened, but they remained defiant and pressed
continue with ruthless school openings. government
promised to draw RTG$500 million which is equivalent
Awarded up to RTG$50 per slim person viewing our schools
population, which is not enough. We are aware
that we received $453 million from Unesco
for our education sector to deal with
Covid-19 so we are urging our government to reveal this
these resources so that our schools can be able to
to provide sufficient protective clothing,
beer Our classrooms are overcrowded and all
School is a possible super spreader of the virus."
said Masaraure.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe
President Takavamila Zhou told The NewsHawks
that over 30 schools in the country are affected
by the coronavirus after the government rushed
to open schools. He said teachers were coerced
to go back to work before they were tested and
School children are overcrowded in the classrooms.

The NewsHawks For bookings please contact
#100 Nelson Mandela Ave Charmaine on 0735 666 122
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President We died Zhou

Page 20 Editorial & Opinion NewsHawks

CARTOON Issue 48, September 17, 2021

Power failure
needs decisive action

MANY people may take it for granted, but there's no denying that drug abuse is a reflection of the crisis
Fact that access to electricity is one of the defining characteristics of governance-rooted failures
modern civilization.
The recent GOVERNMENT response to the establishment of an intensifying Operation Clean Ghetto
Satellite imagery of North Korea taken at night is very revealing - a threat of endemic drug abuse that is addressing the Committee of Ministers, which will now be codenamed Operation
eng. The secret "Kingdom of the Hermits" looks like a vast expanse of demic proportions, mostly among youth.
Darkness, sandwiched by a well-lit South Korea on the right and a – after sustained media coverage of and approved a report presented by the ministry of part of the country focused on frustration.
equally well lit China on the left. North Korea has been ruined by the problem, particularly by The NewsHawk public servant Paul Mavima. Dealing with the activities of criminal groups
Decades of unworkable ideas, incompetent leadership, and dysfunction – is commendable, but not enough. and to neutralize drug and substance abuse.
state institutions. Does a bell ring? The report said a multidisciplinary and
It's good that the authorities have sparked a multisectoral approach, the government said they would identify it too
In much of Africa there is glaring evidence of the consequences of the harsh reality of this growing society to stop the situation. and improve community-based activities,
unenlightened policies – the pun is inevitable – as the Scourge demonstrated, and are now tackling them seriously, including the establishment of parental support
the fact that only one in five Africans has access to electricity. addressing symptoms of the problem. This includes intensifying prevention groups and patient self-help groups.
lem while ignoring the root causes.
The World Bank says Africa is the only continent that is not, and cannot be, the solution. Demand reduction and elimination In the medium term, the following strategies are
Advances made in power supply. tion of the supply and availability of illegal and egies are implemented:
It is a common cause that the number of over-the-counter substances and drugs l review of national drug policy
“During the past decade, a greater proportion of the world's population has abused youth at the Zimba Market. and Substance Abuse and Change to
Gaining access to electricity like never before, but the number of people, especially in densely populated suburbs, has grown to the Dangerous Drugs Act
The number of people without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa has even increased.” is increasing every year. This is clearly consistent with the current existence of illegal drugs
In connection with economic and social problems, the police, judiciary and customs in the country are being abused to increase penalties
Providing energy solutions is the goal of sustainable development embracing the nation, which is also linked to improved and tougher condemnation of drug and substance abuse;
Number seven, but the sad reality is that the goal of universal access governance in Zimbabwe is to tackle drug abuse, it said. l Establish a national drug call center
are unlikely to be met by 2030. Zimbabwe is one of the context. and substance abuse that provide
affected countries. The cabinet said it noted with "satisfaction" the online psychosocial support and the like
As a media, we not only report on the problem, the quick reaction of the security forces what information;
This week Energy Minister Zhemu Soda told the National As-lem, while also investigating the causes and l opening of youth centers and increasing
Apparently, the country is in negotiations to buy an analysis of Hawk Eye's responses and efforts to create youth empowerment opportunities
an additional 180 megawatts (MW) from Mozambique and 100 MW to empower officials, advocacy groups, civil society and their professional training
from Zambia. A power shortage made worse by reduced power communities to address the issue. Dumisani programs;
Power generation capacities have forced the country into a 12-hour black period.
out. The minister's revelation has highlighted the scale of the drug problem
Power failure. Education and Prevention in Zimbabwe; has resulted in the arrests of over 200 drug and drug addicts
However, the problem recurs, and trafficking in illegal sub- to the immediate and extended family, e.g
“We are in talks with Mozambique over recent fighting among the youth population. attitudes and drug lords. B. Family associations, churches and religious
Kraftwerke has been commissioned to supply us with another 180 megawatts,” he told organizations. All municipalities too
To effectively combat the problem, lawmakers said Wednesday this week: "These will face the full wrath of revival and expand care for the youth
It takes a study to understand the law,” it said. Clubs and other positive leisure facilities
“We are also in the final stages of talks with Zambia to determine the breadth and depth of the crisis, expand ties and
an additional 100 megawatts.” Training and intervention programs. A minister said that in the short term the l training workshops for supervisors and
multifaceted approach, which holistically following measures for prevention and avoidance are taken by other relevant persons
It is the height of grotesque irony that Zimbabwe is buying electricians who deal with the causes, effects and consequences of the scourge of substance abuse, substance abuse in the workplace.
The tricity generated in Cahora Bassa, a lake in the same Zambezi quencies, is of crucial importance. among other:
River basin on which our very own Lake Kariba lies. l Operationalization of Zimbabwe's Na cabinet rightly said that the media can play
Some of the causes of substance abuse include the overall drug master plan and treatment, as well as playing a critical role in increasing reach and
Hydropower remains the most cost-effective source of electricity. Zimba – Socio-economic factors such as alcohol economic rehabilitation policies and awareness raising through theatre, arts,
bwe and Zambia share the world's largest artificial lake, Kariba. Malaise, Unemployment, Media Exposure, Substance Use Disorder in Zimbabwe; Edutainment, music and other multimedia
escapism and peer pressure. l Identification and improvement of existing men's platforms.
But the Kariba South hydroelectric power station has been run through by re valley health institutions that can admit affects.
vamp for years. The dam wall had to be extensively renovated. Possession of illegal drugs ultimately affects children, young people and adults, among others. These measures are significant, but they
Getting young people into difficulties and thus creating a psychiatric clinic for children that has to go deeper and be maintained in every emergency is not
The next cheapest power source in the power matrix would cause problems. province until they recover; and activated for campaign purposes only
usually coal-fired thermal power plants, although the global and other opportunistic agendas. company
The climate crisis reminds us that this option is not sustainable. The vast majority cannot just stand by and watch drugs destroy a whole
The oldest thermal power station, Hwange, is under construction, but the old needs a coordinated response generation of youngsters - the current and
equipment did not help. and plan of action, proper rehabilitation future leaders.
Support models for young drug addicts
Zesa Holdings' latest figures show the country was her in her recovery and farewell journal.
Generation of 1,276 MW on Thursday of this week. When needed, when needed. It is also important to ensure that this is the case
1 700 MW is taken into account, the gap is significantly increased. no relapse in the process.

Due to corruption, poor planning and lack of strategic foresight
Zimbabwe has not comprehensively addressed its energy crisis.

You don't have to be a professor of strategic management to see this
that volatile mix of aging equipment and poorly maintained power supply
Train stations, poor governance and lack of significant investment in the
Energy sector will cause problems for the country.

For decades, authorities paid lip service to the important ones
the development of alternative energy sources. Have the blueprints
was impressive and the country even hosted World Solar
Summit. The all-too-familiar disease has emerged: lack of implementation

When national tenders for solar projects are awarded to criminals,
What else can citizens expect?

Independent power producers are willing to invest huge sums
Money, but the government has to untie the Gordian knot first
an unpredictable regulatory and political environment that does not
make business sense.

If we're not careful, our neighbors in southern Africa will solve the problem
their energy shortages while we wallow in blackouts like the North
Korea of ​​this region.

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NewsHawks Perspectives & Reviews page 21

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Positive response to PSMAS chronic drug program

OWN CORRESPONDENT for national causes by availing access to the Premier Lifestyle program
affordable chronic medications to its members to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle and
PSMAS members with chronic conditions thereby reduce morbidity and mortality Health through wellness initiatives al-
are responding positively to the call to regulate NCDs. Plus the company, ready on the spot.
ister after the successful start of the
Chronic Drugs Program on Sep- •
September 2021. •
The program is an initiative to improve •
Proof of access to medicines and health •
Results for PSMAS members with chronic •
ic diseases •

PSMAS is dedicated to the treatment of chronic diseases
Drug use in a way that is beneficial
to the health of members and to guarantee
high-quality support through holistic member support.

The program is designed to benefit both
members and beneficiaries alike.

PSMAS members are encouraged
to enroll in the Institution of Chronic Medicine,
once registered, they are regularly insured
monthly supply of registered medicines
and these are ordered and reserved
any eligible member.

The drugs are available from
nearest registered PSMI pharmacy or registry
Listed collection point. Also this initiative
comes with added convenience as members
have the ability to have medication delivered
provided free of charge on your doorstep
it is within a radius of 20 km.

Home deliveries are set to begin as planned
as soon as possible.

Have members with chronic medical conditions
was enthusiastic about the
gram with members calling and coming
personally for registrations while you are online
Registration process is still being configured.

PSMAS has assembled a dedicated team
to help with the registrations and the expectation
tation is expected to register over 25,000 members
the initial phase.

Members simply confirm their current
Treatment regimen/prescription during
Registration to simplify the process.

The following documents are required
Registration: - PSMAS membership card,
Identity card and current prescription from
a doctor.

Chronic conditions covered include, but
are not limited to the following: asthma,
Heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes
Mellitus, epilepsy, hypertension, Parkinson's
Son's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, schizo
phrenia and HIV & AIDS.

With a membership of over 950,000 The
Society feels obliged to contribute to this



EUR/USD 1,168 +0,001 +0,05 -1,402
USD/JPY 109.75 +0.03 +0.03 *DEAD 62.61 -0.89 +0.123
GBP/USD 1,362 -0,002 -0,154 -0,39
USD/CAD 1,29 +0,007 +0,55 *GOLD 1.785,3 +2,2 +0,44
AUD/USD 0,713 -0,001 -0,098 +1,14
*SILBER 23.14 -0.09

*PLATIN 975.5 +4.3

*COPPER 4.087 +0.046

ALEX MHANDU Foreign Currency Accounts
prone to bank failures
Nearly $2 billion is exposed to potential
Risks in the banking sector as deposit insurance The country's banking sector has suffered from problems of confidence among local depositors.
Corporation (DPC) has yet to confirm the coverage
Deposits in Foreign Currency Accounts (FCA). However, the adequacy of the DPC fund is on the watch list. and investment risk due to economic volatility.
remains paramount in improving the DPC is funded from quarterly premiums collected by the corporation
As of 12/31/2020 gross FCA to demonstrate the operational readiness of the company
It was US$1.6 billion or ZW$130.9 billion in depositors in the event of a bank failure. The levies levied by the member institutions mainly involve investing in the local money market
the official interbank rate of ZW$81.79/ZW1 US$134.9 million as of 31 December 2020 and effective 1 January 2021 the Corporate Currency Instruments. depreciation of the room
and 55.1% of the combined gross DPC fund was insufficient to cover a risk ratio which has been revised upwards for the premium rate of the Babies Dollar versus the US Dollar
ZW$ and converted FCA deposits of ZW$237.7 from ZW$166.9 million to the eight contributory 0.2% to 0.3% per year as one of the strategies and the high inflation environment the po-
billions in the banking sector. Institutions, including primarily financial institutions, to fill the funding gap. Tendency to decrease the value of the deposit
Protection Fund,” said RBZ.
But the fund is also exposed to funding, according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
(RBZ), the DPC is still in the negotiation process
Working with stakeholders to protect the FCA
accounts, a situation that may put some individuals off.
Prevent compulsory depositors from channeling their foreign countries
Currency savings into the formal banking system
because of low trust.

The country's banking sector is suffering
Trust issues with local depositors after a
countless events, including banking
2004 sector crisis which saw several local banks
placed under the board of trustees. Also during
the hyperinflationary period 2008-2009, de-
Posts could not access their funds from banks
while savings and pension assets were considered lost
Economy introduced a multi-currency system.

Deposit insurance is an established system
by the government to protect depositors
the loss of their money placed with banks in the
case of a bank failure.

“The DPC is in contact with interest groups for
Protection of remaining FCA deposits
not covered by the deposit guarantee scheme
(DPS) since January 2019.

"Extension of deposit protection to FCA de-
Positions being considered is expected
to enhance depositor confidence and pro-
mote general financial stability,” according to RBZ im
The Financial Stability Report 2020 was published last week

Effective deposits are according to the central bank
IT protection is an important aspect of any financial management
System safety net, promoting public trust
in the industry and the stability of the financial system

As of December 31, 2020, 95.5% of bank
The deposit accounts of the financial sector were fully funded
in the amount of ZW$ 10,000 per depositor per
Bank. This, according to the RBZ, corresponds to the journalism.
lic policy objectives ensure that at least 90%
depositors are fully covered.

Annual inflation expected to spiral downward

RONALD MUCHENJE August was 21.50% while annual inflation premiums appear to be the main drivers of the one-year period,” CZI noted.
Declined from 56.37% in July 2021 on inflation trends. The auction rate increased by only 7%
Annual inflation is expected to remain at 50.2% in August 2021.
Downtrend all year round but the 'parallel market' falls back in price between August 2020 and August 2021
Monthly inflation management is used in its August 2021 inflation and currency timing equation by companies based on their ZW$86 per U$S1 while the parallel market
Between now and the end of the year an update will be released on the main developments last week, the production costs are tied to the parallel, which has increased by more than 53% compared to the same pe-
nant of headline inflation rate for December CZI said shocks are managed like the parallel market. Products whose services are indexed on riod.
2021, the Indus market exchange rate movement of the Confederation of Zimbabwe as well as in foreign currency generally correspond to these
tries (CZI) says. Increase in money supply due to the financing of which triggered a month-on-month increase. The CZI stressed that the sluggish movement
upcoming farming season, was inflation sensitive for August 2021. Although the auction rate is mainly due to this
The monthly inflation rate for autaming inflation. Single digit inflation, the CZI monthly inflation was only 4.2%, the official platform no longer respects it
Gust 2021 was 4.18% and up 1.62 percent is now certainly being matched at prices of items that are generally in line with the principles of a true Dutch auction market,
Percentage points to the rate of 2.56% in July 2021, period beyond 2021 as inflation is likely to finish with the parallel market that has had month to month where the highest bidder wins while the lowest
while the compound monthly inflation is more than 30% for the year. With inflation more than twice the national average, the bidder has a high chance of losing,
The rate for August was 1.32%, 0.65% higher than average. The expansion of the parallel market characterizes a moral hazard for companies.
July rate of 0.67%. While year-on-year inflation is still low, this is generally a result of the rigidity of the economy
The CZI said the monthly auction rate, which is barely above a “However, exporters don't have the incentive
The compound annual rate of inflation for inflation was a concern as exchange rates would continue to export due to currency differences.
Torture,” said the CZI.

NewsHawks Businesses & Markets page 23

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Farming uptrend boosts FBC performance


INCREASED liquidity in the economy from FBC interest income is expected to sustain an upward trend in the near term.
achieved the record harvest of 2020/21
The farming season is clearly driving FBC Holdings into the first half of the year. This increased the cost/income ratio.
The performance in the second half of the year led to a 115.48% increase in operating costs from 31.63% in HY20 (half year 2020) to 21.8%.
Net interest income rose 185.5% at the expense of inflation-driven salaries and 45.4% for the period with inflation
ZW$3.3 billion. Lower adjustments resulting in an administered effect of reduced net trading and a ZW$1.9 reduction in trading profit after tax (PAT).
Istrative spending up 95% year over year. revenues and significantly high operating expenses - billions to ZW$1.49 billion for the period
This additional liquidity, paired with the relaxed view.
Covid-19 restrictions are also expected
in improved economic activity in the second
half of the financial year of the banking industry.

This was announced by the local equity research company IH Securities
Against this background, the transaction volume
are expected to increase with the group being engrossed.
Advantage of the prevailing economic stability
to expand its loan book, among other things.

“We therefore expect interest income
maintained an upward trend, at least in the short term
Expression. We believe there is increased liquidity
the profitability through the record harvest achieved
from the 2020/21 agricultural season. We expect
this additional liquidity coupled with the relaxation
Covid-19 restrictions will lead to improvements
economic activity in the second half of
financial year of the banking industry. we expect too
the group will take advantage of the dominance
economic stability and continue to grow its loan
book,” IH said.

IH forecasts FBC interest income to increase
maintained an upward trend in the short term.

However, digital banking fees are expected
continue to rise as the banking industry moves
from the stationary business model.

“We therefore forecast FBC net interest for FY21
Increase income by 185.5%

ZW$3.3 billion from ZW$1.16 billion in
FY20 (full year 2020) underpinned by a domestic
decline in lending. Net Fees and Commissions
Income is expected to continue growing
backing of the ongoing digitization initiative and
increased transaction volume. We appreciate this
Year-end revenue source at ZW$2.5 billion
Leo from ZW$838.7 million. Revaluations in
Foreign currencies are expected to continue to
due to stabilizing inflation
Submitting a downside risk to gains relative to
set the high base in FY20,” noted IH.

DUMISANI NYONI Tobacco Sector Inspectorate should advocate for this
increased competition: collective bargaining commission
THE Competition and Tariff Commission
(CTC) says the tobacco industry regulator accusing CTC dealers of manipulating prices at tobacco auction halls. Auction marketing model, crucial for ensuring
should advocate for regulations that oblige all traders to ensure that farmers are not exploited by traders.
chants to buy a certain percentage of them were higher at the auction than conversations as to whether the auction will recover in 2021
To lure tobacco demands from auction floors, but with higher producer prices over the season, but the likelihood of this happening is still “While the exercise of market power could be
Competition, The NewsHawks can report. Contract, showing that there has been more competition, remains very low. advantageous to traders, it exposes them to great danger
according to the auction marketing model.” Risk of secondary marketing by farmers in the search
In its latest report, the CTC blamed mer- It said these developments in the tobacco industry- better prices and conditions of sale. Given the im-
Chants about manipulating the pricing of the gold leaf However, the CTC said it remains to be seen whether intervention will be called for to revitalize the sector's importance as a key foreign market
there is a need for intervention on the auction floors, deterring desperate money-makers
Farmers of millions of dollars. To ensure sustainability and that there is competition
increased among dealers,” it said.
As such, the tobacco industry demanded it
and Marketing Board (TIMB) for cross-checking Meanwhile, the CTC said that TIMB
Mechanisms on the contract systems. Map the price matrix currently used to
Cancel and implement minimum contract prices
“To encourage the use of the auction system, TIMB has developed a new model that ensures farmers receive fair value
must issue regulations that bind all contractual partners.
chants to purchase a certain percentage of theirs
Auction floor requirements. This will en- “It is worth considering the need for a review
improved competition, resulting in higher prices TIMB uses the price matrix in its determination
also on the floors with a counter that checks the minimum contract price. This is due to the
mechanism on the contract systems”, the report provides current data showing that 95% of tobacco
reads partially. produced was only marketed under contract
5% auctioned,” it said.
The CTC said the decentralization of tobacco
Co-Marketing in 2020 Boosted by Tour Operators “For the price, it doesn't make commercial sense
Restrictions that led to authorized dealers sourcing 95% of the tobacco produced in the country
received some of the self-produced price-dependent 5% of the goods produced. in the
Tobacco, which should ideally be sold over reality, it should be the other way around. Fur-
Auction. also the note that traders
ed its use in 2020 shows its growing market
This created the environment for contract energy in the industry.”
exercise their market power as farmers
could not be sold at auction. Tobacco is one of the most important currencies
cy earners in Zimbabwe, contributing approximately
“It follows from the above that it may have been $763 million for the country's exports
according to TIMB a conscious long-term strategy of the tobacconist 2020. The sector also plays
Chants to eliminate the auction marketing mods play a crucial role as a source of employment for the
el, where competition as a citizen of the country is relatively intense.
Chants compete based on market forces,” it said.

“We did this by enticing farmers to switch
to contract farming by offering high contracts
Price. The year 2020 then created the environment.
ment for dealers who
Effective. Given the concentration ratios of 2020

Page 24 Companies & Markets NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

AN ARGUMENT over the need to shorten the petition for banking workers
ary negotiation period by the current 12 ministers on salary negotiations
Months has prompted workers in the banking sector
to petition Labor Secretary Paul Mavima, Labor Secretary Paul Mavima urged to miss the workers' request, saying it was both
to cause him to issue instructions in their favor. ment, Central Statistical Office and IMF” and (3) (n) of the Labor Code and Section 65 (1) procedurally defective and materially lacking
replacing these terms with “a broad set of the constitution. merit, so it should be dismissed by the ministry.
The Banking Employers' Association of Zim- the collective bargaining factors' that make it available.
babwe was cited as the first Respondent for at least the factors mentioned in Section 74.
The reason. Employers' Confederation of Zimbabwe (BEAZ), in “The applicant and BEAZ have an existing
a reply sent to the Mavima office, different, name of the collective agreement
In papers submitted to the Minister by Law SI 273 of 2000, which regulates the work
Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers’ Union employer-employer relations
(Zibawu) by their legal representatives Map employees in the banking industry including
tika, Gwisai and Partners, the bankers' dispute resolution staff
tend to say that the current statutory periodic group.
under which salary negotiations can be conducted
without finality, since it is a full 12 months It has been argued that 2000 SI 273 did not
too long compared to the dynamic nature of having a benchmark that employees use as a guide
the economic environment. Salaries could be taken as a basis, hence salary adjustments
negotiated as circumstances required
“We therefore asked the Minister of Labor and were frequently guided.
Adoption of a guideline within the meaning of Section 81 (1) of the
The Labor Code [Chapter 28:01] relating to the BEAZ said the result was that almost always
draft guideline mentioned below, which is suitable for ending all salary negotiations in arbitration proceedings.
reduce the length of negotiations to a reasonable level and, in most cases, cancel the various decisions
time frame,” says the newspapers. the judges based on their subjective
Views on what a reasonable salary is
The staff claim that the current is increasing.
Negotiation time is unfair given the con-
ever-changing national macroeconomic “Considering the above challenges
Environment and high inflation requiring ties decided to frame
much shorter negotiation cycles than the speci- which address the perennial problems of the
Fixed annual negotiation period. ing disputes every year with almost all collectives
Collective bargaining ends in dead ends
“Section 5 of Statutory Instrument 150 of and will be resolved by arbitration.
2013, forcing an annual negotiation cycle.
cle has become incompatible with the goals "Accordingly, the parties changed in 2013
of the Labor Code [s 2A(1)] on Social Justice and SI 273 of 2000 by introducing scientific
the constitutionally enshrined rights of workers and identifiable guidelines for collective protection
on fair labor standards and practices, including collective bargaining for salary reviews in
fair and equitable remuneration [s 65(1) in the banking sector,” argued BEAZ.
because such a cycle has resulted in compensation
not fair for employees, reasonable The grouping of employers in the banking sector
or decently, taking into account the said principles, that all allowances have been combined to pay
social justice and fair labor standards”, Zibawu with a base salary that leaves no room for separation
said in the newspapers. Negotiations continue while the negotiation
The period agreed was January to December
Applicants pray for each year's work. The association also said that salary
Minister to issue a directive directing parties to conduct year-by-year reviews
to the National Employment Council for the housing numbers, while the problem has to do with the actual numbers
Banking industry to negotiate the change should be dealt with by individual institutions.
relevant sections, resulting in a re
Chime of the words: “The negotiation cycle is added to BEAZ that, all things being equal, the
January to December” and adoption by the Secretary of Labor has no jurisdiction
a more appropriate collective bargaining cycle to make a decision on this matter.
which is the predominant Mac
roeconomic environment. - STAFF AUTHOR.

Zibawu has also asked Mavima to a
Policy to remove the words “on an annual basis
Year inflation figures prevailing at the relevant
Time and the sources of inflation are those

Dandemutande Wi-Fi cheaper than mobile data


Dandemutande's new Express Wi-Fi Network connectivity is a top priority, hence Book's connectivity initiative to bring more people, Dandemutande CEO Never Ncube
Investments, a leading information communi- the need for express Wi-Fi across the country”, online worldwide. ria, helping millions of people connect quickly,
cation technology solutions provider, allows for Ncube said. affordable and reliable Wi-Fi every month.
Communities to access the internet cheaper It aims to help internet service providers and
Tariffs than mobile data. The Wi-Fi hotspot service operating under the mobile network operators that provide Wi-Fi to Dandemutande has started providing Wi-Fi
Brand “Express Wi-Fi by Facebook” will enable those who are not sufficiently connected. This is a plat hotspots across Zimbabwe. The Express Wi-
Dandemutande to provide internet connectivity form that helps service providers to build, operate a fi portal user-friendly and initial provisioning fi portal
tration, currently growing around 68% according to Facebook's feature-rich Wi-Fi management, monetizing Internet access over Wi-Fi with free access to Wi-Fi. After that one
latest Post and Telecom Regula platform that includes buying online vouchers, in a sustainable and scalable way. Users can buy coupons. Express Wi-Fi there
Report of the Torian Authority of Zimbabwe. es, reseller management, network optimization people access to fast, affordable and reliable in-
and administration, among other functions. Express Wi-Fi is currently working in more internet, so they can make connections that matter.
Within 100 meters radius, more than 30 countries including Brazil, India, Inter download and stream their favorite apps
Express Wi-Fi is the result of a partnership as Express Wi-Fi is a key component of Facedonesia, Nepal, Ghana, South Africa and Nige- various entertainment channels.
between Dandemutande with Facebook connection

This innovative public Wi-Fi deployment
Initiative is a way to keep cities connected
ed, enable seamless communication channels
and entertainment.

The digital transformation is not a future trend
but a present reality. The world has become one
digital workspace and playground, and that is
made possible by fast and reliable connectivity.

This makes Facebook connectivity to express
Wi-Fi platform the ideal public Wi-Fi model,
since it allows people to connect to Wi-Fi on theirs
Phones, computers and other smart devices.

Managing Director of Dandemutande Never Ncu-
It can be said that the initiative is related to that of the company
Mission to be the most admired ICT solutions

“We are proud to have worked with an
innovative companies like Facebook
Initiative that our vision as
Organization to be a leading ICT solution provider
local and in the region. The extended use
of the digital platforms worldwide has

NewsHawks Businesses & Markets page 25

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Cautious banks sit on 2 billion US dollars, fear losses


GROWING mistrust of most banks in Zimbabwe continue to take a conservative approach to lending.
cial inflation figures and the need to minimize
Exchange rate losses have held back Zimbabwe's cause because we have what we call negative real interest rates, where the prevailing exchange rate is a vote by banks and institutions to keep their financial intermediaries
Discourage financial institutions from lending at rates close to $2, where interest rates are below inflation. where they don't think the exchange rate matters," said the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
Billions, said one business leader. So that alone keeps the banks from lending “at 1:85 p.m.” nor John Mangudya said in his monetary policy
Said Mugaga. Expression.
The easing of foreign exchange controls according to official figures shows that lending in Simba-
The outbreak of Covid-19 last year has local “Secondly, people underestimate the role of BWE dollars almost doubled since August this year. “The performance of bank loan portfolios
Banks reporting steady growth in the United States managed the exchange rate. The institutions' market perception was satisfactory, as reflected in
Dollar. Aber eine Reihe von veröffentlichten Finanzergebnissen, bei denen die Auktionsrate nicht mehr die gesamten Kredite und Forderungen des Bankensektors widerspiegelt, sind die durchschnittlichen notleidenden Kredite (NPLs) insgesamt
of banks in recent weeks shows that the market-wide exchange rate is a reality. So this is a 73.27% increase from ZW$82.41 billion as a loan ratio, which stayed low at 30 at 0.55%
Despite this growth, most banks continue to accept one from the banks. Banks will be sitting at ZW$142.79 billion (as of June 2021) by December 31, 2020 against the international benchmark
conservative approach to lending. say if I borrow this at 1:85 I won't go until 30 Jun 2021. During the period of 5% which reflects sound credit risk management
burn? They fear price losses. Thus, financial intermediation remained stable as re-systems and internal controls. In the view
Chris Mugaga, Zimbabwe National Chamber, when they lend, they also want a cushion that is flexed by a 45.84% loan-to-deposit ratio. This credit risk is expected to remain low.”
of Commerce chief executive told The New-position that there is room for banking
sHawks that the growing inequality between the
the country's official rate and the parallel market rate
had resulted in $1.7 billion lying idle.

“Banks have moved away from a cavalier approach
to take a conservative approach when it comes to
merits. On average, 1.7 billion US dollars are idle
in the bank vaults. The desire for credit is great
the lowest. In fact, the non-interest income or not
-capitalized income dominates the bottom
line for most banking institutions in Zimbabwe
for no less than a decade, which confirms
that the banks make a lot of their money
external advances that come or reflect through
Interest income,” Mugaga said.

The national currency has lost value in recent weeks
lost value on the parallel market as a reserve
The bank continues to manage the auction system.
Officially, the Zimbabwe dollar is trading at 1:85
against the greenback while the parallel market
The rate is around 1:150. The central bank also forecast
throws that Zimbabwe will have sin by the end of the year
double-digit inflation, but independent economists
doubt this.

“First of all, they don't lend because of the
interest rate policy in the country. Banks are the
View that is the real inflation figure in Zimbabwe
above the official number, which thus means
that they would not accept any manipulation or anything like that
Intervention by the central bank in the framework conditions
of interest rates as you see an accommodation
with a cap of 40% on an annual basis. So banks
believe that real inflation is higher than what is
reported. If they are to lend, they will have
a challenge in terms of interest charges, since

Page 26 Companies & Markets NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala (third from right) with guests at the event.

Zim executives attend the Intra-African Trade Fair

Zimbabwean businessmen based in Afreximbank President Benedict Oramah (left) and Nyanza Chief Executive Donovan Chimhandamba in Durban last night.
South Africa were in Durban last night for the
Signing of an Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) affecting all sectors worldwide and this will enable us to have a successful event. We must carefully consider the protection of human life
Host agreement between the African exing governments, companies and individuals to continue to work with the government against the advancement and preservation of livelihoods.
Port-Import (Afreximbank), KwaZulu-Natal are taking unprecedented action to ensure the public of South Africa rest assured that all Covid-19
Provincial government, the African Union (AU) secures and keeps economies running”, Obasanjo measures will be observed during the fair “Based on plans announced by our President
and the African Continental Free Trade Area said. as the safety of residents and visitors is as important as Cyril Ramaphosa was in introducing the Covid-19
(AfCFTA) to pave the way for the second IATF amount. Vaccination program in South Africa, we will
Event in the coastal town in November. “Moving IATF2021 to Durban saves us from being ready to receive our brothers and sisters in November
Time on the calendar and will make Africa possible.” Congratulations to the Sisters' government in Durban on this intra-African trade
Among those attending the Republic of South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal Fair (IATF2021) events last night were countries and companies in the process of recovering.
was the strategy of the General Manager of Nyanza Light Metals to take full advantage of the Commercial Provincial Government and thank them for it
Donovan Chimhandamba, who is also Diaspora Fair, which is also an important part of the swift effort being made to ensure that “We look forward to welcoming delegates
Infrastructure Group Chairman, Afreximbank, the implementation of the African Continen- IATF2021 certainly accommodates the growth of the fair. This meeting is one of the biggest
President Benedict Oramah, KwaZulu-Natal Free Trade Agreement, among whose trade figures of participating governments include significant strategic interventions to remind us
Premier Sihle Zikalala and former Nigerian President began this year. Customers, buyers, conference attendees and visitors of our connectedness and urgency
Identifier Olusegun Obasanjo. who have confirmed their involvement in the need to revitalize intra-African trade
“After conducting a full-scale ace event” economic opportunities and creating much-needed ones
Nyanza, a chemical company, evaluating the actions being taken to create jobs for all of our employees. In this regard, we appeal
Founded in 2011 by Zimbabwean companies – by the AU and Afreximbank as part of the African welcome to the conference, Zikalala said: “How do I commend the IATF2021 Advisory Board
People and the South African Government, the Vaccine Acquisition Task Team, as well as others from KwaZulu-Natal, we are honored to host the leadership of the former Federal President
in the process of building 80 000 tons per vaccine procurement initiatives for the continent, an important gathering of the world as we implement the Republic of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
year of titanium dioxide pigment manufacture- we believe a significant number of people are rebuilding our own economic re- for this bold decision as we embark on a
ing plant at Richards Bay Industrial Development would be vaccinated and covered by November and transformation plan. Our Approach: Better Africa for All.” - STAFF AUTHOR.
Development zone, 170 kilometers north of Durban.
Titanium dioxide pigment, $20 billion per year
Market, is a fine white powder used for delivery
Whiteness and opacity in the manufacture of
Products such as paints, industrial coatings, plastics
Tics, papers, inks, foods, medicines (i.e. pills).
and tablets) and most toothpastes.

The R4.5 billion project is funded by
Afreximbank and South Africa's Trade and In-
Ministry of Industry. Afreximbank initially staked $2
million into the company. Chimhandamba
said the Nyanza project is a good example of this
Intra-African trade investment and cooperation.

The second (IATF2021) has been postponed
from November 15th to Durban
21st November. The fair was previously discontinued
for Kigali, Rwanda, from December 8th to December 14th

The decision to move the fair to Durban
was created by the Advisory Board of the IATF2021
at its 10th session, which took place virtually on May 25th.
This decision was made after formal deliberation.
ments with Rwanda, which indicated that logistics
Restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic
had affected the construction progress
Development of a new facility to host the event.

Comment on the decision, Obasanjo,
Chairman of the IATF2021 Advisory Council,
repaired Rwanda, Afreximbank, the AU, the Af-
CFTA Secretariat and all IATF stakeholders for
great resilience in adapting to the
certain environment resulting from the Covid-19

“We were able to shoulder each other again
the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic,

NewsHawks inventory page 27

Issue 48, 09/17/2021


Thursday 16 September 2021

Company Sector Bloomberg Previous Last VWAP Total Total Price Price YTD Market
Traded stock price (cents) Traded
AFDIS Consumer Goods (cents) Change in traded volume Change (%) Cap
African Sun Consumer Services AFDIS: Preis ZH 7470,00
ART ASUN: ZH 7470.00 800.00 - Value ($) (cent) (%) ($m)
Ariston Industrials ARTD: ZH 800,00 - 768,57 1.000
Axia Consumer Services ARISTON: ZH 780,00 800,00 310,00 - - - 211,25 8.762,76
BNC AXIA: ZH 310,17 700,00 2207,58 700 8.000,00 - - 370,59 6.894,17
BAT consumer goods BIND: ZH 2250.00 310.00 451.38 54,100 5,380.00 -11.43 -1.47 61.02 3,358.48
CAFCA raw materials 465.18 2250.00 109400.00 24,400 167,710.00 -0.17 -0.05 131.34 5,044.93
Cassava BVT: ZH 91200.00 450.00 17000.00 780.600 538.650.00 -42.42 -1.89 141.00 12.028.98
CBZ consumer goods CAFCA: ZH 17000.00 109400.00 2301.02 3,523,480.00 -13.80 -2.97 18.78 5,641.60
Dairibord Industrials 2298,28 8500,00 100 109.400,00 18200,00 19,96 98,91 22.573,07
Delta CSZL: ZH 8500.00 - 3541.38 - - - 89.10 1,484.97
Econet Technology CBZ: ZH 3900,00 2300,00 8958,16 - 2,74 0,12 254,00 59.609,70
Edgars Banking DZL: ZH 8746.02 3505.70 190.100 4.374.240.00 - - -0.54 58.414.69
FBC 3578,46 - 383,18 - -358,62 -9,20 170,33 12.678,17
Fidelity Consumer Goods DLTA: ZH 385,00 3500,00 2918,52 - 212,14 2,43 293,75 115.064,09
First Capital Consumer Goods ECO: ZH 2900.00 9000.00 800.00 2,900 102,700.00 -72.76 -2.03 270.97 90,817.85
FML Telecommunications EDGR: ZH 800.00 3600.00 300.21 36,200 3,242,855.00 -1.82 -0.47 219.32 1,252.96
FMP Consumer Services EBK: ZH 300,00 385,00 2200,00 15.800 553.900,00 18,52 0,64 94,39 19.610,99
GBH FIDL: ZH 2700,00 2900,00 1495,00 - - 319,51
Getbucks Banking FCA: ZH 1495,00 185,00 1.100 4.215,00 0,21 0,07 172,92 871,39
Hippo Financial Services FMHL: ZH 185,00 - 811,11 80.900 2.361.085,00 -500,00 -18,52 109,52 6.474,69
Innscor FMP: ZH 811,11 300,00 18612,03 - - 361,42 15.183,15
Lafarge Banking GBH: ZH 18612,03 2200,00 10600,70 - - - - 670,83 18.510,45
Mash Financial Services GBFS: ZH 10501,07 9404,11 104.000 312.220,00 - - 6388,88
Powers HERE: ZH 9414.29 - 296.41 - - 106.80 992.69
Medtech Real Estate INN: ZH 298,00 185,00 4001,98 1.000 22.000,00 99,63 0,95 186,28 9.434,17
Meikles Industrials LACZ: ZH 3895.33 22.83 - - -10.18 -0.11 879.59 35.925.05
Looks MASH: ZH 23.67 - 9490.10 -1.59 -0.53 218.72 59870.26
NatFoods Financial Services MSHL: ZH 9300,00 - 1300,00 6.300 11.655,00 106,65 2,74 257,32 7.523,29
NTS consumer goods MMDZ: ZH 1300.00 10600.00 52400.00 - - -0.84 -3.55 188.99 5,510.48
NMBZ MEIK: ZH 52400.00 9400.00 800.00 - - 190.10 2.04 331.28 9,670.93
OK Zim Industrials NPKZ: ZH 800.00 280.00 1400.00 - - 469.55
Proplastics Industrials NTFD: ZH 1500,00 4200,00 1555,74 13.600 1.441.695,00 - - 771,88 693,98
RTG Immobilien NTS: ZH 1600.01 21.00 2700.00 7.300 686.500.00 - - 2814.39 23.976.37
RioZim Industrials NMB: ZH 2700.00 9500.00 511.09 4.400 13.042.00 -100.00 -6.67 249.96
SeedCo Healthcare OKZ: ZH 512.14 1300.00 3300.00 404.200.00 -44.27 -2.77 72.86 9.823.43
Simbisa Industrials PROL: ZH 3300,00 - 7000,00 10,100 102,921,00 - - 213,60 35,841,66
Star Africa Industrials RTG: ZH 7001,38 - 4401,43 450.900 958.500,00 -1,05 -0,21 166,54
Truworths Consumer Goods RIOZ: ZH 4400.00 1400.00 163.65 7,800.00 - - 120.71 2,030.98
TSL Industrials SEED: ZH 178,65 1550,00 187,06 10.100 - -1,38 -0,02 204,35 5.658,40
Turnall SIM: ZH 190.00 2700.00 4700.00 600 - 1.43 0.03 266.24 19.397.17
Unifreight Banking SACL: ZH 4700,00 510,00 400,00 - 1.400,00 -15,00 -8,40 506,11 6.802,26
Willdale Consumer Services TRUE: ZH 395,00 - 3000,00 - -2,94 -1,55 534,10 12.754,23
ZB TSL: ZH 3000.00 7000.00 322.24 100 2.146.920.00 - - 172.46 4.026.97
Zeco Industrials TURN: ZH 330,00 4400,00 8000,00 18.900,00 5,00 1,27 330,11 3.005,97
Zimpapers Consumer Services UNIF: ZH 8000,00 159,00 138.000 23.510,00 - - 16029,03 24.744,17
Zimplow WILD: ZH 185.00 0.12 700 - -7.76 -2.35 907.00 7,716.24
ZHL basic materials ZBFH: ZH 0.12 - 284.29 28,000.00 - - 233.33
TOTAL consumer goods ZECO: ZH 290.00 400.00 1550.00 4,600 - - 500.00 718.44
Consumer goods ZIMP: ZH 1553.87 - 376.68 - 924,300.00 -5.71 -1.97 190.09 16,783.81
Consumer Goods ZIMPLOW: ZH 351.46 320.00 238,443.00 -3.87 -0.25 210.00
Consumer services ZHL: ZH - 400 25.22 7.18 20.16 1,972.16
Consumer goods - 21,000 3,180.00 3,194.23
290,00 145.700 - 5.729,43
Industry 1550.00 14,015.25
Industry 390.00 1,700 21,200.00
Industrials - - 0.56
Banks 5,300 34,480.00 3,694.90
Industrials - - 6,850.51
Consumer Services - 804.272.58
Industry 10,700
Financial Services - 3,980.00
- 1.550,00
1.400 22.487.661,00


ETFs 230,00 230,00 230,00 37.265 85.709,50 - - 129,50 184,00

Old Mutual ZSE Top 10 ETF

FINSEC Financial Services OMZIL 7000.00 7000.00 -- - 164.15 5,810.82

Old Mutual Simbabwe

VFEX (US cents) Consumer Goods PHL:VX 25.00 25.00 25.00 - -- - -US$30.56M
Consumer goods SCIL:VX 26.00 - 26.00 43.80
Roof --- - 44.44 62.69
SeedCo International

Index Close Price Change (%) Open YTD % Top 5 Risers Price Change % YTD %
ZSE All Share 6.895,66 +0,02 6.894,11 +162,26 BAT 109400,00c +18200,00c +19,96 +98,91
Top 10 3.804,43 +0,38 3.789,91 +129,94 ZHL +7,18 +20,16
Top 15 4.320,76 +0,46 4.301,07 +121,80 Masimba 376,68c +25,22c +2,74 +257,32
Small Cap -0,34 222.563,67 +1767,62 Delta 4001,98c +106,65c +2,43 +293,75
Mean upper limit 221,801.19 -0.51 17,247.44 +208.39 Meikles 8958.16c +212.14c +2.04 +331.28
17.159,71 9490,10c +190,10c

Top 5 Fallers Price Change % YTD %
Dairibord 2200,00c -500,00c -18,52 +109,52
Stern Afrika 3541,38c -358,62c -9,20 +170,33
NMBZ -8.40 +506.11
Medtech 163,65c -15,00c -6,67 +249,96
1400,00c -100,00c -3,55 +188,99

22,83c -0,84c

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an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or subscribe for an investment. MORGAN & COMPANY has based this document on information obtained from sources it believes are reliable but are

has not independently verified; MORGAN & COMPANY makes no guarantee, representation or warranty and assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of its content.

Page 28 News Analysis NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

GRACE Mnangagwas verschönertes Leben
History betrays legitimacy crisis
CLEAR inconsistencies in the press
ident The Life of Emmerson Mnangagwa President Emmerson Mnangagwa holds in his hands his controversial life story book.
History recorded in several plays
Literature - which he sponsored - was the chief judge. ism. However, whether the boys have far too much sense to accept a later release to Zambia (very well).
Reveal a desperate attempt to prop himself up with Harry Davies, the trio were on death row in Mnangagwa or something. And to be fair to Mnangag - weird because he would be the only one
His image coming under scrutiny, there's certainly been court battles, efforts to "polish" his history of alleged freedom fighter being sent
Tiny since he took power in an Appellate Division military than research by sideration if he should be. are nowhere near the paraphrase of back to what had become a rear base
Coup d'état, analysts have said. Lawyer Tererai Mafukidze published Whether he was a member of the story attempted by Don- for the Zim- guerrilla movements.
from The NewsHawks shows recently. Crocodile Gang or not depends on Ald Trump. But Zanu-PF has always babwe), his years in Zambia out
Mnangagwa's Biography Authored There were 11 white male judges in different accounts. The key issue was a party in which he was party internal from 1972, when he was dismissed, until 1977
by his new-found ally Eddie Cross in 1980. Whether the Crocodile Gang will prioritize politics over national when he arrives in Mozambique
has major biases that border on any significant contribution to armed politics of well-being,” Chan added. join Zanu as Mugabe's personal assistant.
one lies on what happened after the death sentence myth – rebellion and liberation. Or was it a joke,” Mandaza said.
Ex-Vice President fired New controversies and raised sideshows? Certainly, Chan said that at the heart of
by his predecessor, the late President, a specter of doubt about Mnangag- "Half-truths" is Mnangagwa's legi- "Therefore it is not surprising that
Robert Mugabe. wa's legacy, now tarnished by "Half-Mnangagwa had to, and did, join the Macy issue." the spirited ploy to shore up his image
truths". the freedom fight. Since Mug and Legacy was a flop as well
As with Mugabe, the legacy of Mnangagwa itself, the rest is myth. These "Mnangagwa's concerns about legitimacy were the claim of a 'second investigation.'
remains in conflict and entangled in To embellish his life story, Mnan - who could say something closely related to the public - because there is no republic
Controversies fueled by major Distorgagwa have often repeated the same tual - Chitepo, Tongogara, Mujuru - there is collective shrug as such under a coup and the absence
The lies exposed by The NewsHawks are in the public domain, with analysts arguing — all actual leading combatants are all shoulders there — but within constitutionalism (an accountable
by analyzing his books. that aims to prop up his weird dead," Chan said. inner councils of Zanu PF. Jonathan executive, a living legislature and a
Alter, under scrutiny, Moyo knows how to touch Mnan - a highly independent judiciary).
Mnangagwa, who turned 79 after the coup. He said Mnangagwa's efforts on Gagwa's nerves on that front; with it its rule of law and the return of the military
Week has a conflicting history that could brush up on his story to revitalize the G40," Mandaza added.
was the subject of controversy, said internal party-related political analyst Stephen Chan.
With his biography described as having, it is unfortunate that Mnangagwa's politics often take precedence over shed light
Giographies that reveal blatant regard for his life relies on his own over national interests. Political scientist Ibbo Mandaza said of Mnangagwa's history as head of state,
insist. Prejudices since his kind became an issue during the confusion surrounding Mnan- biography
Liberation struggle died. "Every leader is looking for an 'official' Acgagwa. The legacy has been reinforced by controversy.
A book entitled In the Jaws of The Count of his or her background. The blatant inconsistencies in the biography
Crocodile by journalist Ray Ndlovu, He said the authenticity of Mnan – the worst of these efforts at the phy and other pieces of literature. The shady biography also highly
Based on various accounts with Mem-gagwa's story, the leadership in North Korea has been the subject of prejudice as the lights concerned the need for Zimbabweans
Ber of Mnangagwa's family, disagrees, adding that his life has remained a family member of Kim's grandfather
from the narration in the latest book. Myth without similar accounts from then father to son were made his legacy when all appears veiled - published on behalf of political figures -
his colleagues. into demigods. Zimbabweans are embroiled in controversy - his birthday, his authorship.
It is evident that Mnangagwa's upbringing, his imprisonment and
didn't proofread the biography because some "All stories, including those in
costly historical blunders were pub biographies, subject to revision-
lished, which obviously go against his
long-standing public statements.

Cross' bio claims so
Mnangagwa went to China where he
met the then military commander,
General Constantine Chiwenga, still
He spent two weeks in South Africa
before he regains power.

This is one of several "half-truths"
written in the biography where the
President claims to have been part of it
the Crocodile Gang during the liberation
ation fight.

Another lie that was constant-
often repeated by Mnangagwa himself
that he was sentenced to death.

The alleged death sentence was
commuted to 10 years in prison. To
Mnangagwa served seven years
released from Khami prison, close
Bulawayo, 1972 and deported to
Mumbwa, outside of Lusaka where his
Parents lived after they were too
apparently from the Rhode
sian authorities.

As reported by The NewsHawks,
some critical minds have questioned it
the authenticity of Mnangagwa's testimony
ry, especially given the brazen
untruth to which he belonged
the Crocodile Gang, a group of early
Zanu fighter.

A war veteran writing under that
No war Jonathan Chando, again
questioned the myths, including
ing the death sentence and crocodile
gang narration. After 56 years
Uncertainty, it has now turned out –
ironically through his own biography
from Cross, A Life Of Sacrifice – the
Mnangagwa was never sentenced

The January 1965 court record
included in the book that has
many shades of gray magnified by
Distortions and omissions, it makes
Of course, the judge didn't convict him
to death.

"So I'm not suggesting it
sentence you to death,” Judge John
said Lewis.

Lewis would later become a judge
President in 1980. Hector Mcdonald

NewsHawks The Great Debate page 29

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

PEDZISAI RUHANYA Der militärische Faktor: Zanu PF's
Center of Election Gravity 2023
A centroid is defined as
a "centre of all power and movement" The late former commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, General Vitalis Zvinavashe (left), his successor and now retired Vice-President, General Constantino Chiwenga
on which everything depends". (center) and the late Air Marshal Perrance Shiri (right).

It is this quality, ability or Babwe Rhodesia, Lord Christopher Zimbabwe. vhoterapapi (2008) are still fresh in the We want to make it very clear
Ort, from which Zanu derives PF Soames, had originally expressed concerns. The retired security sector and warmongers of injured communities. all Zimbabwean citizens that the Se-
Freedom of action, physical strength, that elections must not be held, curity organizations will only stand
or willpower to fight elections. In some Zanu PF strongholds, the veteran element has been a cardinal crackdown on vendors supporting these political leaders
Violence committed by Zanla Forces agents to improve case reporting coincides with voter registration which will pursue Zimbabwean values,
This sphere is the center of their electoral campaigns just to change this electoral process and ensure continuity. Harare in 2017 was another example; traditions and beliefs for which you
toral advantage; a few days before the elections it might not be a decision. nuity of the security policy state. It must be understood that more lives were lost in the pursuit
exist during an election cycle, have helped advance and enhance the political strategy to sabotage Zimbabwe's hard-won independence.
therefore requires continuous review. Zpra forces were not immune to the military conquest of election prosecution strongholds as the clarification of sovereignty, territorial integrity and
Doubling as campaign commissars for Cess in the following ways: (i) Using the roads. national interests. For that purpose let it be
This paper argues that security is Zapu and its leader Joshua Nkomo. Violence, threats and forcing a sellout are known to be the highest office in the
This has created a culture that opposition members and sub- This “military operations” country is a straitjacket whose inhabitants
Both internal and nasal Zanu PF Kurocrats are expected to influence policy and voters in their door-to-door Zanu
national electoral processes and institutional outcomes. PF campaigns; (ii) they are scattered and manipulate the electoral environment in the liberation struggle. We will there-
towards becoming the voting center in the communities of the country: (i) They were all strategically prominent, not accepted, let alone supported or
Gravity of the ruling party. The Security Sector who installed indoctrinating, policing and spying on Zit-Times - implemented to consult anyone with a different agenda
Mugabe, after capturing Zanu, defected to Izens at the household level; (iii) they are tried and tested presidential choices; (ii) she who threatens the existence of ours
While the Zanu PF was broadly able to force PF Zapu into the 1987 entity used to perceive the base, areas were targeted where the sovereignty of the Zanu PF, our country and our people
After noting that as founders of Zanu PF, Kingmak-, they performed poorly in the national electoral processes, Accord, in plenary.
which of course supports the military. the Central Intelligence Organization, ers and fathers of the Army; (iv) its prior choice; and (iii) power
5 Brigade and other militias were executed ruthlessly and without mercy and with the capture and use of public resources
The conquest of this political arena has undone their assigned campaign strategy (schools, government aids and projry cures). This shows the mixing between
gave the system the necessary security across Zapu strongholds. ects, municipal infrastructure) the party and the state and the party
Continuity despite opposition elections to advance Zanu PF political interests; electorates and presidential candidates and the military. It set the stage for the
Print. The strategy for conquering the kills amounts to 20,000 and (v) they preside over the capture dates of the Zanu PF. They constantly recall the military's open interventions in the
The above electoral process was carried out and assured after the militarization of the Zanu PF government's food spending – always in the direction of the country's political life.
by: (i) Leveraging the Security Sector campaign in Matabeleland and its use in “Food-for-a-Vote” cam presidential elections – a repeat of
as an important part of campaign teams; (ii) lands before the 1985 elections, paigns in famine-stricken villages and; similar operations and/or worse if retired Lieutenant-Generals Doug-
Deployment of retired security crats and and were carried out in a style later (vi) they undermine and definitely march Zanu PF loses a President las Nyikayaramba (late), Martin Che-
War veterans to create an environment used in the 2008 presidential election by traditional leaders in Kraal head-level elections. Dondo and Zimbabwe Prison Service
of fear, sabotage and foreseeable Zanu migration. to vote for Zanu PF. Under such a cir-commissioner-general, retired Ma-
PF dominance; (iii) Pre-election conditions, election results are already in. The 2008 run-off elections represent Jor-General Paradzai Zimondi (also
Itarian terror campaigns or operations This legacy will always remain unpredictable before elections occur. the clearest example of the late use of the weapon), among other things in many cases
aims to optimize voting patterns and the minds and hearts of Zimbabweans. The election process is thus recorded. to "protect" the vote. But before that it's heading towards the presidential elections in June 2008
Decisions; (iv) Issuing television news as the elections approach and similar threats are made in the 2008 election, which would be crucial to the run-off
Statements made by army generals during the election were often invoked to spread fear and reminders of the Zanu rivals ahead of the election.
influence the run-up to elections with the elections of voters. PF military exercises such as: Opera, held in the run-up to the 2002
to remind the electorate that ation Gukurahundi (1982-1987), country presidential elections took place when then-Mugabe also issued a solidarity statement.
Zanu PF's election is more than certain This is what keeps the late (2000) political science reform statement, Operation Muram - Zimbabwe Defense Forces clearly on track
punitive consequences of the election of the Entist Masipula Sithole described as batsvina (2004) and Operation Makamander, General Vitalis Zvinavashe, drawn by the security crats in one of the
opposition and; (v) Population State "Verge of Terror" - instead of the published press statement in the State its addresses in the same period as
Institutions responsible for managing the margin of error - these must be fac media saying:
tering elections with security crats and torn in opinion polls about elections in
their loyalists who can make sacrifices
Professionalism for loyalty to Zanu PF.

First, the military directly and
indirectly made the choice
processes and made it difficult
someone who isn't geared towards it would win elections.
gen. This was part of Zanu PF

Meredith (2007) notes that the
late former President Robert Mugabe,
make this concession in one of his
Speeches said: “Our voices must go on
along with our guns. At least each
Vote we're going to have is supposed to be the one
product of the weapon. The weapon that
produces the voice should be stay
Safety officer – his guarantor. That
People's Voices and People's Weapons
are always inseparable twins.”

It is precisely this system that Mugabe
constructed, which even
true downfall.

Literature on electoral processes in
Zimbabwe shows that after the security
ty sector successfully installed Mugabe
in the leadership of Zanu PF in the Af-
termath of the Mgagao explanation of
Zanla forces all elections to do so in 1975
followed were militarized.

Mugabe left Rhodesia for Mozam-
bique to obtain the confiscation of the party leadership
Conquest and intensification of weapons
Fight out in 1975 after his release
prison with other nationalists the year
before and after the death of
Zanu Chairman Herbert Chitepo in

The Mgagao Declaration established that
Founding of two important
toric events: It was the precursor
for the removal of the then Zanu leader
Ndabaningi Sithole and base for the
Elevation of Mugabe as leader of
Zanu at a special convention in Chimoio
two years later in 1977.

In 1980 the governor of Zim-

Page 30 The Great Debate NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

he said: The war veterans came to me as a chief because of me? That's unheard of, so the same goes for our case with the country for the love of sugar. We are an indicator for the people
and said, "President, we can never do anything. What will happen to Chief Mugabe's President. That's what we're here for, to strengthen the relationship with the democratic election, but rather an ex-
cept our country we won is helper? We have to remind each other of that. should remind each other when we stand between chiefs, the President and the pressure on the people's life choices
No chief can be chosen through the barrel of the weapon. No son has met. Whites want divide and rule, army. about death.
Just hit by an 'X' by one ever ordering their father to resign and they saw Mugabe is the nerve
Ballpoint pen. Zvino pen from his role as head of the family, center of the country. Let's not sell the militarization of the electoral environment, no matter how independent that is
icharwisana ne AK? (Will the pen fight reflect the results of polls without the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
the AK-47 rifle?) Will there be one (Zec) that might try if the context is right
fight between the two? Nothing ar- of the election process is not liberating
gue with a gun. ed from military capture, elections
will remain neither free nor fair. electric
Nyikayaramba then emerged as an opposite transition based on ions
Zanu PF military spokesman for military interests excluded.
voting team. During the government
He was Zec at the end of the National Unity era and is one of the most politicized
selected to represent military presence in Zimbabwe with their administrative authorities.
infiltrated in the Constituent Committee by uniformed agents
and he advocated a constitution for the security sector and its policies
Clause ensuring Mugabe is compradors. 2002 an ex-Colonel
"President for life" and told the nation in the army, Sobusa Gula-Ndebele,
that: to the chairman of the Kurfürsten-
al supervisory commission, while
I am in Zanu PF and Zanu PF is in Nyikayaramba, a serving Army Com-
Me and you can't change that... Really Mander, was Chief Executive Officer.
I am Zanu PF and Zanu PF. This military-led team chaired
is in me and you can't change that... the course of the first embattled presidency
I'm sure everyone, including you, will oppose the elections after the Single Agreement.
has now woken up to find that he was later promoted to Gula-Ndebele
(the opposition's late founding prosecutor in 2008 - a move
MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai) is seen as a direct reward for 2002
not the right candidate… The bot-faulty voting services.
Tom Line is I won't give up; I
will not pro- This systematic and blatant military
sonally... What he (Tsvangirai) says about politics - the electoral process
ing is nonsense. We are dealing with one who has not only undermined elections and
national security threat...the will of the people over the last 41 years,
but ultimately democracy itself.
As the country prepared for it
the turning point elections 2018, Nyika- Without comprehensive reforms
Yaramba, then still in office, in the Sep and demilitarization of the elections
In September 2017, Zimbabwe faced another in a Zanu PF military trial
political crusade, confiscated stolen and disputed elections in 2023.
The chiefs gathered in the 4th Brigade in The military will remain the decisive factor
Masvingo to ensure Mugabe wins the next election unless he exists
the 2018 elections are reform or a tsunami of youth votes
ers – as in Zambia – and an over-
He stated unequivocally: Overwhelming wave of dissatisfaction against it
Has anyone ever said of a tradition - the status quo that can overcome rigidity -
al chief that you are old let the ging in all its manifestations.


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NewsHawks The Great Debate page 31

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

WILLIAM JETHRO MPOFU A collage of photos from the coup in Guinea.

FOR THEIR SPECTACULAR NATURE coups Africa: A complex trajectory
always appear like new phenomena and legacy of military coups
if they are actually an old military
and political problem that stems from the country, while the population suf- Doumbouya's answer to Tshiseke- by the sound of Doumbouya, forcing all avenues of politics to be closed.
the emergence of mankind. focuses on poverty and hunger. di said: "Mr. President, I wrote as if he were confident that the armies would fight and the democratic
Guinea is the world's largest pro-follower of your message and asked us to petition in different countries in Africa.
It is so in the affairs of Naducer of high-grade bauxite and released Alpha Condé, but we will not commit to overturning lead.
that when power cannot be negotiated, huge iron ore reserves, but this has been allowed to happen. Where have you been if you violate constitutions and im- The democratic intentions
ned, navigated, or shared amicably, largely unable to benefit from its min- Alpha Condé made the populace miserable. Doumbouya has yet to be seen as him
it is grabbed with brute force. The only eral resources due to ongoing insta suffering and continue to violate the constitution consultations with politicians
The surprising thing about Africa is that he had to serve two terms because of his skills, political risk and bad governance?” In a way, Doumbouya's response to cians, religious leaders and corporations
Let us continue to surprise you. Doumbouya asked Tshisekedi about Tshisekedi sending a strong message to the people towards a promised transition.
The coup is being sparked by the soldiers in Guineans who have learned how happy the people of Guin-AU and African leaders are with the sole national unity government. scep
a country. itary rule, and they know that the overthrow of Condédiery in Africa will cause increasing tics among some journalists and scholars
Consequences can be dangerous. before engaging in moralistic political politics when political leaders proceed and diplomats have already addressed this
When President Sekou Toure died, out of our habit, eyebrows were suggestions. He pointed out that he should be breaking constitutions and looting publicly disturbing observations by the colonel
rightly raised when it was revealed that a group of African leaders in office in 1984 were habitually watching the coffers and stalking the populace. carried out the coup after choosing
On the morning of September 5, 2021, officials led by Colonel Lansana Conté reported that he was close to retirement.
a Colonel Mamady Doumbouya staged a coup d'état. Conté declared himself over and only impoverished her people by encouraging other coups. As So it might have been the personal
In Guinea, Conakry was commando president and remained in office until some constitutional pictures emerged of the gigantic doumbouya fearing unemployment as democratic
ed some special forces to shoot them until he died in 2008. Soon after Conté al and ethical arguments if he is a real African Marine, some services circulate to the people of Guinea
Away to President Aldied's palace, the military retakes power Tyrants are overwhelmed by the soldiers Soldiers in different African countries drove the soldiers into a coup. or
pha Condé, besieged and held him under the leadership of Captain Moussa "Dadis" Ca- with the support of the citizenry. cherish hypnotic fantasies, otherwise misery is the people
hostage before he announces the Dissomara. He was removed from power, The relations of African leaders who will one day soon be in power themselves. ple of Guinea and his personal misery
of the Constitution and pave the way for a democratic transition, according to Julius Nyerere's observation, which prompted him and his armed forces to act.
Government. tion in 2010 that brought Condé. At some point, the relations coups are still contagious. planning? Threat of redundancy could only
In 2019, Condé commanded "Clubs of Tyrants" which unite in Tyrannies and continue to force the soldier to identify his
In short, a military coup had brought about constitutional changes that allowed mutual protection from the demo continent of Africa and dictators, with that of the many poor and suffering
Place and soldiers led by Doumbouya rule the country for a third cratic will of their people. increasingly encouraged to work with unemployed people in Guinea. in the
had usurped state power. Even more alarming notion, a move that the Po-Doumbouya ended his message to the AU and its affiliates, the coup impetus could be like this
were images of a subdued Condé, of the political opposition, of civil society, and with a succinct and chilling warning to the authorities who fail to give the personal, since it is collective, enough teeth to grow.
Lion of Conakry, seated on a couch, the general population. The Man, His Tshisekedi and Other African Leaders: Protect Africans from State Ter-
behind some dangerous-looking family members and friends were determined, "Likewise for you, Mr. President, you, that some African
Crack Special Forces members reduce the community and economy of the are a good man with a good heart but and their leaders. An important question is whether the
armed with automatic rifles and fallow land to private property. know that the suffering of the people of Yoweri Museveni's continent continues
Throw grenades at their hips. The DRC has no friends and respect for the constituted Ugandans who produce increasingly poor countries in January 2021,
President Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi, educate and save yourself the risk of ending elections and the way failed states, tin tyrants and ter-
Few things seem as compromised as the current African Union leader like Alpha Condé and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who have trampled on rorist states.
and pathetic as a strong man - a dictation quickly wrote the coup of Mali (Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the will of Zimbabweans in 2018
gate; ousted, shocking people in Guinea demanding they be evicted in a coup in 2020). Elections point to a return to tyranny in which coups continue to take place
Unlocking your myth of invincibility and deception Condé and allowing return to A-soldier is constantly changing. I want cal leadership in postcolonial Africa Africa is a reflection of democratic
sion of size. The once powerful constitutional order. this message, to be shared everywhere, looks like a real failure of native colonization; closure of democratic spaces
Rulers of Guinea looked scared, shabby Ecowas, regional power Nigeria, worldwide to other African populations, civilians standing up for the people, weak institutions and attention
and even hungry - right in his palace. the Presidents of the United States and the United Nations.” unfortunate victims. impoverishment of the peoples.
demanded that too. My attention could not be escaped. It is therefore debatable to ask whether
Routinely, African military coups in Africa The It is no exaggeration that one of the
multilateral organizations condemned exits where despotic leaders exploit the greatest inventions of modern politics
the putsch and called for calm and democratic practice
Return to constitutional order in elections that are negotiated
Guinea. Enchanted by sudden and
radical political change, scores of the
People from Guinea flocked to the
Streets to loot some shops and party.
insult the overthrow of the accused Condé
of personalizing power, enriching
himself and his family as well as his
Kinship with the natural resources of

Page 32 The Great Debate NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

political power and navigating Po Guinea Conakry coup leader Lt. Col. Mamady Doumbouya. ization of violence by a militia
Litical competition we count ballots, tary parade in Lisbon, accompanied
Notes and no bodies alarm Nkrumah's communist policy against unarmed civilians. the Estado Novo regime, in which flowers were thrown at you, was enthroned
on the battlefield. cies and agendas he wished to achieve When governing cliques, Portugal has survived in history as ex- Enough to coerce the tyrant and his
spread in a political culture in its fullness of a good coup or what is called regime to retreat and allow winds
The United States of Africa is eyeing democratic elections. Af and friends plunder public resources, a "guardian coup". Some have called for positive change to rule.
the world from a “state of nature” in rican coups are almost always domes monopolistic economies and depict a “benevolent coup”. a guardian or
Politics where it would be a "war of all tic, regional and global phenomena". What pertains to the benevolent coup is being led to an armed and misplaced military parade in Lisbon
against everyone” in the political struggle Most coups are publicly fabricated, they invite coup thinking and constitutional or extra-constitutional decolonization of a large part
Energy. It is the proverbial Hobbesian in the West and/or East, and subsequent coup action through the ambi-military takeover of state power for the African continent. The pacifist
“State of nature” in which life is gross, then in Africa insurrectionary soldiers enacted, aided by offended intentions to pave the way from a tyrannical and romantic gesture of humiliation
brutal and short for everyone. Seeing seemingly native political populations and an enraged political active regime turn to a democratic waitress prompted the soldiers to change their maneuvers.
Soldiers become more and more of a problem when they are world politicians. Station. Submachine guns in handles for roses and
Politically in Africa, these may be understandable machinations that are only played out in order to achieve radical political changes.
possible, but not a good sign. It is a negation in unfortunate Africa. It's a lesson. The failure of African multinationals later- This type of coup involves soldiers
ative sign that perhaps slowly but surely we should learn that African cult institutions and organizations should play such a mediating and protective role where the military coup of March 26, 1991 took place
They will surely return to a state of good governance in their country - the AU, Southern African Develop - they seek and find power only not in Mali has also gone down the sides
Nature of a species. To isolate itself, the East African comment community is trying to keep it, but help pass it down to history as a good coup. president
by toxic external policies, the community and commune-democratic and civilian economic government. Moussa Traore had two decades
It is a tragedy that some Africans and infiltrations. nity of West Africa to protect Africans We can observe here that a good coup has reduced the country to that of his family
in certain countries because of their tyrannical governments that can only come from good soldiers. It's personal property.
Authoritarian leaders, now look up to Is there a good coup? Looting economies and using the state really matters who the coup plotter is.
Soldiers and the next coup for positive In this short article I would like to try to make people vulnerable through terrorism. Political opponents were killed or killed
political changes. That some Africans are jailing the possibility and also the myth of messianic securitycrats seizing the April 25 revolution in Lisbon for long prison terms without trial.
Populations don't just welcome what can be called a good coup d'état as saviors only to mutate into such a coup d'état. It democratized por- The President and his cronies owned
coups, but also find them enchanting in the African historical and political predators. tugal by taking power from a despotic the economy and polity
and delight is not a positive state of context. African populations and corrupt regime and surrender to their country. The people of Mali were
historical and political affairs. frequently between a democratic and liberating lodger in the private property of
The coup curse in africa rocks and a hard place when venal ty-ic states in africa we establish. After he was Democratic President, that was Mali.
Perhaps it is a truism that swear words are quashed by soldiers who even contemplate the possibility of a good decision.
The African post-colonial countries carried out their own tyranny coup. If political things were normal, lonial again, who saw the retreat of the conspirators during the coup
born and raised with an inclination to condemn their countries to deeper and good, we would pass the time of Portuguese colonial regimes from the imprisoned Moussa and eventually sen-
to putsch. Kwame Nkrumah, the first misery. and efforts to assess the prospects of Guinea, Cape Verde, Mozambique forced him to death for large corps.
black president of a post-colonial military coup almost always gets democratic political cultures, free and Sao Tome and Principe, and Angola riots and crimes against humanity
The African country of Ghana was excessively celebrated in the streets of fair political arguments in 1975. Portugal as part of his inter- 1992. He had made himself richer
Africa collapsed in a military coup on February 24 with tears of joy at the armed seizure of power. nal and external democratization and as the country. Mali was peaceful
ruar 1966. The fall of the dictator are dry They are Once upon a time there was a coup d'etat in Lisbon Liberation, also ushered in its colonial days in a multi-party democracy
quickly turned to tears of sorrow A growing number of scholars and administrators in East Timor, a fragile and imperfect southern system
Soon after the coup, Colonel Em-, like the soldiers who initially promised journalists, is convinced that East Asia exists. but real.
manuel kotoka again told the people of reform and democratization what can be understood and accepted
Ghana that "the myth surrounds people against killing some and im- as a good coup. This is an interesting Portuguese coup that wasn't just another good coup
Nkrumah was broken" punish others while keeping the whole development because a coup is generally good but it was also powerful and Niger on February 18, 2010.
Because he really had demonstrated fear to his leaders. ally viewed as a tragic failure of poli-beautiful. A waitress in a dent downtown triggered Mamadou Tandja
around some outlandish myths and we have to think about the possibility or tics and democracy where violence in Lisbon, Celeste Caeiro, re-restored a constitution and enforced a law
Fictions of itself as a political myth of a good coup in Africa, through dialogue and campaigning, becomes a colorful heroine of the bid to extend his presidency
Messiah of Africa. From today's perspective, coups d'état look like modern means of negotiating a power revolution. As armored tanks rolled beyond the obligatory two terms.
They are back as tools of the regime and changing political regimes. in battle formations through the streets, A few brave soldiers marched in and
As soon as African leaders settled a change in Africa, she threw flowers at the soldiers who arrested Tandja, who was presiding
in power and enjoy the trappings of regimes that systematically steal elections. The term "good coup" is therefore in turn instilled in the carnations in meetings at that time.
Office – including proceeds from co-amend constitutions to seek the cov- a paradoxical statement. But well the muzzles of the machine guns as
Fracture – they suffer from delusions eted third terms for incumbent presidents Coups have been seen before and as a sign of loving and peaceful restraint Multiparty democratic elections
of greatness and in vain they shape - and the prime ministers, national such plunder almost all soldiers who seize power - or refuse to shoot anyone. A few were monitored by the military
even as demigods. resources and the use of state terrorism or announce that they will follow another good months later. Once again in Niger
Coup d'etat or no coup at all. The transition from tyranny to Portugal and Mali, sol-
By early 1964 the liberation of Nkrumah had been completed without anyone standing up to defend the ordinary
engineered constitutional amendment The April 25, 1974 coup that fired a single shot. The mere symbol people and their democrats secured
ments that enforced the rights of a one-party state. It could be a small positive sign
in the country with him as life president, which Doumbouya knows about and talks about
Dent his party and the nation. He's Mali's good coup.
landed a hard hand on the political
Opposition and civil society groups US academic Joseph Wright, Barba-
that called his leadership into question and ra Geddes, Erica Frantz and George
guidelines. Derpanopoulos conducted an empirical study
Study “Are coups good for democracy?
At the time of his fall Nkruracy addressing the issue
mah had more political prisoners than "good coups".
Apartheid South Africa on the one hand
on the one hand and on the other hand he was “Good coups – or those against
zealously with the organization for the dictatorships of the United States leading to democratization.
of Africa, which he hoped to be the station of - appear to be dramatic
President. Some African historians have increased in number since late 2017
actually observed the idea of ​​the cold war at least in part
the United States of Africa was re-cause ofthe incentives created by domestic
supported by some African leaders who face international pressure for democratization
to his failure. tion. Examples are coups in Mali
1991, Guinea-Bissau 2003 and
Influential African leaders like Niger in 1999 and 2010,” they wrote.
Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda feared
that Nkrumah wanted to be life. “This trend has led to arguments.
President of the African continent. mente who putsch – traditionally seen
Yes, there was a time when many Africans saw it as a sign of democratic collapse
Countries feared to be colonized by them could actually be a vehicle to initiate them
Ghana through the program of democracy. By a shock for the
The United States of Africa as a new state political system, so the argument goes,
slanderous mission. Coups can create opportunities
for political liberalization that would be
With single leaders monopo- otherwise be absent. As Paul Collier
Power to write 2009 for the New Humanity and close all paths.
legal wrangling and competition, is,“Coups and threats of coups can
the political landscape in a country can be an important weapon in promotion
fruitful for an unconstitutional democracy".
Regime change, sometimes by force of arms
Point. Collier wrote in Praise of the Coup:
Military takeovers are a good thing
There was an orgasmic excitement in African democracy that advocated this
the streets of Ghana when Nkrumah makes good coups.
fallen into political disfavour
Biales grass. However, the conspirators among the researchers are the Americans
Soldiers, police and secret services debunking the myth of good coups.
led the overthrow of Nkru-
What were later revealed to be "good coups" might catch our attention.
sponsored by the Central Intelligence tention, but the data suggests so
United States agency. They're not the norm. For example,
although Nigerians (as in Niger not Ni-
Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Gerian) coups in 1999 and 2010 im-
Britain and President Lyndon John-represented democracy, coups in 1974 and
Son of the USA publicly led to the formation of New in 1996
The dictatorship.

“The bad news doesn't end here.
Using annual data on repression, we

NewsHawks The Great Debate page 33

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

find that Coups, the new di-
statutes lead to higher re-
Printing the following year as
existed in the year before the coup.
In addition, daily event data for the
49 coup attempts that have taken place
since 1989 we only find that
a case of a coup followed by a fall
in government-caused civilian deaths during
the following 12 months.

"Although democracies are occasion
ally formed after coup,
Our research shows this more often
Coups initiate new dictatorships and
more human rights abuses.”

Recreate a bloody legacy Zimbabweans jubilantly attack coup plotters in the streets of Harare in November 2017.
Some coups in Africa and elsewhere
Attempts have been seen to invent land, mines, the fuel sector, Manu-specific forms of native colonialism, and a. It's bad coups that help us hitherto the coup makers in Zim-
Some approaches to a certain liberated and factual industry and even to the information in which the ruling elites are swimming effectively imagine what a good coup babwe has lived up to their reputation.
democratic future. These are coups times public transport industry scene has prosperity and opulence while it could have been. tion and intention – stay political
This attempt to heal their unconstitutionality has been the source of livelihood for many, the majority drowning in the effluents of power by any means necessary to save themselves.
Nationality and violence or the threat to Zimbabwean families. The President Poverty and Misery. Mnangagwa Ex- A good coup comes from a good cure of economic privilege, looting
it, with some democratic returns for Zimbabwe, his family, friends and power with arrogance and space and from good people. Gene and construction of cartels for self-disclosure
the populations. Fronts take away the business, even the impunity of a true native colonialist, cidaires and corrupt leaders can't get great.
by station wagon owners and omalayitsha, guide. He has publicly boasted of his behavior as a good coup.
Some have simply restored bloodied informal cross-border vans that were under partisan control of the army, police and apparently the Zimbabwe coup
and genocidal legacies stemming from clearly startling greed. intelligence and economy. The scholars have observed this under a bad one, as have most
to settler colonialism and its fashion man who came to power chanting that other issues Zimbabweans coup them anyway.
of power and politics. The Zimba Spectacular Mobutuism has the “Voice of the people is the voice led by powerful soldiers to coup-proof Africa
The coup d'état of 14./15. November erupted in Zimbabwe where "God's" after recent Zambians and their political allies who wanted the AU and its sub-regional organizations
2017, which saw dethroned President Robert Mugabe, his family, friends and elections who saw opposition to maintain state power to avoid organizations should be legal and po-
was such a bad and backward coup. The fronts are richer now, a few years after the leader pushed through for Zimbabweans to be prosecuted for lithic teeth to protect African people
So regressive and bad that most Zim- the coup and the seizure of power now seen will not change hands like crimes against humanity and corruption by rogue and despotic Africans
Babwers wishing Mugabe were alive, generous donations to hospitals popular north of the Zambezi. Zim-tion, including plundering of blood slide guides illustrated by Condé, Mu-
and in power. Lacking a flair for soccer teams and other needy Enti-Babweers little understood they were migrating in and out of the land. So seveni, Teodoro Nguema, Paul Biya,
ny the soldiers called the coup operations in a political move to “wash” or as Mnangagwa said the “voice of it was a coup of guilt and fear. Dennis Sassou Nguesso and Mnan
ation Restore Legacy, a name that doesn't "launder" their "dirty money." the people are the voice of God,” he introduces himself. And of course King Mswati.
deliberately speaks of the restoration of discredited Chiwenga doctrine, in particular African armies should not capitalize
Genocide and colonial policy in the plundering of the divine right to rule or God's mandate by the Mobutu Sese Seko - not only power, but also job security over tyranny and corruption of all kinds
Country. Congo-Zaire resources was that - a smokescreen for political legitimacy as Mugabe seemed unwilling to renew the leader to seize power on his behalf
legendary. He became richer than the lifetime presidency. his contract. A coup became a serious event for the people, as Doumbouya did.
This coup was celebrated in all countries and publicly awarded many times. What makes a bad coup? personal problem. The coup was also a
Straits of Zimbabwe. Money to the country, or donated to it, In a world that embraces violent and celebratory movements of defeat - Similar to African governments
in what he expected to celebrate, brates democratic ideals, every coup ed. Beaten by the generation 40 fac- should not try counter-
The Zimbabweans wanted Mugabe as badly as big-hearted generosity should be a bad coup of some sort. But where it weighs in the intellectual political struggle for coups, as is usual
away that they forgot to carefully seek guides. There are still tyrannical regimes, a good Mnangagwa and some elite soldiers increase the risk of more military
Whoever pushed Mugabe out and staged a coup, where the soldiers took power, ran to the armory. acquisitions.
for what reason. But who took Mnangagwa, his family and friends, not to keep it but to hand it over?
Power should really matter and fronts are rising Mobutuism capable of a democratic dispensation may be The putschists became a bunch Instead African governments,
to the Zimbabweans. But Zimbabweans, where they are able to privatize the public, imagined and even wished to do so. of ideological and intellectual losers, populations and civil societies should
were too desperate for institutional changes, bought up opposition politicians, were not known for any ideas, let alone worked to build strong and independent
Mugabe's long years of genocidal rule. Politicians and parties, the courts and the A bad coup, apart from the African expe- Good, apart from violence and state institutions, are democratic
public media. And now the greatest rience is this coup, than the soldiers' murders. This way the bad deficits and free and fair elections
"Go, go, go, our general!" is one of the football clubs. Seek, find and keep power because their coup in Zimbabwe was also a coup and better leadership
the chants of the crowd in their own intentions. of the ignorance associated with discipleship and grabbing the root
Streets of Celebration of Retired Gen- This is mostly done out of self-interest and self-preservation. Reasons to prevent coups.
Eral Constantine Chiwenga, who led the Zimbabweans including doctors to Colonel Muammar Gadd-
the coup d'état. People flocked to army and nurses, teachers, police and afis overthrow of King Idris in Libya.
Tanks in the streets of Harare, hugging, soldiers, the secret service, are literally 1969, by General Idi Amin's Mugabe and the soldiers and political issues, implying reforms, Af-
kissed and photographed with armed starvation. This comes as taxi drivers always dealt with the majority dethroning Milton Obote in Titians, which had overthrown him
Soldiers. and recruiters were thrown out of Uganda in 1971, down to the doum- were made of unwritten political leadership, policy and governance
Their humble employment such that the Bouya's coup against Condé recently represented a pact that they would keep him in the event of power outages, fighting corruption and fighting corruption
With Mugabe gone, people go to Guinea on the public transport monopoly, coups are double-edged by whatever means necessary and unnecessary to avoid abuse of power and repression
Zimbabwe, political opposition and fronts linked to the President, swords that can go either way through electoral fraud and brutality against the populace, bad or essary.
Civil society, his family and friends were quickly reminded. Well. beating up the populace, and he al-
that the coup was a Zanu PF allowed them to loot whatever they wanted *About the author: Dr. William
fair and had nothing to do with their conspicuous consumption. A reading of history shows that it was what they wanted. Jethro Mpofu is a researcher at
democratic aspirations. Resources stolen from coups are rare and a far cry from the University of the Witwatersrand in
that consists of starving pea tween. So rare that the prospect of losing power in Johannesburg, South Africa, is understandable. He is
What the electants and officials should be represents good coups we don't just have to look and the privilege of plunder threatened a senior research associate of Good
ments that would herald extreme provocations in democracy and a trigger for coups like the Portuguese, Mali-Large, like Mugabe, seemed ready to step down from Africa's governance and became a
in the post-Mugabe era, Cha coup thinking and coup action in the above mentioned Ann and Nigerians with the G40 faction. The putsch had consultative researchers with the
the losers are Emmerson Mnangag- continent whose post-colonialism is nothing but bad coups like Zimbabwe- nothing to do with the interests of the Institute for Security Studies on Genetic
wa used the army and Zimbabwe disrupted by vulnerability to coups. ordinary people in Zimbabwe, but der-based violence and femicide.
Electoral Commission to maintain power economic and political interests a
even when he scored a paltry 33% of the Mnangagwa, his family, friends and a coalition of power-hungry politicians
Contrary to the popular opposition, fronts have subjected Zimbabwe to military command.
didate Nelson Chamisa who scored a goal
a staggering 66% of the vote, accordingly
for some insiders.

Protesting and unarmed civilians
were gunned down by soldiers and
many were mutilated while some were
traumatized. The 2018 elections
Zimbabwe and the violence all around
They reminded the Zimbabweans of that
Fight against settler colonialism
maybe over but the fight
The fight against native colonialism is still pending

reports of independent research
Institutes on government takeover and cartels
document how the names of
ident, his family, friends and fronts
are associated with the conquest of the state
organizations, smuggling of min-
gold, illegal currency trading,
black market, money laundering
Fraud and other forms of fraud and fraud

The President, his family, friends
and Fronten is accused of having a monopoly

Page 34 Critical Thinking NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Solving Zim's tricky political equation

Vice Chair of the MDC Alliance Vice Chair of the MDC Alliance Job Sikhala. others speak for us and add
Job Sikhala has challenged all opponents of its own color without us speaking
situation is forcing ranks to close and there seems to be nothing to involve serious outside constituencies while Chilu- directly and on our own behalf.
A tricky political 'equation': why the opposition can do something to address the problem that needs to be harnessed. Those who and his party are successful
The MDC alliance has found it difficult to demarcate the constituency before effective allies could often translate power's popularity. I'm known to be approachable
Translate his massive political popularity – the 2023 election (that occasion where local supporters cheer.
Ability to control state power. Sikhala was lost when the GNU ended); it may be the result of a possible democratic transition. cessible and attainable for comfort
laments that although the MDC and other partners have criticized this persistent fact, the local • We Africans do not understand some of my team members. So any
Founding President Morgan Tsvaners to inform any strategies, news context, it's also too often the result of doing a favor with this story my name is associated with
girai was phenomenally popular and the choice of leaders for the future. of self-referential politics engaging in idiotic thinking that is: very easy to verify. As a former magazine
his successor Nelson Chamisa understood the global context in "Let's get power first and we are, I am familiar with the technology
more than two million votes in which we have to consider the following: what we live on. will deal with everything else to write about something that is
Bundestag election 2018, state authority still 1. Because of the election situation of the later". Where has this ever "about" happened to bring about it?
eludes the opposition. In the follow- land, and again… not just fulfill Zimbabweans' excitement feeling overwhelmed? Pen so the writer can have a story.
ing, resistance Build Zimbabwe any person or organization about what will come to Zimbabwe with our im- change,
The leader of the Babwe Alliance, Noah Manyika, is totally under- but it's better not just a change of As I've already indicated
responds to Sikhala's admonition. cause and fate of the young standable. I've lost my friendship with the government or the ruling class or the ruling scriptures for some real reason
Part One: Unpacking the Equation People themselves, young Zimbabwe - a Zambian friend 37 years ago as individuals. It has to be the change that we cannot, cannot and do not want to walk to
JOB Sikhala challenges the kind of people who need to register to vote in unforeseen ways. Frederick Chiluba was a fiery deal that gives every Zimbabwean, every gene, something simply because it's the best
Critical examination of the cause of dented numbers. Union leader challenging the united generation, every tribe, every race, every popular/vocal opinion in the pro-de-
desperately deserved in Zimbabwe. 2. The strategies, embassies and the National Independence Party (UNI class, the educated and uneducated, the Mokratie movement are demanding it, or
Quality of those proposed for the one-party state by Amt P) and Kenneth civilians and military, rural and urban, also because others may run
I would add that there are many who must allow the opposition to maintain Kaunda's rule. My crime was proposing to the residents to fulfill their destiny. to. That would not be leadership
People trying to "unwrap those who voted before by proving that every Zambian had to own Part Two: Beliefs aren't good citizenship, but prostitution is."
the equation,” as Sikhala puts it, but ing that they have learned the lessons that struggle and that the purpose of the ego would be no different than that of humans
The stubborn facts they share are a thing of the past and are keenly aware that the matter should never be reduced to This brief description will most likely jump off the pro-democracy ship
Ten is considered inconvenient, and the incumbents will not relinquish power to fulfill Chiluba's political destiny. My final direct response to Sikhala's rejoining Zanu PF.
those who share them as “spoilsports and simply because we are right, are young or love Zimbabwe too much not to be refreshing and a great challenge to opponents.
Smirks" from some who tend, we demand it downsize, or are "more popular" with the same "crime" and like to "unwrap the equation" and insist that this discussion
to fulfill the purpose of the cause as they are. Losing someone I've called a friend, figuring out how to translate popularity should be treated with seriousness
the political fortunes of individuals 3. The messages of the opposition and by adding this dimension to power. Sikhala's call comes at a time it deserves, on all critical issues
and organizations. We must have the leadership, must attract those who have the verses that Sikhala is urging us to: If the drumbeat for 'convergence' should be played before the convergence
Courage and decency to call that, ten have never voted who gets seeded is loudest so allow me to say some of them are selfish then some of us
recognize what it is: a dangerous distortion by the way the cause is presented. • It took the Zambians 30 years to do this. likes to plead “guilty as charged”,
This would require a willingness as Chiluba has taken office. Before I do, let me just say that this is the case and ask not to even be mentioned as such
it should be about the people. Both the content and style of 1991 change in order not to get the Hichilema in a press release from a media team of potential attendees.
our politics, our leadership, our mesera. Not only do we have to think, but I write these things myself as ev-
History has taught us to grumble again and again for the sake of the cause. how to translate Popu- anyone can know directly from me If this is just about fundraising,
that in Africa popularity alone - 4. The fight for this criticality can bring power, but what happens - where exactly do I stand. It's important to cobble together a guide
Not winning elections against incumbents, the crucial tipping point that brings change pens, if that popularity is that point in our nation's life that the group is trying to sell a broken brand,
whose strategic intelligence opposition requires the kind of messages that lead to power. Can't speak for Zanu PF leaders, but then some of us have to be counted as well
Tragically underestimating movements convinces everyone that change in translated popularity is power, speak out clearly, without ambiguity, because we think that's critical
and who are so well endowed and deter their best interests. in 1980, and here we are and without guile. That's what I'm hearing, since money comes with winning
mined to keep the power as they are old, Each includes all genera. of Sikhala's challenge that the temporary elections solve the problem of pro-democracy
corrupt and incompetent. ation, any class, literate and un- for hiding behind our fingers is over, racial movement in Zimbabwe is imminent
Educated, civilians and military, rural • The idea that generals and and it's time to get serious for the sake of it is bigger than lack of money. As a matter of fact,
In 2012 I hosted the late Morgan and the townspeople including the cops etc were still involved. I also think it's strategic because of some issues
Tsvangirai and his team in the US, who have supported the ruling party acting like Zambia was a value of some of those critical interlocutors, have indicated that they do not
Day. A question I respectfully asked before. The one-party state during this phase can only decrease as more resources are required for it
him was: 5. The management style, language, last election is an indictment, they are public conversations where job. Besides, if it's all about the money
Messages that the local leadership of Zambia in the then warring party in Simba-
“What is the basis for 110 rural gallery does not necessarily impress or post-Kaunda era and gives bwes referendums would have to be surpassed.
constituencies and only 60 urban? Has credibility for the authors Mwangi raise Zanu PF that the public uses
A solid census was conducted using Kimenyi's and Nelipher Moyo's purse as campaign fund, and I
justifies this kind of demarcation?” don’t know that someone
willingness to do so.
I knew from collected information
while we advise the Organ for National Some of us are old enough to
What was healing at the time was that Zanu PF understood the price of political euphoria.
Very happy with this demarcation be- We've been experiencing this since the 1980's
Because it had done the math: It cost devastating costs every day. It's because
it was clear that even if the opposition wins, we cannot ignore what we know
all 60 urban seats, the 110 rural and do not see what we see that we are
Constituencies would not be as excitable in Zanu PF's as some would like us to be
Bag with the help of over 270 bosses to be serious about dealing with them
Thousands of village chiefs and rural affairs.
Government structures controlled by
Partisan district and state work - I share the deep conviction with them
he. My suggestion to Tsvangirai who are against personalization
I had (and have) the biggest re-politics in Africa and in our country. I
Respect and admiration was that they don't believe in "pasi naNhingi", or
urgently before the "hezvoko bgwa" policy or in political
the end of the government of national parties bearing their initials
al Unity (GNU) to avoid mentioning Zanu leaders in their names, or are nothing
PF an electoral advantage that would be more than her personal brands
be impossible for an opposition leader. If this discussion at this point
Movement to be overcome in the near future
Term, no matter how popular
had support. Zimbabwe is a serious issue
invent something completely new
Those who have followed the electoral platform that anyone can participate in
in other places know that winning from and that can lead to real changes for ours
Referendum means only one choice, (and I understand from Tend-
toral victory, depending on how Con- ai Biti's tweet he thinks is him and
Scholarships are defined. So it's extreme - I have no reason to doubt it).
It is very naive to think that gerrymandering is a different story, and each of us
In Zimbabwe, only parliament is concerned with the role of our conscience, not
ry election results, since we will not use others will dictate, including being
the electoral college system for supporters, advisers, participants, etc.
dental choices. fact is that
Constituencies make it possible Is there no cause?
Zanu PF to manipulate the President- *About the Author: Dr. Noah Man
tial vote in a way that is almost imyika is the convener of the build
possible to prove in any court, Zimbabwe Alliance, a political
not to mention those run by partisan judges, parties driven by accountable leaders.
to do the challenge of the choice ship. He is a Fulbright scholar and
Results seem like sour grapes. While graduating from the School of Foreign
Service at Georgetown University in
Washington, D.C.

NewsHawks reframing issues page 35

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

combating biodiversity loss to create green,
resilient and inclusive development
and private financing options to take global action over and with
MARI ELKA PANGESTU Vest in nature to support countries in sectors.
whose finances are being squeezed as they are
THE world today faces multi-take compounding crises. It is our shared responsibility –
e Crises of immense proportions: from private companies to financial
Covid-19, climate change and the biological sector We cannot act on biodiversity, on government policies
Loss of mind are the most important among them. without also taking into account the threats posed by civil society - to commit
As we focus on restoration efforts, the critical actions for nature and human livelihoods are to reverse nature loss
Interdependencies between people that are sustainable from climate change, as a loss of nature through nature conservation
Planet, the economy and climate change are two sides to take advantage of and a fair sharing of the benefits.
ignored. same coin. Among our new Five Efits of Biodiversity. We need nature
annual action plan on climate change.
The loss of biodiversity and ecosystems announced by the World Bank in June
tem Services is a development issue, the group will host all our funding *About the author: Mari Elka
Pangestu often impacts the poorest countries with the goals of the Paris Agreement and is the man of the World Bank.
the most. Nature doesn't need us, and we're backing that up with aging development policy directors
but we need the nature, still this ser funding. In the next five years and partnerships. she represented
Vices are often undervalued and a disproportionate 35% of our total funding - the World Bank at the International -
taken into account in the development plan, will go in the direction of climate protection, al Union for Conservation of Na-
n. including supporting the nature-based World Congress in September
terrestrial, offshore and material-2021.
Consider what's at stake: more loop areas. That means more financial
Countries generate more than half of global GDP to reduce emissions through ADVERTISING
in industries that are heavily decarbonizing or decarbonizing their energy and trans-SPACE
moderately dependent on ecosystem harbor systems; to restore and protect
services such as pollination, water filtration of their forests and other landscapes; To place your booking contact
ration and raw materials. transform their food systems; to build Charmaine on 0735 666 122
Resilience of communities to climate[Email Protected]
• Relieve over three billion people; and find new, greener jobs Landline (0242) 721 144/5
depend on sea and coast and livelihoods for people.
Biodiversity for their protein The NewsHawks @NewsHawksLive[Email Protected]
Food intake and livelihood - but in response to the natural crisis
90% of global marine fish posing a systemic threat overall
Stocks are now fully exhausted, the savings approach is in demand
or overfished. economic activity, transform politics,
and investment decisions that drive
• More than 75% of wildlife loss of food crops. Any economic losses
relying on animal pollination – to policy changes preventing nature
but over 40% of known insect losses can be almost entirely compensated by
Species have historically declined Economic gains from improved pro-
decades. Vision of ecosystem services, after
ing to analyze the World Bank.
In fact, 14 out of 18 categories are of
Ecosystem services provided by the in- A recently published by the World Bank Group
tergouvernemental Science-Policy Plat- proach Paper on Biodiversity and
form on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Ecosystem Services outlines six global
Services have declined since 1970. Response areas that can generate savings
in more sustainable ways. we
The risks associated with the world urge you to consider them during the
al Verfall der Natur haben die potenziell wichtigen Diskussionen auf der diesjährigen
tial on adverse impacts on economies, IUCN World Conservation Congress
especially in Low- and Lower Mid- in Marseille.
low-income countries. New world
Bank Research estimates that even a These include:
Partial collapse of ecosystem services • Integration of economic and fi-
would cost 2.3% of global GDP
2030, while sub-Saharan Africa and financial decision-makers in Ef-
South Asia could lose 9.7% and 6.5% forts to protect nature;
their real GDP, if relevant • Integration of nature and
ecosystem services collapse. The structure-based solutions in
Dasgupta Review shows that the robes in all sectors, in particular
The stock of natural capital has declined, especially those who invest the most
by 40% per capita over the period Pressure on Nature;
from 1992 to 2014. • Betterment and Justice
Share the benefits of Con-
Doing nothing is no longer an option. Serving nature with local
When countries look towards the economy;
ic recovery from the pandemic is • to mobilize funds for nature
necessary, human and aircraft- from public and private source-
tary health on the same course. the it;
Recovery, by its very nature, must occur to determine • Develop metrics and bases for decision-making.
Inform countries on the way to green resilience tools
inclusive and inclusive development. planning, politics and finance
The value of nature should be reasoned choices;
because in all development decisions, in the • use of partnerships
all industries. Promote consensus and sustainable
manage public goods efficiently.
The World Bank Group is active – Nature-smart policies are a win-
ly assisting countries in the transition to victory. Investing in nature can
a greener, more resilient economy that pays tribute to recovery efforts through creation
by investing in conservation, in jobs and targeting the poorest communities.
Financial innovation and through nities and building long-term
Support for the integration of Nasilienz. Support healthy ecosystems
ture-intelligent practices in sectors such as climate protection in ports and
Transport, farming, forestry, fish - increase resilience the most
eries and coastal zone management. vulnerable communities around the
From slope stabilization around the world of roads. This is what our estimates indicate
in India on terraces and elevated vegetative targets, such as B. Protection
etation to prevent erosion, reducing 30% of land and ocean areas by 2030 (the
Runoff and land productivity improvement (“30x30” target) are within reach, but
ty in Burundi, our nature-based solution
The portfolio comprised 70 projects
in 46 countries last year. We are too
Exploring ways to expand the public

Page 36 RTehfreaBmiginDg eIbssautes NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Albert Rwanda in Mozambique on which the Mozambican Army is based
Rudatsimburwa it was a question of values ​​that had placed his hopes of defeat
Islamist extremists.
There was feverish speculation about Rwandan soldiers in Mozambique.
on the reasons behind Rwanda's For the last four years amidst a
Military presence in Mozambique extends beyond national borders. But Mozambique was not only the outsider, but also the deepening liberation crisis
and the prospects of an end to insurance. As a result, large parts of the economic importance are lost.
Authority that raged on for the late General Paul Kagame - now the fundamental values ​​perpetuating a significant territory north of Cabo
four years. The war against the president of the genocidal country turned the tables on what defines today's Rwandan military. Province of Delgado due to insurance
Juvenal Habyarimana's attack on the enemy even when confronted. It is from these values ​​that one must incite violence and widespread violence.
And like the excitement of the early 1990s, there were only a few thousand with the added heavy responsibility of understanding the source of the
level off for a few days and weeks, poorly equipped voluntary "fighters" stop a genocide. Principles by which RDF and French oil giant Total
there will almost certainly be more who lack everything, even uniforms. The Rwandan National Police (RNP) had given up the $20 billion
Conjecture disguised as analysis- In four years, the RPA command, itself. Gas project, the largest in Africa
se. Little, if any, will even make it. The army, not only headed by Kagame, had turned to a continent that would have been one
Trying to expand the powers of Habyarimana, who then a group of young volunteers into a It is also within this premise that this is a major blow to the economy.
their thoughts on considering the in-- Rwandan army but also its allies as a highly disciplined and efficient army, anyone who wants to understand Rwanda.
Intervention from a Rwandan point of view – from the now-democratic Zaire, which has fought – unpaid – in defense military operations, be it in the death toll among the ordinary
tive. a cause they were willing to die for. the Central African Republic, Sudan, the people were unpredictable. thousands
Republic of Congo and troops from Haiti and now bilaterally Mozam- were assassinated and many beheaded
That there will be complex negotiations with the French special forces. In addition, a steely Mil-bique should look. in the macabre perversion of Islam.
ated arrangements, to which the me-itary discipline, the young fighters
Dia is not initiated, is inevitable in And unlike the RPA forces, these have been taught the cardinal value of the Rwandan Armed Forces. There were an estimated 800,000 people
any conflict resolution. The fighters for existence had an unlimited supply of their ancestors: always in the service of a species very different from the internally displaced and thrown in
From these agreements, devices will no doubt come not only from France but also from Rwanda. Russian and South African Mercenaries - Limbo as they awaited a return
fuel further speculation. but also from Belgium, the former stability and security seemed far away
colonial master. from guaranteed.
But whatever these arrangements
are, they will all rest on the foundation. Recent reports show that the
Values ​​of the Rwandan military from which the insurgents were expelled
Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) and fortress and run in from the city
Rwanda's ruling party, the Rwan- the forests surrounding their former
da Patriotic Front (RPF). Headquarters in Mocimboa da Praia
by a joint Rwandan offensive
Embedded in the Rwandan culture and the Mozambican armies.
history, these values ​​were thrown
into the sharper focus of Rwanda's most recent most independent observers, domestic
Story. including African development
Bank, believe that the deal will soon
The twentieth century was a disaster to normality in the aftermath
Stanzas for Rwanda. the successful operations. The con
Conflict had not only fueled violence and
Few countries have a greater reason for killing, but also for disrupting the economy.
lament the ravages of colonialism. omy, especially in the gas-rich Cabo
Region Delgado where the militants
A fractured society that ruled intermittently for about four years.
Tent genocide massacre, dispersal
Rwandans to every corner of Rwanda essentially has
World when they took refuge, accomplished their mission, despite the war
The genocide of 1994 is far from over.
the Tutsis.
It voted its observance
The RPF is originally a movement of pan-Africanism with action. there
established to transform Rwanda, there will no doubt be further agreements
Involvement of Rwandans in a training mission that may ensue
peacefully, but if necessary also for their Mozambican colleagues.
Armed force. But for now, it's a mission companion
failed – the insurance company stopped it
It did, but at least they weren't dead men
easy. It had to stop this far.
Genocide involving more than a million
Lion men, women and cubs were in the foreground for Mozambique
left to their fate by a world that has led to facilitating and guaranteeing the safe
The killers believe they can herd thousands of people
who at will, with complete impunity. by the conflict from their homes.
The country must then think
It's from those historical experiences and a deeper look inside
that the RPF's armed wing, the RPA, is suing the root causes of the uprising
became the cornerstone of cur- and then address them at that level
Hire Rwandan military. provide a permanent solution to the problem
Understanding the RPA military
Experiences and achievements would be as professional as Rwanda's armed forces
can shed more light on the analysis of the situation, Mozambique will have to ask
Hiring military missions and deploying them yourself, which is why the RDF hardly liked it
month to ward off an uprising
had held the country hostage
Violence, murder and destruction for
most of the last four years.

- The new times in Rwanda


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NewsHawks The Great Debate page 37

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ Why Allende had to die

Towards the end of 1969, forty years have passed since Chilean President Salvador Allende died trying to defend himself at La Moneda Palace in Santiago
Three Pentagon generals dined with an AK-47 given to them by Fidel Castro. Here, in an article from The New Statesman published in March 1974, the
starring five Chilean military officers in a Nobel Prize-winning novel, Gabriel García Márquez examines Allende's record in Chile and his rivals' dealings with the United States
House in suburban Washington. and the rise of his successor - Army General Augusto Pinochet.
The host was Lieutenant Colonel Ge-
rado López Angulo, Assistant Air at- The last known photograph of Allende alive, La Moneda Palace, April 1, 1973. Photo: Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images
Taché of the Chilean military mission
to the United States and the Chileans that I know of, the south every other day and a devastating record for a fantastic social and political Brazil.
Guests were his colleagues from the other part of the world from the Pyrenees earthquake in each presidential term. The Espionage Operation: Project Camelot. On September 4, 1970, as before
he branches of service. Dinner was in progress.” At the time, the least apocalyptic geologists thought this should have been a secret investigation.
The honor of the new director of the Chilgency Plan was due to his Chile not being a mainland country, that would have foreseen precise questions, the socialists and freemasons
ean Air Force Academy, General Carlos the smallest details and it is impossible but like a cornice of the Andes in a foggy tritonnaires people of all social medicine Allende was elected president
Toro Mazote, who had arrived that day, assumed Kissinger or President Meer and believed that all his levels, all professions and trades, even the Republic. The Contingency Plan
previously on a study trip. The eighth Nixon himself was unaware of this. territory is doomed to disappear but has not been put into effect. That
Officers ate fruit salad, roasted veal pear in a future disaster. Latin American nations to the most common explanation is also
and peas and drank the warm-hearted Chile is a narrow country, some scientifically determine the most ridiculous: someone made one
2,660 kilometers long and edited by an average of 119 Chileans, wines from their distant homeland are very popular with political developments and social errors in the Pentagon and are in demand
the south, where birds glittered in the expanse, and with ten million lands somewhat exuberant. They are the tendencies of different social groups. The 200 visas for an alleged naval choir,
Beaches while Washington wallowed in residents, nearly three million of the continent's nicest people, military questionnaires that were really supposed to be compiled
snow, and they chatted mostly in english who lives in the metropolitan area, they like being alive and they know they contained the same question the government overthrow specialists ask;
about the only thing that seemed to be of Santiago, the capital. However, how best to live the country and hear Chilean officers again, there were several admirals
was of interest to the Chileans at the time: the Ap size is not derived from the number – certainly not anymore; but they're having a Dan dinner in Washington: what about those who couldn't sing a single one
Presidential elections tout the wealth of virtues it possesses but rather toasted tendency to be skeptical and position when Communism comes into its own. This faux pas is to be assumed
following September. At dessert, one of its many specialties. The only intellectual speculation. Once a Chilean power? It was a wild query. determines the displacement of
one of the Pentagon generals asked what the thing produces with an absolute sentence - told me on a Monday: "No Chilean adventure. The truth is that the project
The Chilean army would do it if the candidate is copper ore, but that ore is assumed to be tomorrow Tuesday” and he Chile has long been a preferred area, etc. was evaluated in detail: others
from the left, someone like Salvador Allen - the best in the world and his volume - didn't believe it either. Nevertheless, even when researching by North American social services, especially the American agencies
de, were elected. General Toro's Mazote production is surpassed only by that deep-seated disbelief - or thanks to scientists. The age and strength of his CIA and the American ambassador
replied: "We may get Moneda Palace in the United States and the Soviets - the Chileans have felt a popular movement, the tenacity and to Chile that the contingency plan."
half an hour, even if we have to burn Union. It also produces wine that was too severe a military operation and ecology to a certain degree of natural civilization, intelligence of its leaders and ecology
get it down.” like the European varieties, but didn't take much of a political maturity and a level of cultural and social conditions themselves not current political and social
of which is exported. Their per capita income, which sets them apart from the rest, gave a glimpse of the country's desolate conditions in Chile.
One of the guests was General Ernes, who ranks among the highest in the region at $650. Tiny of the three Nobel prizes. You didn't need the knowledge of
to Baeza, now director of the National Secu- Latin America, but traditionally almost in the literature that Latin America has a project Camelot to risk that that the Popular Unity victo-
In Chile, whoever led the attack won half of the gross national product, two went to Chileans, one out of belief that Chile was a prime candidate and did not cause social panic
Accounted for by fewer than 300,000 who, Pablo Neruda was the greatest, expected the second socialist republic in US intelligence, the presidential palace during which. On the
coup last September and gave the command people. poets of this century. Latin America to Cuba. The goal, on the other hand, is the independence of the new government.
to burn it. Two of his subordinates in the United States were therefore non-pending in international affairs and
In 1932 Chile became the first so- Kissinger may have known this, only to thwart the government's resolve in economic matters
Mous in the same operation: General cialist republic in the Americas and when he said he knew nothing about Allende coming to power, he immediately created an atmosphere of
Augusto Pinochet, President with the enthusiastic support of those across the southern part of the world. To protect American investments. social celebration.
Itarian junta and General Javier Palacios. Workers, the government tried anyway, US intelligence knew the bigger goal, to repeat most of it
Also at the table was the Air Force Brigade - the nationalization of copper and coal. even more. 1965, without fruitful operations that imperialism had in the first year, 47 industrial
Dier-General Sergio Figueroa Gutiérrez, The experiment lasted only 13 days. Chile's permission always helped the nation gain a foothold in Latin America: all companies were nationalized with it
now Minister of Public Works and the Chile has an earthquake on average the staging center and a recruitment lo- most of the banking system. agrarian
a close friend of another reform member saw the dispossession and interference
the military junta, general of the air force
Gustavo Leigh, who ordered the rocket
Bombing of the Presidential Palace. That
last guest was Admiral Arturo Tronco-
So now naval governor of Valparaiso,
who carried out the bloody cleansing of
advanced naval officers and was one
by those who initiated the military advancement
9/11 uprising.

This dinner turned out to be historic
ic meeting between the Pentagon and
senior officers of the Chileans
military services. On other consecutive
meetings in Washington and Santiago,
an emergency plan was agreed,
after which these Chilean military
tar men who were most tightly bound,
Heart and soul to US interests would
Seize power in the case of Allende
Coalition victory of the people's unity in the

The plan was conceived in cold blood
edly, as a simple military operation,
and was not a result of pressure
from International Tele
telephone and telegraph. It has been spawned
for much deeper reasons of world politics
tic On the North American side the
organization was set in motion
Zaun Intelligence Agency of the Pen-
tagon, but the one who was actually responsible
the Naval Intelligence Service, under the
higher political management of the CIA,
and the National Security Council. It
was quite normal to say that
Navy and not the responsible army
the project that stood for the Chilean coup
coinciding with Operation Unitas,
that was the name given to the joint
American and Chilean maneuvers
Naval Units in the Pacific. This machine
Noeuvres were held at the end of each
September, election month
gene, and appearance on land and
in the sky of Chile of all kinds
Equipment of war and well-trained men
in the arts and sciences of death

During this time Henry Kissinger
had said privately to a group of children
eans: "I'm not interested and neither

Page 38 The Great Debate NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Corporation in municipal property pretext of protest against rationing, gallop – the opposition focused on the hope of class formation of senior cadres in just begun.
of six million acres of land that caused inflation, and the demands that were made tipped the balance of power in their favor. But Allende felt more secure in this final battle with the country
mostly owned by the big landowners. The poor took to the streets and beat the armed forces in favor of one or the other of the carabineros, an armed force
Inflation process has slowed down, their empty pots and pans full. It wasn't from anyone else. The last train was hallucina - that was popular and peasant in origin - the grace of the uncontrolled and un-
Employment was achieved and wage chance, quite the opposite; It was very treacherous in its perfection: 48 hours ahead of Gins, and that was under the direct, predictable forces of subversion, Allende
received a cash increase of 30 percent. It is significant that the coup's street spectacle was administered by the opposition on behalf of the President of the Republic. still bound by legality. The most
All copper nationalized silver foxes and flowered hats were held to disqualify all senior officers. In fact, the junta had to go down six places, which was a dramatic contradiction in his life
The previous government, led by Fidel Cas that same afternoon, backed Allende and promoted him to the seniority list of power that was also the innate one
Christian Democrat Eduardo Frei, tro, ended a 30-day visit that found one after another in a series of forays to find a senior officer who would oppose violence and a passionate revolution.
Nationalization steps underway brought an earthquake of social mobili - unthinkable moves, all officers support the coup. The junior officers lutionary. He believed that he-
Copper, although he called it "Chileanization of government supporters." who had been present at the dinner dug in with the non-commissioned officers, solved the contradiction with the hy-
tion". All the plan did was buy up 51 Seeds of Destruction from Washington. School in Santiago and endured the conditions in Chile for four hypotheses
percent of US-owned mining properties understood by President Allende at the time—days until they were wiped out. a peaceful evolution towards
and for the mine of El Teniente alone it and he said it - that at that moment, however, the people held socialism under bourgeois legality. He-
paid a sum higher than the total book of the government, but she held no literary chess that had come out of chess
value of this facility. the power. The sentence was more bitter control over his players. The secret war that has broken out inside cannot be changed by any government
as it seemed and also more alarmingly, by an irreversible dialectic, they military posts on the eve of the coup. without electricity.
Popular unity, carried with a single legal entity for Allende, ended up as pawns in many officers who refused to support them
Act supported in Congress by all the Galist germ that contained the seed of its own greater chess game, another coup, and those who failed to execute this belated disillusionment must
People's Parties of the Nation Restored for Destruction: A man who fought to the point of complex and politically more important - the orders to repress was assassinated was the force that drove him
he would rather have the nation working all copper deposits to death in defense of legality than any mere plan hatched without pity by the instigators. Anything to resist to the death, to defend those
of the subsidiaries of the Americans were able to leave La Conjunction by the imperialism and the mutinous regiments, both in Santiago burning ruins of a house that was not
Company Anaconda and Kennecott. The Moneda palace with his head held a violent reaction against the government of and in the provinces, and they were his own, a gloomy mansion that an Italian
Without compensation: the government - if Congress had removed him from the people. It was a terrible class that was mercilessly repressed, with their ian architect who had built to be a mint and
With the calculation that the two offices ended up as a haven for presidents within the framework of the constitution that escaped the massacred leaders as a lesson for the
Companies had made profits from excessive tuition fees. hands of the people who had pro troops. without electricity. He resisted for six hours
of $800 million over 15 years. it cried, a cruel and violent scramble with a submachine gun that Castro
The Italian journalist and politician balanced interests, and the final the commander of the tanks had given him and was the first weapon
The petty bourgeoisie and the middle Rossana Rossanda, who visited Allende, had to be an entity of the social catastrophe in Viña del Mar, Colonel Can- that Allende had ever fired.
The class, the two great social forces that found him aged in this period, without precedent in Tuaria history, were machine-gunned by him
could have harnessed a military coup and, full of foreboding, supported America. subordinates. It will be a long time Around four o'clock in the evening
At that moment they began, Major General Javier Palacios, speaking to her from the yellow, in front of the number of casualties that noon
Joy untold benefits and not on the cretonne couch, where seven months managed to get to the second floor with a military coup in these conditions
the cost of the proletariat, as his riddled body was later to lie, were the deeds not to be bloodless. for the bodies were carried by Military Adjutant, Captain Gallardo, and a. away
always been, but rather the face crushed by a rifle butt. Then tare post in garbage truck and buried group of officials. There, right in the middle
At the expense of the financial oligarchy, and on the eve of the March 1973 elections, Allende knew it. The Chilean secretly armed himself. Altogether only about 50 seniors of the counterfeit Louis XV chairs, the Chi-
foreign capital. Contrary to what we officers could be entrusted with, he forces the forces in which his fate was at stake, at the head of the troops of the Nesian dragon vases and the rugendas
social group, were of the same origin and had been content with 36 percent, had intervened in previously purged politics. Paintings in the Red Salon, Allende
Ambitions like the middle class, i.e. cents of the votes for national unity. And Ticks every time her class was interested in the role of foreign agents was waiting for her. He was in shirt-
had no motive, not even an alibi, to be threatened despite runaway inflation despite runaway inflation, and they overcame the story of intrigue, wearing a miner's helmet and
The tiny group of coup-minded rationing and pot-and-pan concerto did so with an overly repressive ed together from many sources, some tieless, his clothes stained with blood.
officers. The Christian of the merry wives of the upper-class savagery is aware of this reality. The two constitutions, the most reliable, some not. Any number of… He had the submachine gun in his hand
Tian Democrats not only got no districts, he got 44 percent. It was a country that foreign agents seem to have attended for the past 100 years, but it had run out of ammunition.
Port the Barracks Plot at the time, but such a spectacular and decisive victory was forced at gunpoint and the coup. Secret sources in Chile
decided against it because they knew that when Allende was alone in his recent military coup, the sixth had told us that the bombing of La Mone-Allende General Palacios knew well.
Unpopular in one's own hierarchy was the uprising in a period of 50 years with his friend and confidante. da Palace – the technical precision of a few days earlier, he had told Augusto
and file. Journalist Augusto Olivares, he concluded what frightened the experts - Olivares did that this was a dangerous man
the door and danced a cueca all through The bloodlust of the Chilean army is allied by a team of Americans with close ties to the Americans
Their goal was something else itself. Part of his birthright, inherited from those aerialists who had entered the embassy. As soon as he saw him appear
once again: in order to use all possible means to reach the terrible school of hand-to-hand combat under the umbrella of the operation on the stairs, Allende shouted at him:
couple the good health of the government For the Christian Democrats it was a Unita strike against the Araucanian Indians to perform in a flying circus on "Traitors!"! and shot him in the hand.
to win two-thirds of the seats to prove that the social justice process took 300 years. One of them is the upcoming September 18, Chile's na- fought to the end
Congress in March 1973 elections. Instigated by the forerunners of popular unity who boasted in 1620 of having a day of national independence. There is also according to the story of a witness who
With such a majority they were able to elect the coalition that could not be rejected, killing more than 2,000 people with its proof that numerous members asked me not to give its name, the press.
however, they lacked the vision to have their own hands in a single action for the constitutional removal of legal remedies. Joaquín secret police forces from neighboring Ident died in a shootout
President of the Republic. To measure the impact of the Edwards Bello stories in his chronicles, countries were infiltrated via the Bo-that gang. Then all the other officers in
actions they subsequently took. For those who remained hidden during an epidemic on the exanthelivian frontier, a caste-bound ritual was shot in the body.
The Christian Democrats make up the United States, the election was a much matic typhus that dragged the army along until the day of the coup when they finally got a corporal
A huge organization that broke more serious warnings across classes, in addition to killing people from their homes and unleashing their bloody persecution, butted him in the face
Lines, with an authentic popular base, dispossessing the simple interests of putting them in a poison bath to gun down political refugees from other countries.
among the modern industrial prole firms. It was an invalid precedent for an end to the plague. from Latin America.
tariat, the small and medium-sized country for peaceful progress and social change. A photo exists: Juan Enrique
Landowners and the petty bourgeoisie for the peoples of the world, particularly during a seven-month civil war in Brazil, home of Chief Lira, photographer for
and middle classes in cities. Particularly popular were those in France and Italy, where in 1891 10,000 people died in a series of bloody rillas undertaking these services. perEl Mercurio took it. He was the only one
Unity, but also cross-class in their Make-Present conditions, try to meet. The Peruvians claim that two years earlier they took someone with them who was allowed to photograph the body.
up, was the expression of workers who witnessed a Chilean-style experiment during the occupation of Lima in the reactionary coup in Bolivia so mangled as they
disadvantaged proletariat – the agricultural possible. All forces of the Internal and Ex-Pacific War, Chilean soldiers meant the loss of significant support, which showed Señora the body in its coffin
turalproletariat—and the lower middle-class reaction joined to form a looted library by Don Ricardo Pal- for Chile and facilitated the infiltration of Hortensia Allende, his wife
class of cities. compact block. ma not to take the books for reading all sorts and means of subversion. don't let her reveal the face.
but to wipe their behinds. Part of the loans to Brazil from the
The Christian Democrat-allied CIA-funded deathblow History of brutality USA was secretly announced He would have been 64 years old
with the far-right National The truck owners' strike was the last grassroots movement Bolivia backed to fund subversion in Chile. next July. His greatest virtue was consequent-
party, controlled Congress and the Strike. Because of the wild geography, it's pressed with the same brutality. After he was through, fate granted him
Dishes; Popular Unity controlled the country that hit the Chilean economy in the 1906, 1972 Valparaíso earthquake, a US military council of rare and tragic magnitude
Executive. The polarization of these two grace their transport. To cripple the naval forces, the Longshore group made a trip to La Paz, the target died in the armed defense of an anachronous
There should actually be parties, polar trucking is supposed to paralyze the country. It is a men's organization with 8,000 workers. this was not revealed. Maybe nistic fools of civil rights, defense
ization of the country. Oddly enough, it was easy for the opposition to coordinate a Supreme Court
The Catholic Frei, who does not believe in the truck guild strike, tried shortly after this visit to repel demonstrating strikers from movements which, however, legitimized him
Marxism, which was one of the most affected groups, was the one that took refuge from the troops and took on its killers of troops and equipment to defend a wretched one
best advantage of the class struggle, the shortage of spare parts and machine-fired: within ten minutes the border with Chile, which the Chil Congress, which had declared it illegal,
One who stimulated it and brought it in addition saw himself threatened, there were 2,000 dead. On April 2, the military presented another opportunity, but one that was to behave unfavorably.
In 1957, the army broke up a civil uprising to strengthen its internal position, with the aim of unhinging the army in order to strengthen its internal position and before the will of the usurpers,
Government and overthrow the country program to provide adequate government funding in the trade area of ​​San- conducting personnel transfers and defending freedom of opposition
into the abyss of demoralization and transport services in the extreme south of Tiagos and the number of casualties were requests in the chain of command that parties who had sold their souls to Fas
economic catastrophe. from the nation. The disruption lasted until it was never established because the government was positive about the impending coup. cism, defense of all moth damage
At the very end, Ment stalked the bodies away without a single moment. During the paraphernalia of a crappy system he
The economic blockade by the Relief Unit, because it was funded by a strike at the El Salvador mine, was on 9/11, but Op- had not proposed an abolition
ed states, for expropriation of cash from outside. “The CIA swamped Eduardo Frei's government, a Unitas militia went ahead, the shot was fired.
without compensation, did the rest. The country with dollars to support the Itary patrol opened fire on a demonstratively original plan hatched at dinner in
All kinds of goods are produced by the bosses on strike and . . . Foreign cap- to break it up, killing six people, Washington was carried out, three years The drama took place in Chile, around
Chile, from automobiles to toothpaste, Ital found its way into the lineup, including some kids and a preg, behind schedule but just like it had the greater sorrow of the Chileans but it
but this industrial base has the false identity of a black market”, Pablo Neruda, a woman from Nant. conceived: not as something conventional that will go down in history
tity: in the 160 most important companies, wrote to a friend in Europe. A week barracks coup, but as a devastating operation happened to all of us, children of it
60 percent of the capital was foreign before the coup, oil, milk and bread The postal commander was an obscure generation of the war. age, and it will remain in our lives for
and 80 percent of the raw materials were used up. 52-year-old general, the father of five children at all.
came from abroad. Then there were the In the Last Days of Popular Uni kids, a geography teacher, and it had to be because it wasn't
The country needed $300 million a year to put it in order as the economy spiraled out of control and author of several books on the military was not just a matter of overthrowing a new statesman.
Import consumer goods and another country on the brink of civil war, the objects: Augusto Pinochet. give only one of these to implant hell- *About the author: Gabriel García
$450 million to pay the interest on his government maneuvers abroad and bring back dark seeds from Brazil until Márquez worked as a journalist
Fault. The myth of legalism and that there would be no trace of Colombia in Chile before his debut novella,
Gentleness of this brutal army was in the political and social structure that Leaf Storm published in 1955.
But Chile's urgent needs were met by the Chilean bourgeoisie, which had made popular unity possible. He was awarded the Nobel Prize
unusual and went much deeper. Their own interest. Popular Unity endured hardest phase, unfortunately only had literature in 1982. He died at the age of 87
Cheerful ladies of the bourgeoisie, among whom it lives in 2014 with hopes of change.

NewsHawks reframing issues page 39

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

HANNAH J DAWSON/LIZ FOUKSMAN/ Work as we know it has changed.
WILLIAM MONTEITH Time to think beyond wages

WHEN people hear of 'work', unemployed men seek odd jobs from passers-by on a street in Cape Town, South Africa.
usually an employed or dependent occupation.
Universal basic income. His time. come, but continue to regard wage labor as equal
Governments and commentators The allure of being your own boss Self-employment was precarious as a more legitimate source of money, wage labour.
rarely speak of the work of the bustle, The South African government con- as well as the basis for social, psychological
child rearing or subsistence farming. continued to encourage gainful employment but offered him formal employment logic and physical well-being. Conclusion
Instead, general reference is made to work in economic and educational policy. This was the skill, the standard occupation of the middle
The narrow economic and legal sense is based on the assumption that information weaves together different forms of work. For example, an elderly 20th-century woman is unlikely to return.
as foreign, legally stipulated, paid self-employment is the last resort and socialization factor. In any case, this working model was the social embedding that provided for ten children and grandchildren
Occupation. the unemployed. Yet many young people in informal entrepreneurship insisted that the best is available only to a select group of people
People are willing to take risks – what alternative forms of government could achieve would be able-bodied white men in Europe and
But this working model is global informal entrepreneurship through identity and union - making it possible to build a factory next to the village. North America. It's time to introduce yourself
Exception. low paying job or dead end job that would be preferable to alienating many.
times economy. low-end jobs. "Go out and be active," there was a global majority for who
Wage labor was invented by dreams of wage labor "doing nothing" in the village. It has never been paid work
European states in the 18th and 19th centuries Hannah Dawson's research on informal entrepreneurship could become the norm. These futures include more
Centuries to produce an industrial young man in Zandspruit, a piece of information worth reading for some. However, the ideal of the wage These results suggest that even the distributional economies that offer
workforce. The settlement north of Johannes-Werk, which later promoted social development, still casts long shadows and very people who are denied by the stream of people with time and certainty
such as sick pay, holidays and vacations, underscores the attraction of "being forms what people demand and the previous system of wage labor has found it difficult to create alternative forms of identity,
Pensions to Dominant Groups – Your Own Boss” on the urban fringes. even where she has long had to imagine other forms of activity, meaning and community outside
Hardly any able-bodied white male workers can be found in her chapter in "Beyond the Wage". including care work as wage work of equal value.
through what became known as the gues, which many informal ventures do. It's just as difficult to imagine
“Normal employment relationship”. What Preneurs Love About Work Liz Fouksman's chapter on ways to "do something" together - The Conversation.
But this relationship was always only for itself the ability to fashion in rural Namibia, where stable formal, not tied to paid work.
available to a minority of people - a living and earning a living in self-employment is very rare, that is what *About the authors: Hannah J.
Page Western Europe and North America. For example Hloni, who always wanted more than this longing for the immaterial. Ben Dawson is a senior researcher at the
ca. Couples cars from his yard, no cash transfers or social benefits began. Such “real” job outcomes reflect an in-depth Southern Center for Inequality study.
"Good" jobs would be the best way to commit to a 20th-century vision, his informal mechanic's shop, University of the Witwatersrand,
Recent developments in the organ cause of economic necessity. He spent time quelling boredom and from full, stable, well-paying employment - South Africa. Liz Fouksman is a delicious
izations of production have led to him escaping a job that made him feel belittled in order to make money. ment - although for many of these Vision Turer (assistant professor) at King's
Decline in wage labor across and exploited. What he valued most never reflected reality, and Factory Jobs College in London, UK. Wilhelm
much of the world. Even in Otjivero, the village that often pays poorly, his life was dangerous and Monteith is a senior lecturer in Hu-
of precarious work, such as B. Agriculture, the sense of autonomy and control over the site of the 2008-9 basic was precarious. Man Geography at Queen Mary, Uni-
and Market Trading were piloted in Namibia, the long-term version of London, UK.
accompanied by more recent waves of unemployment strong for basic services It is time not only to create something new
precarization. This has become a growing way of earning a living, but leaving
Percentage of employed unsettled, also recognize care and others socially
poor and without social security.

At the same time, digital technologies
ogies have facilitated the emergence
of new forms of the precarious (self)
Employment in the burgeoning "gig

Today is the International Labor
Organization appreciates this less than a
third of the world's working-age population
lation are “workers and employees”.
However, many of the concepts that
mente and researchers use to describe
Work - "informal", "domestic" or "un-
paid” – continue to assume this wage
employment is the rule.

Consequently the way how
People think more and more about “work”
completely out of everyday life
Realities of work for most people in
the world. The dominance of wage labor
or employment in social policy
and has political visions for the future
harmful consequences. For the exam-
ple, it produces social policies that
exclude unpaid workers, and educational
cation programs that prioritize
Skills for jobs that don't exist. In the
At the same time, it slows down development
more inclusive redistribution
like unconditional cash
Transmissions that respond better to the
reality of life without reward.

Work beyond wages
In a newly edited volume, Beyond the
Salary: Normal work in various
Savings, we take up the urgent
Challenge to understand "work".
from the perspective of global ma-
Majority for which wage labor has
never been the rule.

How do people earn their living?
Wage Tightening Economies? What de-
Mands do they? And what forms
of organization and intervention
required to ensure their different needs
are fulfilled?

Beyond the Wage uses case study
ies from all over the world to answer
This question. Two of them are from
South Africa and Namibia, countries
with high inequality and endemic
employment, but also experimentation
with extensive social grants and university

Page 40 Africa News NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Zambia's "computer boy" president
disappointing many of its constituents


Roll the dice for the sixth
Zeit, Hakainde Hichilema – Fond-
ly was referred to as HH recently
sworn in as the seventh President of Zambia
dent. He's been in the role for a few days
already undertake comprehensive reforms
leadership with a new team of eco-
Nomic consultants reviewing Zambia
tax regime, a newly appointed taxi
inet and change of top military
and police officers.

For Zambians, however, what they
are excited to see if the
man who, under the slogan "Bal-
ly (rich dad) will fix it” may indeed
Fix Zambia. During his years of trying
for the presidency, which he scoffed at
referred to as the "calculator boy" because he is one
trained accountant, whose campaigns
have always been economically strong

Hichilema promised he could
bring the country out of its $12.8
Bring billions of debt chaos and growth
10% per year to the south
African nation within five years. That
the way ahead requires his focus
some priority areas and will demand
Austerity measures affecting the
fighting population.

Getting Zambia out of its economic Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema.
and debt crises
The youth who were a major in calculating civil servant payroll.” People have said we need Hichilema has promised, “Facilpanies challenged the late President
After his landslide victory against "The government must tax the mines more to make Hichilema local ownership" implying that Levy Mwanawasa is
The incumbent Edgar Lungu would probably do that because he has to lie to craft miners.
Fueled by unemployment, politicians find a way to contain social spending - Zambia's interests first. However, it will be censored and formalized, but accordingly
Disenchantment and economic hardship that have been declining year by year are reversing that with much greater stability and Grieve Chelwa, a Zambian economy earlier this year, the government
Ship. The previous government's handling of major economic problems and consistency than what we have seen in the context of the New School of New sparked controversy when it came to
Problems require austerity measures to mitigate the negative impact of its predecessor,” says Chelwa. York, this won't be an easy process. announced a full takeover of the company
that will further strain the fight for the country's poorest," she says. Facilitating Local Ownership in the Mopani Copper Mines. during the
Population. Reconfiguration of Zambia's Relation Mining Sector “These are people who feel they have to stand behind the $1.5 billion purchase
Ship with mining company Across the Copperbelt, politicians have indigenous rights to the lands of copper and cobalt exporters
The biggest challenge they will have as the continent's second largest pro and economic center and that's people who found a mine was sketchy it seemed to admit
Face is that restructuring is needed Copper producer Zambia could be hundreds of small-scale miners as a source of livelihood at a time when Zambia has more control over its resources.
The IMF is likely to be an unpopular, random position given the local world is known as "Jerabos," or there is huge youth unemployment, but it has sunk the country deeper
including withdrawing subsidies for electric cars to reduce global carbon emissions in at least two open-pit mines in the country. Formalizing them is debt. Haze around the deal cut
Electricity, petrol prices and conversion emissions. Electric vehicles use a lot Luanshya copper mines since June a challenge because they have to mine with the majority Swiss and Canadians.
in public service payroll accounting. using more copper than fuel and claiming they were granted access according to regulations and not ok, worried shareholders
Cars using internal combustion engines by a government official as part of 'Cupy [the mines]', the country's growing debt.
Zambia's economic challenges are, and are expected to increase, a youth empowerment program. Balancing free markets with Zam-
Celebration. Last year Zambia became mand and production of the metal. Jerabos' cast various overt bian resource nationalism Chelwa says: "HH has been criticized.
the first African country to default.
Repayments to Lenders. Growth due to increasing global demand for copper, several government deals with mining have been the modus operandi of government approach favoring private enterprise.
retreated by 4.9% and inflation increased relations with investors of companies. in an effort to ensure greater ness and capitalist needs over the public
to 17.4% in 2020, partly because China, India and the West may need control and benefit from foreign interests, but over the years they are there
Covid-19 pandemic and the in- to Zambia's benefit. Under the previous administration, mining of minerals. Looking for a big change in HH. his camera
Because of the government's increasingly unsustainable national ties to socialist ideals and populism, Zampaign focused on Sam-
Fault. But with international confidences, the Jerabos were often the founding president of the mutual, Kenneth Ans, the first, so we can expect to see more
in the presidency of Hichilema and for more than 75% of the country's benefits. Jerabos gangs that Kaunda nationalized the mines during his presidency.”
Strengthening local kwacha export earnings and 10% of their gross sales was known to be staked out in the late 1960s and 70s through acquisition of force
since his election, securing a debt repayment, they claim have been part of the patron's involvement in a number of for- There is cautious optimism for the
Structuring plan with the IMF, Zambia Extractive Industries can develop trans-age network to strengthen foreign companies, but a new global slump, although it is clear
be on the horizon. However, this will support the Parents' Initiative (EITI). However, the PF's grip on power in the east and oil prices created a ripple effect on some of the difficult decisions
will not be a panacea for the challenge- after decades of random changes, as the occasional small mind the copper market and prices must be taken, his vote will
it plagues Zambians. Industry experts call for stability as the ERS got access and licenses crashed, leaving Hirsche disappointed. Only time can tell
The country's mining tax regime to include abandoned mines, analysts say Cades. For years, Zambia has fought deeply over whether Bally – one of the country's countries
Despite the promise of a new one, gaining investor confidence. The Patriotic Front helped to maintain the economic recession, but to be able to secure the richest millionaires with copper
Dawn, fortification of southern Africa 2001, mining taxes have changed amid legal support in a key constituency. Price recovery and change of power – 'No Zambian should go to bed hunting'
The country's larger economy could see Hi- at ​​least once every 18 months that Hi- But since Lungu is no longer in power in 1991 and 2002, hands are falling,” he vowed in front of a roaring stadium
Chilema and the United Party for Naing to Zambia Chamber of Mines Convenience Relationship of Convenience presented Land in his inaugural address to a privatization audience.
National Development (UPND) make (ZCM.) a challenge for Hichilema, who wants a program that is seen multinationally
some unpopular decisions to boost investor confidence and buy up companies, but it – Quartz Africa.
According to Nicole Beardsworth, a Hichilema policy is likely to give people more power. was not without controversy since
Lecturer at the University of Witwa- Political Stability because he comes from *About the author: Marima is a
Terrand, South Africa. a background of tax discipline but freelance journalist and academic
researchers for sub-Saharan Africa
“The biggest challenge is that they become Africa.
face is that restructuring is required
by the IMF will probably be unpopular,
including the withdrawal of subsidies in
Electricity, petrol prices and conversions

NewsHawks Africa News page 41

Issue 48, September 17th, 2021 How election observers moderate
Zambia's smooth transition of power
warm encounter between Lun-
ZAMBIAN voters went to the polls gu and hichilema, pictures of it
on August 12 for the presidential vote, were released to the public.
Parliament and local government
Choose. From left: Jakaya Kikwete, Head of the Commonwealth Observer Mission; former Zambian President Rupiah Banda; former Zambian. Persistent questions about the Observer
President Edgar Lungu; Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema; Head of the AU Observer Mission Ernest Bai Koroma. missions
Until the final results are in. If elections are won by the opposition
In the early hours of 4 p.m. there was some discussion, the constituency and other observer groups who were primarily responsible gave less criticism
August it was already clear that the surgical commission corrected their figures. already on 13.08. This helped in an attempt to manipulate and scrutinize the observer missions
Position leader Hakainde Hichilema provides behind-the-scenes information on the diplomatic election. Together with the CCMG statistics, the result is assumed to be credible.
and his United Party for National's most prominent domestic goal was to ensure that lungu were acceptors who had shown PF agents. This was the case in Zambia
Development (UPND) had won as a group, the Christian Churches Moned the election result. present in almost all polling stations, far. However, some of the stubborn
convincing. itoring Group (CCMG) served to undermine Lungu's problems with election observation
A parallel vote tally (PVT) with As the results began to flow, it was ev- to reassure demands and voters. were still evident.
Before the election, there was technical assistance from the US identity, there had been a big turnaround
There has been much speculation that the National Democratic Institute is oriented towards the UPND and that it would also likely have added to these statements that international groups are spending little
less the result, the incumbent (NDI). They could not win a majority by law. Whether for diplomatic pressure on lunchtime in the country before the elections
would try to cling to power to publicize their findings until lungu would admit was another gu to admit. Overall, these negotiations were still disproportionate.
by authoritarian means. All official results were taken into account. In fact, on August 14, the former Zambian President involved increased his focus on urban areas,
In the end, however, Edgar Lungu conceded more firmly. Nevertheless, the incumbent CCMG claimed that the election Rupiah Banda as well as former especially Lusaka. The AU, Com-
Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete Monwealth and some smaller Re- agreed his lineup was not "free and fair" and congratulated his success.
assignee open. At a time when it was revealed earlier that ECZ had hunted down his party's agents and released all of the former President of Sierra Leone's regional watch groups
There are increasing questions about the statements that did not agree with her route from the polling stations in UPND Ernest Bai Koroma from the statements that were mild or vague
future of election observation, how numbers or whether the commission did strongholds. Unfortunately for Lunmonwealth and the African Union, their criticisms matter
Much thanks to observer missions that Gu could not meet the self-imposed deadline, around the same time he was server missions or problems with the area code u
for this smooth transition of power? Announcing the results within 72 hours with this argument, international campaign periods. These missions, like
The role of observers in Zambia in closing polling stations. In the end, the observer groups gave their persuaded Lungu to behave well like the EU, published their preliminary
Transition PVT, which turned out to be highly accurate own preliminary statements. The EU defeat without opening a court case, inary statements before the election
Credit for winning the election, primarrate, was not required to fund the Ropean Union's mission, which would have prolonged the results, although the results were announced
ily belongs to the UPND, which has compiled an official list of results. However, it was shared critically of the ruling party, relieving it of uncertainty and possibly causing it problems
The well-organized campaign and arguments with members of the diplomatic complex that it was the PF and not the UPND led to violence. The three former other previous missions.
Voters who turned up in large numbers - Presidents then made an appearance possible -
Bers and queue for up to 12 And there were questions too
Hours to cast your vote. Nevertheless - the bias of local observers, with
Less, observers also played key roles with some domestic surveillance groups
in events that unfolded when he was accused of siding with Hichi-
Day. A limited number of inter-lema.
national "observers" who
served only to gather information, observers played a crucial role
but not intervene, were present in Zambia's successful election, but these
a small portion of the polling stations. persistent deficiencies mean questions
There are now thousands of domestic reports about the future of election observation.
"Guardians" empowered to serve are not going away any time soon - it-
Raising concerns to polling station staff, particularly in the event of annulment by the court
covers much more of the country. Elections in Malawi and Kenya yet
relatively fresh in memory.
The UPND also deployed a large,
internally tested and well trained – African arguments.
Network of Party Representatives on Polls *About the author: Dr. Robert
stations. The decision of the Elec-Macdonald is a researcher at
The Center for African Studies, Uni-
to announce local results at the Elections Authority in Edinburgh, Scotland. He
Train stations and constituency registers- is currently working on the ES-
ulation Centers – an RC funded activity “Local Perceptions and
for by observer groups and others - Media Representations of Election
helped these agents advance the Observation in Africa project.
vid of the party with accurate results
to compare with the advertised ones
the central collection center in Lusa-
ka. This enabled the chairman of the UPND
Man for Elections, Gary Nkombo, to
dramatically challenge the first result
tried to explain the ECZ and pointed out
a discrepancy that favored PF. follow

THE military junta that administered a post-coup Guinea faces “huge capital outflows”.
bloodless coup just over a week ago on the long road back to democracy” addressing poverty and structure
Guinea has started its four-day consulate
$140 billion and has one of the excesses of abuse and power, they have the African Union (AU) as well as the inequalities including those that touch
lomaten, politicians and religious and largest bauxite deposits in the world have never really been able to deal with this international community as a whole. The will to ethnicity and gender is the key, says Ka-
Managing Director. the aluminum source. Transformations of power by calling on them as guarantors of democracy. goro citing the Open Government
more democratic by making economic partnership the framework for leadership
Under Lieu's leadership, "For the average Guinean, the Havmies are more democratic," he says. Both Ecowas and the AU have led Susguinea towards a more democratic future.
Tenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, pending diamonds, gold, uranium and Guinea's membership, calls
a former French legionnaire on an oil course has not qualified in a “You are not trained and wired for a quick democratic transition. “The release of political prisoners is
was trained by the US Forces, viability they can compare to the way.” A positive development but it has to be
The junta convened the conference to rest its West African neighbors,” “Guineans are the key players, accompanied by other safeguards
Getting input from the Guineans themselves, says Kagoro. But the coup situation in Guinea is too important to abandon human rights, including credible elections.
in the transition back to civilian rule. Military coup, not necessarily demo- unique, because during Mali and the early Guineans alone because of the huge stanchions.”
The critical transition he, Burkina Faso, has to contend with is a corporate interest in Guinea, that is
Creating that bridge back to democratization The ongoing talks are aimed at an ongoing security situation, Guinea is far more powerful than the country Condé has been accused of
Racy is better than nothing, but an election schedule and perhaps its wealth of economic resources trying," says Kagoro. hurl the opposition, as well as human
A number of challenges facing reforms as Guinea returns to constitutions makes support for the West African country's rights and access to justice - im-
According to the order, Guinea today is colossal. tastier. Corporate interests “can be nothing short of towering pillars that need to be restored
Brian Kagoro, a Johannesburg-based scholar, is doing what civil society can do if Guinea is to return to good governance.
Lawyer and independent head of government Condé was not only accused: "Don't forget that the Guinean army locks two hours, or even if they give money.
Expert. Suppression of dissent and human rights abuses are keenly interested and invest two-month blocks in them,” he adds, repeating
rights, but to transform the president's economy - albeit not through bribes, citing the time given by the junta to "resolve the unrest caused by the recent riots."
"Comprehensive government reforms take term limits through a constitutional through all sorts of benefits from a few different groups during the conference aimed at overthrowing the government
years,” Kagoro told RFI, referring to last year’s referendum. Is the precedent of natural resource extraction,” this week. create no gap in the protection of
while President Alpha Condé was deposed in Mali after two military coups, says Kagoro. Checklist for Good Governance Fundamental Rights and Freedoms”,
is accused of repression and corruption, says Kagoro, ci- As with a number of other countries, says Ilaria Allegrozzi, Senior Africa Re-
and human rights violations, there was vicious rule that could remain elusive. He claims Guin is rich in natural resources, searchers from Human Rights Watch.
a series of problems that dated before his EA to emerge from this coup with better responsibility must fight the corruption through
presidency 11 years ago. "While the militaries have dealt with the form will depend on how the regional reversal of the resource curse and illegality "The new authorities should ensure
Groups, the economic community, the human rights of all Guineans
“This is a state that has become highly West African states (Ecowas) and which are respected, including their right thereto
criminalized and very corrupt and participate freely in elections,” she added.
competent to preside over a very poor
People in a country rich in ex-She welcomed the release of 79 by the junta
traction,” he says. political prisoners earlier this month,
but urged them to release all the more
Guinea is the location of theSimandou as 200 political prisoners who re-
Mountains, estimated iron ore deposits imprisoned.


Page 42 World News NewsHawks
CHINA has notified the US, UK and others
Australia gives up its “Cold War” on Issue 48, September 17, 2021
mentality or danger of harming oneself
China warns US, UK and Australia
veiled a new defense cooperation pact. Pact could “hurt own interests”

Trilateral Security Partnership, US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announce deal between Aukus and nuclear submarines.
called Aukus, was announced on
Thursday from the leadership of the three nations - more aggressive in the region, including the US and Britain - stabbed them," but Prime Minister Jacinda told those who thought the US was pulling -
ers via video link and will include a near-daily incursion into Taiwan's hinterland in Australia. That's life." Ardern said it "doesn't change in any way" by going back and claiming the propaganda
18-month plan to provide an Australian air defense zone. There are increasing intelligence deals with Washington, which has not been a reliable ally.”
with nuclear submarines. Fears the South Araud confrontation also appeared to put the three nations or fifth member in question
The China Sea or the Taiwan Strait could be the reason why Australia did not look for Five Eyes nuclear power plants in Canada. Former Australian Prime Ministers
It triggered a strong political reaction that escalated into conflict. Submarines from France. ter Paul Keating dug from the
domestically in Australia and amid rising tensions, China Arrangement said it bound Australia
Britain, and from France, whose existing On Thursday Australia's best "A nuclear-powered submarine would become increasingly isolated from any US engagement against Chi-
$90 billion submarine treaty minister, Scott Morrison, extended France onto the world stage. Biden and Xi spoke na. “This arrangement would testify
Australia has now received an "open invitation" to talks, with the offer as all of its submarines first phoned another dramatic Australian loss in the past week
abrupt end. Chinese leader Xi Jinping said he has power," he tweeted. “The difficult time since taking office demands sovereignty as a material dependency
was willing to discuss problems. Commun- was in the process of converting Nuc driven and recent meetings with foreign Of- about the US would deprive Australia of any
While none of the three western cations transition to conventionally powered ships between the two governments.” Officials have been met with an impasse or freedom or choice with every engagement
Concerned leaders mentioned China essentially frozen amid deterioration. it can seem appropriate,” he said.
An arrangement is generally understood to mean the establishment of bilateral and trade relations. Morrison defended the now deceased
In response to Beijing's expansion deal with France, the Japanese government's international campaign said $2.4 billion
ism and aggression in southern China France's foreign minister criticized Australia's spending was not wasting Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Ican), which aims to bolster its defense capability
sea ​​and towards Taiwan. The US preaches the deal that heralds the end of a money. 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner, ties against a possible invasion of his
Ident, Joe Biden, spoke of the need for a $90 billion deal that Australia made on Thursday
Maintaining a 'free and open Indo-Pacific' with French company Naval 'All this investment, I believe, in 'the wrong direction at the wrong service provider China' has yet to be commented on
ic" and "tackling the region's current group in 2016 to replace their aging has further expanded our ability and time". the new alliance.
strategic environment". Collins class submarine fleet. France agreeing with the decision
accused Australia of "challenging what was rolled back for everyone in 2016, while Australia subs told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper
A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the "spirit" of the agreement. The US, UK and Australia said the right reasons to protect Australia would never be nuclear armed, Ican said
Person, Zhao Lijian, said the US and national security interests and served said a military nuclear reactor that "clearly clashes with opposition figures."
The UK's decision to export is "the American decision to advance that purpose," he said. Adelaide was a foot in the door thought to China,” he added
sitive nuclear submarine alongside a European ally and partner such as weapons development stations. the Biden administration already had
Technology to Australia was based on a structural partnership with France. The fleet is increasingly being built in Adelaide in cooperation with allies
“extremely irresponsible” dual stance with Australia at a time when we are fact- and will only put Australia second- Tom Tugendhat, the Chairman of the Indo-Pacific through the quad
Darts. Unprecedented challenges in the enth nation of the world to have a foreign affairs pact under the Commons of the United Kingdom involving Australia, Japan and India
Indo-Pacific region... has a shortage of marines powered by nuclear reactors. Center said the Aukus arrangement and the US.
“The international community, in the coherence that France only noted Morrison would not carry, was clearly a response to China. "Af-
Including neighboring countries, I have to acknowledge and regret,” said the pro-nuclear weapons official. Australia has been a signatory to bullying and anti-trade for years. The left-leaning Asahi also pointed this out
risen to challenge [Australia's] Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian and to oppose non-proliferation treaties. ty, and observed regional neighbors at the Queen's recent mission
on nuclear non-proliferation,” Secretary of Defense Florence Parly said as the Philippines invaded the region with the aircraft carrier Elizabeth.
Zhao said, according to a translation of a joint statement. New Zealand, which has banned its waters, did not have Australia, where it held its first joint exercise
broadcast by ABC News. "China will leave nuclear-powered ships out of its choice, and neither will the US or Britain," the Japan Self-Defense Force said recently
monitor the situation closely.” On Twitter, France's former ambassador to more than three waters, he said in a series of tweets. Month, as proof that the UK is
sador to the US Gérard Araud went decades, confirming that there would be no “increasing his involvement in the
Zhao further told the three countries, saying, "France was only an exception to Australia and the sub-region 'Tonight, Beijing will have realized the Indo-Pacific'."
“By the way, should the obsolete Cold War be abandoned, this grim truth was a reminder that Marines would be barred from entering the country. The pressure on Australia has triggered
Zero-sum mentality and narrow-mindedness - Analysts noted that New Zealand is an answer. This is a strong answer - The Guardian.
ed geopolitical concepts and respect absence from the agreement was "conspicuous"
the demands and actions of the people in the region
more that is regionally beneficial
Peace and Stability and Development –
otherwise they will only get hurt
pursue their own interests".

Earlier when asked for his answer
to the Aukus announcement, the
Chinese embassy spokesman Liu
Pengyu said countries "should not
mine exclusive blocks that aim or
Harm to the interests of third parties.
In particular, they should shake off
their Cold War mentality and ideology
cold prejudice.”

A martial English language edition
rial said in the hawkish Global Times
Australia has now “turned into one
an opponent of China".

The government-sponsored publication,
which often goes further than official
pronouncements, warned that Aus-
tralia could be targeted as a warning
to others when acting “with bravery.”
affiliation with the USA or by being "mil-
Italian assertive".

“So are Australian troops
most likely to be the first batch of
western soldiers in which they waste their lives
the South China Sea,” it said.

Shi Yinhong, professor of international
Relationships at Renmin University
of China said it was 'undoubtedly'
about fighting China, amidst the
"lowest levels of dialogue" between
Beijing and the three nations. Said Shi
the US, UK and Australia had
were active in tackling what they
seen as China's strategic expansion
activities, "so this is a real strategic co-
operation between like-minded countries

Shi said the mutual support is-
between the US and allies for the military
Construction would definitely
jing with “an uncompromising
Misconduct and countermeasures",
especially if the future Aussie
Submarines entered southern China
sea ​​for joint military exercises.

He said, "China will definitely do it
counteract, but the question is what
it would be a kind of counter.”

China has its
itary development and has become far

Porsche just got angrier as a model



Page 43 Issue 48, 09/17/2021

More about Enzo
I will drop out early
than you think

JONATHAN MBIRIYAMVEKA Enzo refused to be swayed into revealing his plans
for the future.
SEEN through the pink lenses of common people,
Showbiz personalities and other celebrities lead glam and "I still don't know what I'm getting myself into and I never can."
excellent life, the equivalent of heaven on earth. tell me if I'm going to be successful or not," he said.

This is of course far from reality. Life has popped out of you like a bullet train for many since three years ago
People, is never always rosy. tunnel, Enzo announced his arrival in his childish voice
his debut Kanjiva, which reached national anthem level.
Sometimes it goes up and the next day it goes down,
almost like a seesaw. He had been signed under the supervision of ChillSport Records.
full eye of DJ Fantan who spotted him in Sunningdale where
While most of these public figures chose to suffer in Si-, he lived at the time.
At least some are opening up for the world to see.
Enzo won several music awards in a short space of time, and
Such was the case when musician Enzo Ishall instantly shook the industry with some provocative lyrics
Hit after appearing on stage with hugely popular tracks like 50 Magate, Bhiza Rinoda Mutasvi and Handirare
Kanjiva recently dropped a bombshell and announced that he was Kuden Kwenyu.
hang up microphone.
But while he seemed unstoppable, he kept looking up
What, give up? Hit to the great satisfaction of a multitude of music lovers who
Most of his fans questioned what could have gone wrong, as those same fans were unaware of the underlying unfortunate circumstances.
A young artist with such a promising career, Enzo Ishall has circumstances in the star's life that have now influenced him
by him. unforeseen decision.
Not only his fans have to accept the reality, but also the Magate
The hitmaker also admitted in an interview with Star FM's KVG that Enzo appeared to be beset by issues surrounding
that he would not accept his decision either. the business side of his career and love life.
The teary-eyed Enzo, real name Kudzanai Stephen Mam-
here, was at pains to explain his decision. In December 2018, he was allegedly assaulted by his wife
"This is the first time I open my decision," paraded "Nutten" on his WhatsApp status.
he told the leading radio personality.
“I have my own struggles and I have responsibilities too. The young ladies concerned had performed the "50 Magate".
as my dark side. I couldn't take care of people, and Challenge" as promotional material for the track's video.
show them a thing or two, too.”
One could be persuaded to make sense of Enzo's argument. He was injured and beaten by the domestic violence.
But not all, and with good reason. lence incident, his first time making headlines for the wrong
Most people have yet to fully understand Enzo's abrupt de reasons.
Maybe one day sooner or later he can announce a coming. According to DJ Fantan, Enzo has always had problems
the back! But there is something peculiar about gifted people when his wife is in the spotlight.
especially artists.
Despite the runaway popularity he commanded in January 2020, Enzo probably made his biggest mistake
It doesn't seem to have died entirely in the early days of his music career after he left Passion Java Records to join them
In for Enzo, that he had actually become something of a hero for a newly formed Teemak stable, in a deal that shocked the public
growing fan base. Industry.
"Only now do I realize that I did something like this
huge impact on fans,” he claimed. The filing fee was believed to be on the order of $30
"A fan called me and asked what I did to their child 000, but the deal fell through before the ink dried on it
after she read that I had quit music. I was touched. And even contract after it was revealed that the owner, Taona Chipunga,
Now as you played this voice memo I sent you on the passport - resident in Malaysia was a scammer.
Considering Soul Jah Love you really got me cornered.
"I think I did my best and it was my long-cherished wish. This didn't sit well with Passion Java, who tried it
make people happy And I'm also glad I saw Sauro sue both Enzo Ishall and Teemak for breach of contract.
(Soul Jah Love), who feared God. I'll try as much as I can
at least release music because I feel like I owe fans. The truth is, however, I have, Enzo defended himself and said the deal with pas-
disappointed a lot of people.” sion Java was verbal.

Then, in January of this year, Enzo and the rapper are developing Holy Ten
exclaimed "Beef" as the two dropped diss tracks.

In Ko Makuitasei, from the album Risky Life, Holy Ten recorded
Enzo Ishall to the cleaners who claims he's lost his flame,
Hilary Makaya, to an unnamed famous preacher.

But Enzo clapped back with his hit song "Takuita So."
he claims singer Tamy Moyo turned down Holy Ten's ad.
merits. However, the beef turned out to be a marketing gimmick
mick on the part of the musicians for their projects.

Page 44 Life & Style News Hawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Mugabe, My Dad and Me Rezension – a
personal lesson on empire and identity

CATHERINE LOVE as a child. It is an ambitious play in which Tonderai Munyevu reflects on the men who played a large role in our ignorance and complicity in his life. That
Combating Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism - Thought-Provoking Show Show aims partly at enlightenment, but
"Where are you from?" It is an ism and a different understanding of without trying to be a straight line.
question the writer and actor Tonland, property and belonging. Forward history lesson. Munyevu
derai Munyevu gets a lot. In the refuses to solve the complexity of
Opening moments from Mugabe, My Munyevu's storytelling leaps into Zimbabwe's past and leaves viewers behind
Dad and I, he recalls, it was quick between personal and professional to piece together the jagged fragments.
asked by a white man that he was in the service then and now. Memories, memories of the story he offers us.
ing in a bar that Munyevu further suggests is something
strong, ill-informed opinions about it plague the diaspora. In John The lack of determination or reasoning
Munyevu's native Zimbabwe. This staging by R. Wilkinson, this assurance forces the audience to accept
Show is Munyevu's answer. Tension surrounds him - be it the questions of Munyevu from the
spooky chorus of costumes hanging atre.
As the title says, it's about his head and the music of the
about two men who appeared to Mbira to summon his ancestors. Occasionally, however, the show
big in Munyevu's life, each form tangled in its own intro-
through Zimbabwe's violent colonial playing of this traditional Zimbaspection. Some sections meander or
History: controversial former presbwean instrument, musician Millie repeats herself a little too forcefully
ident Robert Mugabe and Mun-Chapanda will both be ob-Tently. But that's out of the question
yevus heavy drinking, often absent waiter and a presence from the past, more stories like this - sharing experiences
Father. He traces the outlines of the deputy for various figures in the areas of migration and reckoning
her life before and after Munyevu's story. with the legacy of the Empire - need
get told.
Zimbabwe's independence in Munyevu is a naturally heartfelt thing.
1980, interspersed with his own former, unafraid to use his charm for - The Guardian.
experience as a member of the di- deliver a trick. He is fully aware • AtYork Theater Royaluntil
aspora after moving to Britain from the predominantly white population
View of the audience, faced on tour September 18, 2022
to be announced.

NewsHawks Life & Style page 45

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Like the Zimbabwean artist Chiurai
reinvented the idea of ​​the library

TINASHE MUSHAKAVANHU continuing relevance. Kudzanai Chiurai. extensive collection of vinyl records guest librarian and has travelled
Things We Forgot to Remember has been associated with the liberation movement from its first iteration in Harare to Chiurai's works
ZIMBABWE-BORN artist Kudza – homeless, typically incorporations in southern Africa from Cape Town, Kalmar, Södertälje and
nai Chiurai is a phenomenon. Hetistic repertoire that ed uses in the artist's own exhibitions. 1970s-80s, especially Zimbabwe-Johannesburg. Former Librarians
is one of the most challenging and using mixed media to address social media but the concept of a mobile library where Chimurenga and South Africans were the political writing platform
Inventor figures in contemporary political and cultural issues. It calls has been altered by the COVID-19 pan anti-apartheid fight music. There form Chimurenga in Harare, writers
African art. From large format photos to his groundbreaking 2011 Demik which restricted the movement are also recordings of speeches by and DJ El Corazone in Cape Town,
from fictional African dictators to State of the Nationwhich exper exhibition and live events. The library is about historical political figures like Ian and the film director and DJ Sifiso
Thought films and protest posters, richly explored conflicts by building a gathering, not just materials, but Smith, Kwame Nkrumah, Mobu-Khanyilein Johannesburg.
Oil paintings and minimal sculptures, African utopias that made it possible for people. There shall be a meeting tu Sese Seko, Dr. Martin Luther, become
His work is housed in the world's leading mixed forms and media, side by side. King and even a dramatic re-enactment - What Chiurai does is,
galleries and collections. political ideas, historical figures of the Black Panther Bate trial evoke a new model for artistic creation
– like a speech by the murdered Congolese Chiurai is now also inviting other party co-founders Bobby Seale. and knowledge production
However, Chiurai frequently shrugs the shoulders of independence leader Patrice Lumum – curating this archive, rearranging it, clashes with circulation, with exhibition
to show off gallery space in Ware-supplied by artist Zaki Ibrahim - for regular public viewing in a rented The collection continued to preserve and preserve cultural assets.
houses, on the street or in urban space - next to a performance of contemspace. He sees the library as: growing. In 2018 it received digital re-Who's got a right to value? who
gen. His latest project, The Library, is musician Thandiswa Mazwai. Cordings of US-based educational decides what is history? What kinds
of things we don't remember, a kind of liberated zone itself. It's a project, Freedom Archives - should materials be collected? As
is housed in a boutique.
Complex, 44 Stanley, in St. John's Ways, librarian each time to share, present and different ... and and women involved in the exemption licenses?
Castle. It is built around his collection to reinvent the archives as he sees the process of movements in Zimbabwe in the south with different people
The practice focused on preserving his latest project, the library. catalog differently. Some also see Africa, Namibia and Guinea-Bissau as visitors with a responsibility.
Chives and the commemoration of social and The Library at it visual and some audible - and also the US civil rights movement. They are not just passive observers,
Cultural History from Southern Africa. First in 2017, the library of such diverse librarians brings various other materials are used by individual staff, interpreters and
ca. He drew my attention to his personal affairs. people and institutions. Reader. The library becomes a place
Library and archive on a public art of provocation that allows multiples
Project. The library includes those of the artist Accordingly, Chiurai treats these registers of value because value is
Traces of battle with great care. negotiated. It's also about the reins
It's an idea influenced by Chiurai's invention of the library as a space for some of these historical documents
obsessive interest in history and battery and posters are now framed and hung various forms of contemplation. it is
mulation of artifacts like books on the white walls. Once these buddies were still a target for artists, scholars,
Brochures, zines, newspapers, vinyl rials chronicling life in black Africa, or curators and collectors to do research
Vinyl records, political posters, audio recordings of Black America as it happened. Now, and deal with southern Africa
Cordings and other ephemera - bro - they're artifacts of frozen moment history.
rials examining the relationship in history. His library is designed as
between cultural production and social, a place of contemplation and reflection.
movements. tion. There is a big green couch and Urai praises. In black communities it is
listening stations. often an expensive luxury, a privilege.
The art of remembering does not pick up the work pointedly, but through this newly arranged space
traditional approach to archiving. The Library of Things We Forgot in the form of a hybrid gallery that
Selection and acquisition are critical, remembrance is part of an effort to community center, library and archive,
broken down by interaction. It is managed and ideas that a library can remember are translated into a column.
as a kind of commons where people and their decolonization. It is a comprehensive process of re-imagining and thinking out
can share the artist's vision of new ways and benefit from how people use the common heritage. It is also a will
Collection and what is donated by the “Library” as a place of investigation and the generosity behind Chiurai's art
Other. verse with the past. Practice, care and community.

While most archives and libraries may be fascinating *About the Author: Tinashe
emphasizing the preservation of materials, Chiurai's library is not an extra Mushakavanhu is a postdoctoral researcher
As, Chiurai's library encourages access, ic, but arranges in the hands of Fellows at the University of the Wit-
physical engagement and active use watersrand, south africa.
of materials to obtain theirs

Page 46 State of Culture NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

New music sensation is living his dream


WHAT is the chance that a
40-something old guy dating
Gwamba deep in rural Nkayi
which according to his own statements was
a fool at school fights
with math (this is the most
people anyway) and find so-
Peak in his guitar playing talent
would blow up in the way
that he has? A few weeks ago,
which has grown, albeit organically
lich to become a pop culture
phenomenon unleashed
on an unsuspecting Bula-
wayo audience in the form of
an uncle skhosana from N-
kayi. At the time of going to
Pressure he had collected 62 947
Views for a video for the song
Ntethe, premiered on 18
August 2021. The numbers do
aren't showing any signs of slowing down
but and above all as a con-
Dispute over the release of the song
first snowball-like and now
rises and ebbs. 3 900 likes and
41 "I don't like it", bottom line further
YouTube, the verdict stands: Sik-
Hosanna Buhlungu is a bonafide
cultural force at least for now
in this part of the country. in the
In the wake of his success he is up
His way to fulfilling his dreams,
including the construction of
a house. He'll figure it out soon
and either the catch up
rest of the country and even
the region. Why not?

The spark of a flame at Amakhosi Cultural Center in Bulawayo.
After the videos of his "Rede-
es" and music had worked for four years and honored them with awards. the internet was not such a big person passed it to another entrepreneur with over 110 000
Thousands of millions of laps on his musical stories dealing at the time in terms of the uh and so on. Followers on Twitter, for example
Cyberspace, Zenzele Ndebele from fans and community along the emergence of But Skhosana as a current digital migration, The maven and the connecter ple. In this piece is Ndebele
the center for innovation and path. In fact, its community is an internet sensation for most people living in the city. In that respect, I think there's something for Gladwell
Technology (Cite) has accumulated over time in the media and in some areas of the world and in some ways a connector, that is, a connector and a feature
May interviewed the artist playing his music and releasing the video of the song Parts of the rural landscape, son whose social life is as maven as Yiddish is for
Born Cleopas Sikhosana gave him some tips as well as part of a Ntethe from his latest album. do. Gladwell wrote back that they meet and mingle with someone who has knowledge.
49 years ago in Nkayi. The in-musician, who tugs at videos of his performances, then about the “overabundance of infor- People of different persuasions are able. The plug has something
As it turns out, the interviewer added threads of his or her audience. widespread among humans "caused by millions of lives", this is the extent to which Gladwell referred to social glue and
“Wood” to the fire of growing Skhosana Buhlun- within Matabeleland and from websites and media and the virus spreads with the re- der Maven is someone who
public interest in the artiste gu has naturally dominated social me- the diaspora, caught on the distraction that prosultant domino effect until there acquires knowledge about a
whose music is a kind of chrondia in terms of entertainment, like wildfire on platforms like vide for people in terms of at- is a critical mass of an 'infected' field. In the case of Ndebele, it
The symbol of rural life in this southern region and country is like WhatsApp and like all "good intentions" causing "mess" enough people to justify the digital space
Side. Talent is not enough to assert yourself. If there were no epidemics,” he argued, News makes a harsh description of an epidemic. how it works. He's after
the world of entertainment. The language barrier has the whole work of Malcolm Gladwell in it. He refers to the Con- Through it all, Human Agency all, the director of Cite, who
It is a business necessary for dissemination and is a multimedia organization
midwives. For example, Justin devoured. But that's all on your ping point, there's a few for a move or trend that goes beyond what a bunch of ser-
Bieber needed Scooter Brown if you can't understand what factors led to epidemic proportions. Social behavior or related vices including an online message
Facilitating its musical after debele because it lacks the resounding success or "virality", but there are two other conceptions of the human agent platform, which mainly focuses
he had announced on YouTube. out on Skhosana's artistry. No, Skhosana among the people in the or laws he proposes, others use word of mouth on Matabeleland. It's a trusted one
The rest, as the saying goes, is history, it's not the usual region of musicians. namely the law of the few (con- or eWOM (electronic word platform because of the quality
with millions of records sold you will see in borrowed Gladwell theses (Nectors, Mavens and Salesmen), of Mouth) as it is known in his journalism. Some of the
and much more. Our own skho - "threads" and "fronting" in one The central idea of ​​Gladwell is and the power of context. online communication. So Journos are colleagues of mine
Sana is, in its own little way, a rental car or home to cover this dramatic moment, borrowing Gladwell's book
a beneficiary of the power of a music video. That in an epidemic, when everything comes from science, like the story is total on his Twitter a few weeks ago. So in the other
new media. His dreams and artists are elementary, but one thing changes everything at once, he uses the way he acts: words when Cite presents
hopes to earn a living with his organic way of life. He is undaunted by what he describes as his epidemics taking hold and spreading something, rest assured it is
Music, building a home for his rural community, and his caregivers were the turning point. He posits as is the current case. We are there The new single #NTETHE will reach many people
Family is recognized after being smart enough to free him by the rules of epidemics and the age of the Covid-19 globe. @SkhosanaNkayi will be region and beyond. And before
Members of the public came out in this way and he is on the concept of contagion in the Al pandemic. The disease has receded this week. Please tweet about Skhosana's news
and donated four heads presenting the king, who hogs the dissemination of ideas and trends. I made a lot of destruction to support uSkhox. Music will be released a few weeks ago, Cite
livestock, material and money. Limelight of everyone and everyone thought up this thesis in its human and economic terms. be available in all online music had presented him on his platform.
entertainers regardless. Book from 2000 and but we can't forget that it saves everything. form on a show called Breakfast
Skhosana is a folk musician. Last year he was named Best Newcomer at a provincial club in China where Ndebele is anchored
with his feet firmly planted in the Bulawayo Arts and most certainly with a Who is Zenzele Ndebele? himself. There was a moment
in the life of his community in Well he is a journalist and
Nkayi, who disposes of the past

NewsHawks State of the Culture Seite 47

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Around May when Skhosana MS: As I said above, there is a world untouched by the bright local talent. Well that was recording him. But don't forget to make the cording easier.
No deal caught most people's attention at all, ours is to see the city lights. He comes across the usual refrain to skh- der loud skhosana edited by his manager skhobokho-
with his whimsical storytelling. he realizes his dream and also as this uncle full of sana's arrival and the video where he first dreamed of meeting bo. The album got him that
But Ndebele refused to show that if god touches humor and a bag of wit, the song just unleashed something on Madlela, who is now emerging as a standout newcomer
much about his role, which favors even the scorned cisms to keep audiences trans-, became his manager's runaway hit. Skhosana believes that all genres in Bula
to quip jokingly: “My ideas are lifted to greater heights. In the video he dances to the song. As viral as it is, what he dreams of is the final comwayo Arts Awards (BAAs).
is to raise them up and only speak what people say. as the kids cheer him on. Became Dlala also shared it to pass. His stage name is year. Ntethe is for all intents
to my editions of Gukurahundi.” AK: Your own music career ntethe! They also join him among the followers of Sikhosana Buhlungu and Four and Purposes, his watershed
Someone else peppered the footwork with the dance and enjoyment of those from the local arts scene, too. There are years after the start of his serious moment. Remember Patati
Bringing Skhosana into comedy. What children are from your point of view is tangible. So who's the one who shows up unfazed in the music journey where he's Patata? Most likely it's just one
Studio and introduces him to the role of fun and comedy in that wretched person whose vague recollection of that age was played for rural audiences by Skhosana's musical and co-
the world of his dreams like the music? The antics of the medics won't melt your heart. Sikhosana has been catapulted to short attention spans. But what
current case. Mothusi Bashi-MS: We have various children embracing the message into an internet sensation. But if I told you that skhosana is
Mane Ndlovu, also known as Entertainer, is ours from her Malume (uncle) with prominent among these consider the following com- nowhere at all times
the comedic musician Madlela to relieve the nation Ngoba beaming faces? Yes, that is, will people like Ezra "Tshisa" be joined by some of his musicals anytime soon? Folk music has its place
Skhobokhobo, played a critical singaba hlekisi besizwe (we Skhosana and his song Ntethe Sibanda and Nkanyiso Ma colleagues (names not included): in society. Those who support
help to bring Skhosa - bring laughter to the people). is a fun song and dance shtick thonsi, a senior manager at sikhosana will tell you that he
well in the foreground. Skhobokhobo There are those who are called upon who readily attract attention. SkyzMetro FM, who said: "But having it as that is refreshingly ego-free, er
(MS) Addy Kudita responds to making music for sad moments, the view that Skhosana is not Bulawayo's greatest song is original and sincere. music is
(AK)'s burning questions: some to speak to the soul; at heart. Basically, he is the best representative of sending the wrong signal to what is, in a sense, true democracy. if
AK: How he came to tell stories and age the youth to be like this city's music scene. It's basically the world of music.” The masses choose you, you
Work with skhosana and people feel that comedy is a good smart locust that is quickly decried because the locals will "eat" rav-. It's the people who
what made him choose health because laughter is learning, and humble enough to talk about the Ntethe hitmaker. "Exactly what I wanted to decide, right? Ntethe is here
work with him? good for health. Getting corrected. say about many younger musicians!” and will be around for longer than
MS: Sometime last year I saw AK: Regarding the public who he felt deserved a bet - Patati Patata. There is no conversation
One of his videos has been trending and I recently donated what the video was by the way in support of members of “Personally rigging this whole YouTube thing
was somehow drawn into him. Your opinion on whether it is shot by Rasquesity Keaitse, one of the public. Others believe this shows people from our point of view and it seems organic.
I felt a strong urge to do something - an ideal way to support the local production of the song can the region band together, Supic. As for the comments section,
thing for him, so I became an artist, or you'd rather look for videographers. I spoke to not measure. The fact that the port matters and it's the support for Skhosana
looking for him and since they have companies using him as him because of the fuss about the matter is that Skhosana shines when they want.” is unusually positive. The no-
In other words, the rest is history. My role as a brand ambassador with the Ntethe song and video. Doesn't come in a glossy wrapper Sager believe Skhosana is
has it always been to help skho - to offer them his services? Here's what he had to say: My and Gucci suit. “Makes music that evokes sympathy and sympathy while milking
sana realizes his dream, nothing MS: We are born different and the role was only in the optics of Skhosana and the nausea of ​​the people of this region and those who criticize him
more and not less. I always automatically produced our help and I included the factor that you're done!" "Blackmail" or "guilt".
see the direction of everything differently. Some will work with the project because I felt that I felt stumbled to support that
On the creative side, in early ventures, some with NGOs, the song will get our kids referring to Gladwell's book, This song is comical and artiste. They insist
Project, Somiso, we'll leave him alone. But for Skhosana it rejoiced and forgot that to understand why Bulawayo accepted it, meaning Ntethe is trash and that is
We didn't add much because it's a people's project. People Covid-19 situation we are in. was that Ntethe has become Bulawayo who loves jokes...” not “representing” the best.
We also tried to see and were generally touched. My daughter loved the song as the phenomenon it has with Bulawayo's talent. a sense-
understand his test. But on the of skhosana and she feels immediately upon hearing it which is all her controversy. Why the “I guess. But it's also split. It's her shame at Skhosana.
Nonetheless, Hayi Simtshukile must go beyond buying his reason why I featured controversy in the first place? Cleopas Skhosa - Different sections of the same But Skhosana knows who he is
umdala kakhulu (We took music online to help him with the visuals. We all knew that Na is almost 50 years old, the city has a completely different artist and doesn't try
the old man). When he starts building a better home for him that not everyone will love, he's a Jonny Come to some. come across as a Cassper Ny-
ed, most thought he was a joke. Moved by Skhosana's Sto- for if it's not Harare or Lately that should stay in Ovest or Mzoe 7. Nothing is
Because of the interview, uSkhosary music fans left the South African-certified Sound the Countrys and the stage “Personally, I liked how they came up with this. The GE-
na did earlier but god can use bilized resources to construct one or concept people must have brighter young things. But the marketing forces and it lies in the simplicity of his nius
anything to blow someone up. House for him in his rural base negative views. To hear him speak is to listen to riding the controversy. Presentation. His music carries
That was his way of blowing up in the village of Gwamba and showing a man who's partly mystical that they're pushing the brand towards a simple, home-focused message
and one other thing, Skhocy grew donated materials and promised that kills our local comedian and storyteller. the relevant target market.” But what do we cult critics do
in rural areas and never had support for the project. Bulawayo industry because I think we know what makes him ture? Ultimately the
stayed in cities so he didn't have The brand wanted to sound like our neighbor - a compelling character is Skhosana in the thought comment section to his you-
exposing such things. But Skhosana is a simple man. He bours or north (Harare). My intoxicating blend of a man who can because he's a grown man. Tube revealed:
Now some are beginning to see it's rural, a griot of sorts, if you've grown up listening to Ndolwane delight you with funny wise songs about 'the life that isn't'
that he is actually a serious, or more precisely a kind of Mokis and such Skhosana, cracks for me and the belief in the mainstream". He's a sub- "I was blown away by this video
Artist who will surprise fools yet. He's essentially a sto- represents the people of the power of his dreams and the dog, and the public emits a smile, it's full of joy and it
many. Sisazo Mtshuka Umdala Ryteller with a knack for the south and those clueless about omens and signs. Because for him. The youth and calm – I was happy to see children
ama gatekeeper aze athi siyavu- funny. He makes people laugh the sound they should have for example in an interview with less can only drool over what is so happy...”
ma (we're taking him to and I think he's good at keeping listening to SA or Han-Ndebele, he tells how he thinks she's the 'stolen one'
gatekeepers accept reality). lead audiences back to a rarely certified music. When you first dream of having an opportunity to shine. mean- "I love the authenticity..."
AK: What's the deal between coincidence, I'll do it again. Well-known musician Madlela is there, the audience is clearly a farewell shot
You and Skhosana regarding The Buzz Skhobokhobo who made Sikhosana a success. It is a time of Covid-19 and
His music career? On a day of his release that was instrumental in having him, I believe he is actually- Zimbabwe has had one
Video had generated over 10 recordings of his music. Madlela became very interesting as an artist. much trauma. Laughter is rare
000 views, which pretty much avoid him, pick him up. He is a musician, a storyteller, to be found and found as a disease stem
Notable for a city that is his nkayi base so he could take people's lives as a comedian and dancer. skho
not really famous for support what. All round he is a Enter-Sana is a tonic for the time.
tainer and that counts.
The power of context
Sikhosana broke into the pop
Courtesy of
his debut album Kumnandi,
published in June 2020, the re-


Specializing in printing flyers, stickers, business cards
T-Shirts, Caps, Banner, Kalender, PVC, Vinyl,
Light boxes, indoor and outdoor signs, vehicle identification

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Page 48 People & Places NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

Matetsi magically pure enjoyment

FROM stunning landscapes, incredible wilderness with passion and a hotel in Africa this year's edition, it was even more fulfilling because the property employs 176 people.
ble wildlife, the mighty Zambezi River striving for excellence and thus created by the Travel + Leisure World’s Best, the award came at a time when Matetsi had With its unique location and high
er, of course, the spectacular Victoria exceptional guest experiences. awards. just celebrated its five year anniversary.
If, and most importantly, a warmly qualified team, Matetsi offers exceptional
authentic Zimbabwean hospitality, it's now home to unspoilt wildlife- Travel Leisure Magazine is one of the official experiences at Matetsi Victoria Falls
Matetsi Victoria Falls is all Ness. It currently protects 55,000 of the most prestigious travel and tour doors opened in late 2016. Goal - really the ideal combination-
Exceptional over the beautiful Zim acres of land dedicated to Islamist publications with a broad global location on the 55 000 acre exclusive safari tranquil river,
babe. Protection of species and 15 ki readership of over 35 million people. tetsi Private Game Reserve, a pristine The Falls, luxury accommodation and
kilometers of banks of the Zambezi. Nominated as the best hotel in the nature reserve with 15 relaxation options, all wrapped up in incredible
For the past five years, according to this publication, Matetsi Africa is not a small kilometer of the Zambezi riverbank, the famous Zimbabwean hospitality.
Victoria Falls breathed life into Matetsi Victo achievement in July this year. Owned and independently managed
ria Falls was named Best Resort — STAF WRITER.



The home of first-class real estate:[Email Protected]

The West Estate warehouses are taking shape

houses are
built in an industry
Location in West Estate
and managed by the Platinum Group.
— Images: Aaron Ufumeli

Page 50 NewsHawks

Issue 48, 09/17/2021

1.868.168 4.413.411 0,3 % 1.467.466 2.069.451 0,1 %
75 PROBOTTLERS 2.545.243 1.537.376 4.397.761 0,3 % 221 YZ HOLDINGS P/L 601.985 697.059 2.063.596 0,1 %
1.902.462 4.380.311 0,3 % 480.000 2.053.380 0,1 %
76 AGRICON EQUIPMENT (PVT) LTD 2.860.385 2.460.983 4.309.492 0,2 ​​% 222 BULK COMMODITIES (PVT) LTD 1.366.538 - 2.053.020 0,1 %
2.097.047 4.224.166 0,2 % 648.261 2.047.240 0,1 %
BANK OF ZI 77 VIVO ENERGY FORMER ENGEN PETROLEUM 2,477,849 2,590,816 4,207,677 0.2% 223 SUNNY YI FENG TILES ZIMBABWE (PVT) LTD 1,573,380 805,015 2,046,348 0.1%
500.000 4.200.000 0,2 % 150.000 2.040.884 0,1 %
78 PROTON BAKERS (PVT) LTD 1.848.509 2.158.370 4.183.555 0,2 % 224 CHINYA INVESTMENTS 2.053.020 864.204 2.024.727 0,1 %
1.942.400 4.159.187 0,2 % 952.653 2.023.541 0,1 %
RESERVE MBABWE 79 INNSCOR DISTRIBUTION P/L 2,127,119 1,464,577 4,143,847 0.2% 225 ADLEBON INVESTMENTS 1,398,979 - 2,013,971 0.1%
1.423.787 4.069.778 0,2 % 816.602 2.005.415 0,1 %
80 FASTJET ZIMBABWE (PVT) LTD 1.616.861 1.367.813 4.026.907 0,2 % 226 ZIMBABWE NEWSPAPERS 1980 LTD 1.241.333 147.552 1.976.010 0.1 %
1.566.033 3.830.678 0,2 % 620.175 1.971.074 0,1 %
81 AGRIBANK 3,700,000 1,370,000 3,817,870 0.2% 227 BETAR CHEMICALS 1,890,884 689,940 1,969,035 0.1%
1.099.806 3.788.262 0,2 ​​% 1.854.569 1.962.869 0,1 %
82 ARENEL (PRIVATE) LIMITED 2.025.185 1.009.266 3.716.583 0,2 % 228 BITUMEN WORLD 1.160.523 - 1.960.199 0,1 %
2.030.153 3.659.596 0,2 % 86.379 1.951.141 0,1 %
83 FEEDMIX (PVT) LTD 2.216.788 2.150.115 3.658.268 0,2 %
2.067.423 3.652.840 0,2 % 1.289.843 1.946.078 0,1 %
84 DRIPTECH IRRIGATION 2,679,270 2,408,161 3,640,184 0.2% 230 UPLAND GAS INTERNATIONAL 2,013,971 1,554,644 1,942,544 0.1%
1.284.177 3.605.854 0,2 % 1.181.084 1.918.230 0,1 %
85 CURECHEM ÜBERSEE P/L 2,645,991 - 3,593,323 0.2 % 231 YATAKALA TRADING 1,188,814
272.416 3.590.997 0,2 % 1.901.935 1.901.935 0,1 %
86 PAROAN VISTA (PVT) LTD 2.659.094 2.444.125 3.573.729 0,2 % 232 Star Africa Corporation 1.828.458 1.900.000 1.900.000 0,1 %
542.600 3.554.863 0,2 % 1.898.573 0,1 %
PRESS RELEASE 87 COLORMAXIMAL INVESTMENTS PVT LTD 2,264,645 1,332,466 3,522,721 0.2% 233 ONE STOP SOLAR 1,350,899 816,009 1,896,153 0.1%
1.438.297 3.522.355 0,2 % 126.929 1.893.175 0,1 %
FOREIGN CURRENCY ALLOCATIONS 88 TRAYLISH INVESTMENTS 2,447,870 755,709 3,496,883 0.2% 234 Capital Agriculture (Pvt) Ltd 1,279,095 523,175 1,892,611 0.1%
SYSTEM FOR THE PERIOD FROM JUNE 2020 TO AUGUST 2021 AND ABROAD 1,886,661 3,496,696 0.2% 474,850 1,890,702 0.1%
89 ACCESS BRANDS PVT LTD 2.688.456 1.755.692 3.495.070 0,2 % 235 VITAL LOGISTICS 108.300 1.889.819 0,1 %
PAYMENTS OF DRAFT FOR THE PERIOD JANUARY 2021 TO AUGUST 2021 1,595,095 3,480,891 0.2% - 1,874,584 0.1%
90 MAFURO FARMING 2.707.317 1.719.702 3.436.758 0,2 % 236 Eurostar Electric Co Pvt Ltd 1.960.199 67.001 1.873.200 0,1 %
In line with the Bank's commitment to keep the public regularly informed of developments 724,251 3,418,139 0.2% 718,213 1,865,387 0.1%
on the foreign exchange market, the Bank hereby publishes the following: 91 TYREZIM PVT LTD 1,629,443 1,543,700 3,387,199 0.2% 237 PRODISTRIBUTION PVT LTD 1,864,762 250,000 1,860,010 0.1%
1.869.385 3.383.005 0,2 % 374.334 1.847.855 0,1 %
1. A list of the 1728 beneficiaries of US$1,733,751,014 covered under the Main Foreign
stock market auction; 844,470 3,314,940 0.2% 970,805 1,835,118 0.1%
93 OILMARK (PVT) LTD 1.585.417 1.913.898 3.299.973 0,2 % 239 CREDFIN (PRIVATE) LIMITED 656.235 828.807 1.832.600 0,1 %
2. A list of 3588 beneficiaries of US$233,825,680 allocated among SMEs Overseas 1,024,236 3,299,590 0.2% 465,000 1,801,612 0.1%
stock market auction; and 94 INTREPID TRADING CLOSE CORPORATION 1,232,024 1,416,854 3,264,868 0.2% 240 EDNAT MINING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD 387,900 855,850 1,800,000 0.1%
429.391 3.250.540 0,2 % 536.346 1.790.637 0,1 %
3. A schedule showing total foreign exchange payments by source for the period 95 AE ELECTRICAL 2,321,677 1,067,029 3,248,567 0.2% 241 ORIGEN CORPORATION (PVT) LTD 737,146 1,800,000 1,775,718 0.1%
January 2021 to August 2021 in the amount of US$4,044,283,003 broken down as follows:- 2,080,317 3,228,089 0.2% 1,773,113 0.1%
Foreign Currency Accounts ($2,457,510,102), Interbank Market ($246,449,194) and 96 GRAIN MARKETING BOARD 3,593,323 1,747,338 3,220,192 0.2% 242 NETONE CELLULAR - - 1,769,408 0.1%
the foreign exchange auction system (US$1 340 323 707). 100,800 3,215,091 0.2% 655,908 1,761,581 0.1%
97 PROPLASTICS LIMITED 3.318.581 750.000 3.178.546 0,2 % 243 NATIONAL AIDS COUNCIL - 309.189 1.749.251 0,1 %
The auction system has so far covered and benefited from almost all facets of the economy, 2,074,073 3,173,583 0.2% 501,185 1,740,929 0.1%
from among others the needs of individuals for education fees, the capital needs of SMEs and
Raw materials and capital requirements of the primary producers. The auction had a larger 950,832 3,162,099 0.2% 173,800 1,731,499 0.1%
Presence in the economy as more than 4000 companies have accessed foreign currencies via 99 NEW AVAKASH INTERNATIONAL 3,012,263 689,935 3,159,312 0.2% 244 ECOCASH (PVT) LIMITED 1,082,564 237,499 1,728,129 0.1%
Allocated $1.7 billion in Main Auction and $233.8 million in SME Auction. 1,513,704 3,146,850 0.2% 777,565 1,691,888 0.1%
The majority of the allocated funds (60%) has been used to pay for raw materials ($794.7).
million) and machinery and equipment ($382.5 million), with the remaining 40% going 1,750,000 655,722 1,691,508 0.1%
to pay for consumables, pharmaceuticals and other critical business needs 101 NOVAFEED (PVT) LTD 2,084,058 300,830 3,143,565 0.2% 246 Sino Truk Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd 1,370,000 552,440 1,690,860 0.1%
as reflected in the following tables. 903,821 3,111,517 0.2% 1,690,000 0.1%
102 OPTIMUM AGRO (PRIVATE) LIMITED 2.741.174 1.014.419 3.080.160 0,2 % 247 CAUDLISS INVESTMENTS T/A NUTRIE FOODS 1.417.761 878.086 1.680.500 0,1 %
1.038.831 3.079.855 0,2 % 1.244.894 1.678.434 0,1 %
103 GERIBRAN SERVICES T/A TRANSERV 1.610.035 1.187.808 3.073.942 0,2 ​​% 248 BLACKBOX OILS AND LUBRICANTS (PVT) LTD 1.890.702 1.678.351 0,1 %
404.980 3.064.152 0,2 ​​% - 1.661.893 0,1 %
104 AROPAK BOARD AND TIMBER 1.739.378 2.066.913 3.052.098 0,2 % 249 UMBINGTON TRADING 1.822.818 686.000 1.660.155 0,1 %
3.023.882 0,2 ​​% 1.246.906 1.654.017 0,1 %
105 GRAINCO (PVT) LTD 1.885.796 2.170.057 3.013.516 0,2 % 250 WE TRADING (PRIVATE) LIMITED 1.156.371 1.528.351 1.651.513 0,1 %
394.245 863.420 1.637.469 0,1 %
106 ZIMBABWE ONLINE PVT LTD 1,717,055 658,762 251 SEPTEMBER ONE P/L 1,623,200 412,250 1,625,411 0.1%
103.000 1.621.702 0,1 %
107 TINEO COMPANY 2,693,888 252 PLANAS STATIONERY 1,491,053 - 1,621,432 0.1%
1.388.633 575.000 1.619.959 0,1 %
108 AFGRI ZIMBABWE 1,843,499 - 253 TECHSOL SYSTEMS 1,365,109 1,619,956 0.1 %
- 1.608.029 0,1 %
109 FLIK NIK ENTERPRISES 1.513.620 935.115 254 BULLION COMMODITIES INTERNATIONAL 877.050 321.661 1.601.952 0,1 %
806.306 -
1.005.053 1.207.807
113 PROCUREMART TRADING (PVT) LTD 2.275.354 992.452 258 KÄSE GALORE P/L 1.265.266 559.177
114 LEMONSEED INVESTMENTS P/L 1.848.014 888.621 259 Harava Solar Park (Pvt) Ltd - 720.000
961.380 644.600
115 Bell Petroleum 2.821.150 778.242 260 VICTORIA FOODS (PVT) LTD 1.790.637 801.800
908.411 400.000
116 IRVINES SIMBABWE 2.181.537 976.013 261 POLYOAK PACKAGING SIMBABWE (PVT) LTD 1.119.810 409.813
831.803 654.800
117 DISTRIBUTED POWER AFRICA PVT LTD 1.147.771 1.689.203 262 ASTRA FARBEN 1.463.925 665.193
51.935 1.022.162
118 EXCLUSIVE BRANDS 1,472,854 2,144,448 263 MEDIRITE HEALTHCARE P/L 1,268,223 822,402

119 HASTT ZIMBABWE PVT LTD 3.114.291 350.000 264 FE TATMIF T/A Greens Supermarket 626.000 -
1.000.776 1.187.017
886.014 -
John P. Mangudya 121 TETTOLA INVESTMENTEN 1.099.510 964.622 266 PHARMANOVA P/L 1.503.430 736.415
Governor 206.543
September 10, 2021 122 SUNRAY CORPORATION 2,448,323 113,129 267 HEAVY DUTY LUBRICANT 963,186 107,537
1.467.336 874.056
123 AMTEC MOTORS (PRIVATE) LIMITED 2.208.480 1.639.505 268 ROCKDRILL TRADING 795.699 195.000
1.202.438 876.979
124 PROFEEDS PVT LTD 2.456.914 269 Penanel Trading (Pvt) Ltd 1.072.407
965.000 -
125 CONSOLIDATED AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENTS 1,632,534 1,548,271 270 ZLG (PVT) LTD 1,139,448 283,777
1.299.010 92.292
- 1.513.122
127 VIFOT INVESTMENTS (PVT) LTD 1.361.517 1.619.950 272 POLARIS HORTICULTURE (PVT) LTD 445.966
Purpose Main Auction SME Auction Total Share (%) 128 Kingfav Incorporated 2,779,330 200,000 273 REDAN BULK (PVT) LTD 1,690,000 100,000
738.504.101 56.229.653 794.733.754 40 % 590.844
Commodities 327,283,661 55,170,212 382,453,873 19% 129 SAIWIT HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD 2,176,034 1,610,495 274 RSC Farming (Pvt) Ltd 994,500 -
Machinery and equipment 141,096,491 51,825,341 192,921,832 10% 677,088 599,000
148.224.982 22.047.026 170.272.007 9 % 130 CROCO MOTORS (PRIVATE) LIMITED 2.059.523 1.350.000 275 ECONET WIRELESS PVT LTD 431.528 1.265.000
Consumables (including spare parts, tires, electrics) 122,020,965 18,529,824 140,550,789 7% 259,900
Retail and Distribution (incl. Grocery, Beverage etc.) 114,989,612 13,585,703 128,575,314 7% 131 ANOTHER RIVER INVESTMENTS 2,025,322 59,850 276 AFRIFOR PVT LTD 150,000 -
Services (loans, dividends and divestments) 105,928,483 8,439,904 114,368,387 6% 96,640
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals 35,702,720 7,998,018 43,700,738 2% 132 TOYOTA ZIMBABWE 1,864,290 963,853 277 FMCG DISTRIBUTION (PVT) LTD 798,473 381,536
Fuel, Electricity and Gas 233,825,680 1,967,576,694 100% 949,057 840,157
Paper and packaging 1,733,751,014 133 KEVKUL INVESTMENTS PVT LTD 2,618,902 910,838 278 HANAWA SUPER FOODS 1,247,905
685.257 -
Total 134 FOSSIL MINES PL 946,603 725,060 279 MAGCHEM (PVT) LTD 1,654,017 1,248,814
Post and Telecom 667,164 280 RETVIC TRADING PVT LTD 1,076,513 -
135 Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe 532,010 722,913
834.773 674.981 3.004.830 0,2 % 281 BETA LOGISTICS PVT LTD 1.637.469 822.548
516.650 2.991.557 0,2 % 392.252
136 BUFFALO STEEL 2,597,312 1,720,000 2,991,458 0.2% 282 WATER IRRIGATION (HOUSEHOLD) LIMITED 1,303,750 1,005,000
300.000 2.974.740 0,2 %
137 EAGLE ITALIAN TEXTILE PVT LTD 2.332.696 889.554 2.968.017 0,2 % 283 HILLCHEST INVESTMENTS 1.621.702 -
848.685 2.941.665 0,2 % 670.818
138 KERSHELMAR DAIRIES (PVT) LTD 2.871.740 2.937.191 0,2 % 284 MOREYEAR INVESTMENTS COMPANY (PVT) LTD 799.852 925.637
- 2.918.390 0,2 %
139 Frolgate Technology (Pvt) Ltd 1.579.384 545.141 2.913.016 0,2 % 285 COMPROP (PVT) LIMITED 1.619.959 -
165.000 2.897.898 0,2 % 185.000
140 PETROTRADE 2.941.665 650.794 2.888.011 0,2 % 286 CROSS COUNTAINER 1.119.113 350.000
747.500 2.879.563 0,2 % 344.004
561.886 2.862.187 0,2 %
142 GRATON INVESTMENTS 1.518.390 351.030 2.861.948 0,2 % 288 STM HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD 1.042.775 -
771.622 2.856.591 0,2 % 536.328
Month Foreign Currency Interbank Market Foreign Currency Total 143 MASIMBA HOLDINGS LIMITED 1,603,770 240,540 2,841,018 0.2% EUROPE AFRICA SEED INITIATIVE 170,250
Accounts Payments Auction Allotments 90,000 2,839,306 0.2% 289 (PVT) LTD T/A EASI SEEDS 653,602
21. January 24,276,155 423,340,985 144 AYAN TRADING 2,230,516 2,838,928 0.2 % 880,412 786,457 1,600,412 0.1 %
Feb. 21 299.464.822 37.049.364 99.600.008 642.289.241 - 2.822.184 0,2 % 290 BROYLAY INVESTMENTS 950.000 1.594.600 0,1 %
March 21 460,747,662 52,958,997 144,492,215 594,862,496 145 FOSSIL AGRO P/L 2,081,705 1,281,000 2,818,740 0.2% - 1,592,445 0.1%
21. April 363.027.046 29.558.900 178.876.453 398.586.981 2.777.689 0,2 % 711.688 1.587.072 0,1 %
21. Mai 240.971.617 29.713.430 128.056.464 482.624.533 146 AXIS SOLUTIONS 1.261.563 928.503 2.763.366 0,2 % 291 FACADE TRADING PVT LTD 790.645 894.548 1,15 %
21. June 293,211,962 27,953,907 159,699,141 574,423,217 723,156 2,745,273 0.2 % 396,007 1,580,500 0.1 %
21. Juli 339.465.315 25.027.355 207.003.995 500.187.033 147 PISTA INVESTMENTS 1.872.644 775.335 292 Wellod Traders 1.187.072 1.578.124 0,1 %
21. August 289.438.918 19.911.086 185.720.760 427.968.516 1.100.293 - 1.575.018 0,1 %
Gesamt 171.182.759 236.874.671 148 THE COPIER PARTS COMPANY 1.869.735 1.137.805 293 A.LUCKY BRAND (PRIVATE) LIMITED 1.176.337 933.926 1.570.357 0,1 %
Percentage 2,457,510,102 246,449,194 1,340,323,707 718,732 1,569,739 0.1%
6 % 100 % 149 ENERGY PARK P/L 2.465.845 294 FEGMA Investments (Pvt) Ltd 925.700 - 1.567.378 0,1 %
61 % 33 % 863.983 1.350.000 1.560.000 0,1 %
150 MIGHTY MAJOR INDUSTRY 1,967,971 1,069,145 295 CAPLAW COMPANIES 912,932 1,558,982 0.1%
250.000 1.556.281 0,1 %
151 TRADE KINGS SIMBABWE 1.879.638 388.792 296 STC MINE CYNIDE CHEMICALS PVT LTD 552.856 895.000 1.550.190 0,1 %
458.420 297.166 1.541.574 0,1 %
152 AGRO SHAPE PVT LTD 2.061.065 1.358.496 297 X-SEA IMPORTS (PVT) LTD T/A TECH AFRICA 747.955 305.000 1.537.992 0,1 %
798.500 1.533.815 0,1 %
153 MUTARE MART & EXCHANGE (PVT) LTD 1.930.517 298 JANI S FABRIC CENTER T/A ANWAR UND RASHID P/L 1.569.739 - 1.533.193 0,1 %
- - 1.529.743 0,1 %
154 KENSYS INVESTMENTS 1.846.171 400.000 299 SCANLINK PRIVATE LIMITED 380.361 - 1.527.629 0,1 %
194.400 150.959 1.524.724 0,1 %
155 CAIRNS FOODS 1.986.937 300 FIRESPEAK INVESTMENTS PVT LTD 1.560.000 200.000 1.513.122 0,1 %
1.330.872 1.508.249 0,1 %
2020 TO AUGUST 2021 (USD) 290,103 1,488,422 0.1%
157 AIR ZIMBABWE PVT LTD 2.711.431 302 MAKA FARM P/L 1.349.738 - 1.478.104 0,1 %
590.408 1.478.000 0,1 %
158 HAMPTONS INCORPORATED 600.826 303 MOMENTUM SP REID 1.442.653 457.214 1.477.299 0,1 %
304 AI DAVIS & COMPANY (PVT) LTD 667,517 408,641 1,473,064 0.1%
NO BIDDER JAN-AUG 2021 JUN-DEC 2020 TOTAL SHARE (%) DATA CONTROL SYSTEMS (1996) PVT LTD 611,589 1,462,141 0.1%
1 BLUE RIBBON FOODS LTD 14,701,638 10,498,404 25,200,042 1.5% 159 T/A LIQUID TELECOM 2,394,558 2,744,558 0.2% 305 Veterinary Distributors 1,342,992 693,915 1,460,858 0.1%
2 VARUN BEVERAGES (ZIMBABWE) (PVT) LTD 15.004.258 8.233.042 23.237.300 1,3 % 2.733.863 0,2 % 306 CENTER PIVOT IRRIGATION (PVT) LTD 656.836 1.457.935 0,1 %
3 UNITED REFINERIES LTD 13.920.043 6.874.844 20.794.886 1,2 % 160 MAMBO INCORPORATED (PVT) LTD 1.733.087 - 1.448.814 0,1 %
4 CANGROW-HANDEL 11.313.285 8.690.105 20.003.390 1,2 % 1.086.449 1.443.376 0,1 %
5 SURFACE WILMAR PVT LTD 9.607.727 7.646.492 17.254.219 1,0 % APPLIED ENERGY SOLUTIONS (PVT) LTD 1.846.736 2.732.751 0,2 %
6 WILLOWTON GROUP SIMBABWE 11,986,081 5,210,883 17,196,964 1.0 % 161 T/A GAS MASTERS 2,724,622 0.2 % 308 MILLPAL P/L T/A CHEMICAL AGENCY 1,245,966 200,0 1 %
7 OLIVE INDUSTRY 10,241,308 5,935,069 16,176,376 0.9% - 1,430,990 0.1%
8 DAIRIBORD SIMBABWE P/L 10.627.521 4.832.119 15.459.640 0,9 % 162 CZIM CORRUGATED BOX SOLUTION (PVT) LTD 1.760.000 309 SPEEDLINE MARKETING (PVT) LTD 1.435.337 1.430.000 0,1 %
9 PURE OIL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD 8.430.948 6.848.464 15.279.412 0,9 % 852.794 1.426.224 0,1 %
10 ZFC LIMITED 8,938,454 4,186,899 13,125,353 0.8 % SCB MAURITIUS - IMARA AFRICA 2,572,215 2,685,344 0.2 % 310 INAMO AGRI PVT LTD 482,433 - 1,423,149 0.1 % .
11 SIMBABWE BRANDS 6.594.342 5.381.089 11.975.431 0,7 % 163 SERIES LIMITED - SIMBABWE 2.666.443 0,2 % 311 DC COETZEE & SON P/L - 1.420.653 0,1 %
12 Windmill (Pvt) Ltd 6.515.123 5.389.954 11.905.077 0,7 % 2.664.184 0,2 % 1.403.586 0,1 %
13 DENDAIRY LIMITED 7.198.729 4.560.585 11.759.314 0,7 % 164 Primtrim (Pvt) Ltd 1.199.107 2.656.642 0,2 ​​% 312 ZESA HOLDINGS PVT LTD 1.508.249 1.403.500 0,1 %
14 SABLE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 7,849,364 3,651,978 11,501,342 0.7% 2,652,908 0.2% 1,402,130 0.1%
15 NATIONAL FOODS 3.707.334 7.497.000 11.204.334 0,6 % 165 DAVIPEL TRADING (PVT) LTD 1.024.679 2.642.569 0,2 % 313 LANEWIZ TRADING AND PROJECTS G/V 1.405.000 1.390.186 0,1 %
16 TELONE (PRIVATE) LIMITED 7.193.056 3.965.149 11.158.205 0,6 % 2.601.536 0,2 % 314 MANSEY TRADING 1.488.422 1.386.393 0,1 %
17 NATPAK PRIVATE LIMITED 5.604.860 4.566.081 10.170.941 0,6 % 166 INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL IMPORTERS (PVT) LTD 1.454.204 2.600.946 0,2 % 1.382.960 0,1 %
18 HUNYANI PAPER & PACKAGING (1997) (PVT) LTD 5.229.555 4.652.932 9.882.487 0,6 % 2.599.950 0,1 % 1.378.541 0,1 %
19 TREGER PRODUCTS 7,821,206 1,314,181 9,135,387 0.5% 167 HALSTED BROTHERS (PVT) LTD 1,687,908 2,590,000 0.1% 315 KENAC COMPUTER SYSTEMS 879,104 1,375,882 0.1%
20 PRODAIRY (PVT) LTD 5.671.756 3.442.445 9.114.201 0,5 % 2.585.720 0,1 % 316 GRANT WELLINGTON THULISA T/A GWT POWER 213.000 1.374.210 0,1 %
21 SCHWEPPES ZIMBABWE LIMITED 8.295.010 736.297 9.031.307 0,5 % 168 VAITIVE TRADING (PVT) LTD 1.094.298 2.557.296 0,1 % 1.372.957 0,1 %
22 BARZEM ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD 6.273.941 2.124.114 8.398.055 0,5 % 2.549.808 0,1 % 1.370.800 0,1 %
23 ZUVA PETROLEUM (PVT) LTD 4.514.043 3.514.345 8.028.388 0,5 % 169 ETG INPUTS SIMBABWE P/L 1.302.526 2.548.499 0,1 % 317 SAXIN ENTERPRISES PVT LTD 1.477.299 1.367,00 %
24 CAPRI DEVICES 5,587,273 2,173,409 7,760,682 0.4% 2,534,566 0.1% 1,366,048 0.1%
25 JP MORGAN 4.827.512 2.863.016 7.690.528 0,4 % 170 BLANKET MINE (1983) G/V 2.600.946 2.519.166 0,1 % 318 PRIMEGREEN (PVT) LTD 1.376.424 1.363.728 0,1 %
26 Reinforced Steel Contractors (Pvt) Ltd 5.484.624 2.166.542 7.651.166 0,4 % 319 TEVASON INVESTMENTS P/L T/A FRESHPRO 1.080.605 1.363.651 0,1 %
27 MEGAPAK ZIMBABWE PVT LTD 5.460.545 1.906.111 7.366.656 0,4 % 171 GRIPTON INVESTMENTS (PVT) LTD 980.000 1.357.545 0,1 %
28 BLACKBOX INVESTMENTS (PVT) LTD 4.220.690 2.916.054 7.136.744 0,4 ​​% 1.350.502 0,1 %
29 AGRI VALUE CHAIN ​​ZIMBABWE (PVT) LTD 3.590.363 3.540.983 7.131.347 0,4% 172 INSTANT TAR ZIMBABWE (PRIVATE) LIMITED 2.390.000 320 REYDELLET INVESTMENTS T/A HUKURE CHICKS 620.701 10 0,10%
30 MASHWEDE DIESEL SERVICES 3.471.532 3.644.828 7.116.360 0,4 % 1.345.530 0,1 %
31 Farmec (Pvt) Ltd 4.538.666 2.574.280 7.112.946 0,4 % 173 DIVYA ENTERPRISES 1.994.876 321 STORM ENERGY ZIMBABWE PVT LTD 1.457.935 1.345.000 0,1 %
32 ALL RAW MATERIAL EXPORTS PL 5,537,191 1,555,601 7,092,792 0.4% 1,343,240 0.1%
33 UNILEVER ZIMBABWE PVT LTD 5.375.694 1.577.596 6.953.290 0,4 % 174 BLOOMSHELTER INVESTMENTS 946.802 322 CLOREX ENERGY PVT LTD 200.000 1.340.184 0,1 %
34 PROBRANDS (PVT) LTD 4.970.448 1.903.984 6.874.432 0,4 % 323 LETRISE TRADING 1.443.376 1.339.554 0,1 %
35 THE ZIMBABWE BATA SHOE COMPANY (PVT) LTD 4.294.584 2.424.895 6.719.479 0,4 % 175 RELIANCE MANUFACTURING (PVT) LTD 1.872.721 324 AFRITRACTORS P/L 1.339.551 0,1 %
36 BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON 4.249.401 2.346.589 6.595.991 0,4 % 710.082 1.339.179 0,1 %
37 BOC ZIMBABWE (PVT) LTD T/A BOC GASES 4.000.559 2.488.982 6.489.541 0,4 % 176 SANDVIK MINING AND CONSTRUCTION (PVT) LTD 1.198.499 1.332.377 0,1 %
38 VALLEY SEEDS SIMBABWE PVT LTD 2.122.740 4.300.000 6.422.740 0,4 % 1.330.928 0,1 %
39 RAWFERT OFFSHORE SAL 3.460.718 2.869.028 6.329.746 0,4 % 177 ALLIANCE MEDIA 2.274.667 325 MING CHANG SINO AFRICA MINING INVESTMENTS P 608.453 1.330.872 0,1 %
40 ESSAR Tubes and Towers 3,510,314 2,805,000 6,315,314 0.4% 1,330,698 0.1%
41 CRASTER INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD 3.412.183 2.690.000 6.102.183 0,4 % 178 HWANGE COAL GASIFICATION COMPANY 2.459.316 326 BRANDS AFRIKA 1.038.738 1.330.522 0,1 %
42 STATE STREET BANK 3.340.870 2.687.940 6.028.809 0,3 % 327 PERFORMPLUS PVT LTD 425.000 1.324.124 0,1 %
43 CAFCA LTD 4.616.305 1.360.698 5.977.003 0,3 % MONTERO TRADING INTERNATIONAL 1.554.067 2.517.920 0,1 % 328 AYESTOCK INVESTMENTS PVT LTD 1.321.112 0,1 %
LOTUS STATIONERY MANUFACTURERS 179 (PRIVATE) LIMITED 2.516.572 0,1 % 1.426.224 1.319.926 0,1 %
44 T/A RANK SIMBABWE 3.455.607 2.461.152 2.512.076 0,1 % 1.317.816 0,1 %
45 MEGA MARKET MILLING (PVT) LTD 3.350.075 2.529.520 180 WESTBILL TRADING T/A STEEL WAREHOUSE 1.567.515 2.510.257 0,1 % 329 William Bain and Company Holdings 752.332 1.311.589 0,1 %
46 KP CHEMIE 3.441.159 2.342.308 2.508.781 0,1 % 1.308.628 0,1 %
47 PAZA BUSTER CAR SALES 4.592.053 1.154.981 181 BULLS POWER FUELS 1.601.238 2.482.153 0,1 % 330 FORTHPORT ENTERPRISES 495.016
48 Intrachem (Pvt) Ltd 4.604.423 2.460.333 0,1 % 331 RESTNANCE (PVT) LTD 1.403.586 1.308.580 0,1 %
49 PHARMA- UND CHEMIEDISTRIBUTOREN 3.626.496 975.737 182 PIONEEER HI-BRED (ZIMABABWE) PRIVATE LIMITED 1.825.000 2.455.870 0,1 % 332 HITESH NATWARIAL ANADKAT 1.218.500 1.305.529 0.1 %
50 MEGA MARKET (PVT) LTD 2,461,917 1,888,103 2,409,973 0.1 % 1,305,283 0.1 %
59 PREMIER AUTO SERVICES P/L 2.953.389 3.037.503 183 XGMA SIMBABWE 1.783.721 2.409.450 0,1 % 1.304.489 0,1 %
60 CITI BANK 4,147,441 1,980,217 2,397,507 0.1% 1,303,053 0.1%
61 CABS 2.616.742 184 CONTINENTAL MILLERS PVT LTD 882.729 2.393.951 0,1 % 333 SINO ZIMBABWE CEMENT COMPANY 1.052.130 1.302.945 0,1 %
62 PARROGATE ZIMBABWE (PVT) LTD 3.291.753 776.173 2.393.643 0,1 %
63 FARAMATSI MOTORS (PVT) LTD 4,250,329 2,286,132 185 INTABA TRADING (PVT) LTD 1,793,169 2,353,415 0.1% 334 SALES GROUP AFRICA 1,046,182
64 DULY HOLDINGS PVT LTD 3.045.511 1.563.977 2.345.393 0,1 % 335 INNSCOR AFRICA LIMITED T/A BREAD COMPANY -
66 SATEWAVE TECHNOLOGIES 4,220,488 550,000 2,328,380 0.1% 1,382,960
67 ISOQUANT INVESTMENTS G/V 3.270.297 1.737.436 187 CLASSECON ROOFING AFRICA (PVT) LTD 1.734.992 2.314.448 0,1 %
68 SONDELANI RANCHING P/L 3.081.755 2.156.978 2.310.408 0,1 %
69 RARDON INVESTMENTS (PVT) LTD 2.564.164 188 C AND T MINING COMPANY PVT LTD 1.892.800 2.306.534 0,1 % 337 REACHOUT TRANSPORT (PVT) LTD 842.213
70 CHINA NANCHANG ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD 2.329.613 552.500 2.298.697 0,1 %
71 Discount Steel Zimbabwe 3,115,364 1,494,274 189 CHINA INTERNATIONAL WATER AND ELECTRICAL 677,507 2,291,194 0.1% 338 SPARKLE BEVERAGES PVT LTD 1,205,633
72 RESTAPEDIC MANUFACTURING (PVT) LTD 2.754.533 1.678.437 2.278.233 0,1 % 339 FIDELITY PRINTERS AND REFINERIES 720.609
73 BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO SIMBABWE 2.882.786 2.183.723 190 J MANN & COMPANY (PVT) LTD 2.093.951 2.275.352 0,1 % 340 TOJA VENTURES (PVT) LTD 586.500
74 IETC SIMBABWE PVT LTD 2.724.676 2.399.280 2.261.972 0,1 %
1.487.000 191 LEGEND LOUNGE PRIVATE LIMITED 1.504.089 2.260.000 0,1 % 341 HANG UP (PVT) LTD T/A HOMESTYLE CANDLES 1.370.800
1.844.162 2.259.400 0,1 %
1.622.198 192 SLUCKRIDGE INVESTMENTS 1.504.730 2.254.407 0,1 % 342 GIANT WRAP (PVT) LTD 655.315
1.770.000 2.236.897 0,1 % 343 EQUIP SOLUTIONS PVT LTD 472.000
193 African Banking Corporation 2.345.393 2.227.835 0,1 % 344 DYNAMASTER PVT LTD 967.721
2.194.303 0,1 %
194 MUNELLA ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD 1,791,194 2,193,630 0.1%
2.192.298 0,1 %
196 Astra Chemicals 1.663.654 347 LAUETTA INVESTMENTS PL

198 UNICARE (1989) PVT LTD 2.054.788 348 INVEST SOLAR PVT LTD -

199 Tuff Industrials (Pvt) Ltd 1.736.811 349 Doves Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd 1.095.530
350 GEORGIA OIL 450,000
5.879.596 0,3 % 1.046.074
5.783.467 0,3 % 201 Highfield Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd 1.506.612
5.747.034 0,3 %
5.514.599 0,3 %
5.499.420 0,3 % 203 ACOL CHEMICALS HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD 2.171.972 353 NAVEBERRY PVT LTD 1.339.554
4,933,606 0.3% 354 NATAFLEX PRODUCT PBC 1,339,551
4.923.613 0,3 % 204 PAULOS CONSTRUCTION 2.260.000 355 LAFARGE CEMENT ZIMBABWE LTD 1.339.179
4.902.874 0,3 %
4,855,730 0.3 % 205 OMNI AFRICA 978,400
4.800.329 0,3 %
4,782,946 0.3% 206 VELVETEA ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD 1,325,904 356 REFRESHING SANITARY PADS P/L 1,181,418
4.778.443 0,3 %
4.772.988 0,3 % 207 FIRST PACK MARKETING (PRIVATE) LIMITED 1.513.741 357 MAKA RESOURCES PVT LTD 1.130.928
4.747.887 0,3 % 815.546
4.728.893 0,3 % 209 PARAGON PRINTING AND PACKAGING (PVT) LTD 1.094.010
4.602.364 0,3 %
4.598.695 0,3 % 210 MULLER BROTHERS 1.055.826 360 PEPPERTREE TRADING (PVT) LTD 1.040.420
4.504.985 0,3 %
4.494.676 0,3 % 211 BRAFORD INVESTMENTS 1.473.567 361 J R GODDARD CONTRACTING (PRIVATE) LIMITED 1.324.124
PHOSPHOGEN INVESTMENTS PVT LTD 1.322.214 2.186.197 0,1 % 363 RICHAW SOLAR TECH (PVT) LTD 862.712
212 T/A NUTRIMASTER 2.182.136 0,1 %
2.176.872 0,1 %
213 CLOVER LEAF MOTORS P/L 1.112.991 2.159.324 0,1 % 364 TANAKA ENERGY 909.175
2.129.396 0,1 %
214 CITY GLASS & FARBELIEFERANTEN 1.788.080 2.108.400 0,1 % 365 QUALITY GAS (PVT) LTD 700.000
2.099.203 0,1 % 366 PEPARY INVESTMENTS P/L 614.713
215 Steelmate Investments 1,700,904 2,089,408 0.1%
2.071.049 0,1 %

217 PULSE MEDICAL CARE 1.309.900 368 AC DC DYNAMICS (PVT) LTD 219.080




372 SBSA RCN-HUB 1.302.945


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