Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (2023)

This story is part of 12 Days of Tips to help you get the most out of your tech, home and health this holiday season.

Fitbit watches and trackers do a lot more than just count your steps and tell the time. When you received a new oneFitbitOver the holidays or bought one to help you reach your 2023 wellness goals, it's time to learn how to get the most out of the health tracker. TheOwned by GoogleThe digital fitness company has packed its wearables with new updates and features, including areadiness score,sleep profileswhich provide a deeper analysis of your patterns and the ability to measure stress levelsFitbit-Sense,Sinn 2Andfee 5. Google Maps and Google Wallet are also coming to Fitbit devices, which should make them even more useful for everyday tasks.

Fitbit sells a range of trackers andsmart watches.Die 350 $Google Pixelwatchis the latest of the bunch and the first Fitbit smartwatch to offer access to Google Play Store apps and the option for LTE connectivity. The $100Inspire 3is among the cheapest while the$300 Sinn 2Smartwatch is close to the high-end along with the Pixel Watch.

Because software and features vary by device, some of these tips may not work on all models. The steps below may also vary depending on whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device.

See the time even when the screen is off

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (2)

Fitbit devicesare designed for fitness and activity tracking, but they also double as a watch. You can make it easier to see the time at a glance without having to lift your wrist or tap the screen by enabling always-on mode. As the name suggests, this allows the screen to show the time even when the display is idle. Just keep in mind that you'll have to sacrifice a little battery life to get this benefit.

The instructionsvary to enable this featuredepending on which Fitbit you own.

  • On thefee 5Andluxury, swipe down from the watch face, tapIdeasoption, choosedisplay settingsand then selectAlways-on-Display.
  • On the Sense and Versa 3, swipe right from the watch face and tapAlways-On-DisplayIcon that looks like a clock.
  • On the Versa 2, swipe down from the top of the screen to see your notifications. Then swipe down again to access Control Center. Tap the quick settings icon and press theAlways-On-Display-Symbol.
  • On the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4,swipe downat the top of the screen and tapAlways-On-Display-Symbolin the quick settings menu.

Change your main daily exercise goal

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (4)

Goals are different for everyone, so you might want to consider changing the default goal on your Fitbit. This is the main metric that Fitbit celebrates every day upon completion. You can choose from steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed or active zone minutes. To choose which goal you want to achieve each day, open theFitbit-Appon your phone and tap yourProfile picture. Then tapyour Fitbit deviceand scroll down toMain goal.From there you can select your preferred destination.

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Choose which stats you want to see first during a workout

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (5)

In addition to changing your daily goal, you can change which stats you want to prioritize during your workout. For example, some people care more about calorie burning, while others prioritize heart rate. That's why you can choose which stats you want to see during a workout on the Fitbit Sense, Versa, and Ionic series.

Start by opening the watchA practiceApp and select the workout you want to customize. From there, tap the gear icon in the top left if you have an Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite Edition, or Versa 2 and select thatAdjust statisticsPossibility. Then choose which stats you want to see in the top, middle and bottom slots on your device.

The instructions are slightly different for Fitbit Sense, Sense 2, Versa 3, and Versa 4 owners. Of theA practiceApp, select the workout you want to customize, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the device's workout settings. Under theView Statisticssection you can select the top, middle and bottom options to edit the stats you want to see in each slot.

Pair your Fitbit with Android simply by holding it near your phone

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (6)

Fitbit and Google want to make setting up your new device nearly effortless. Take a page from Apple's bookGoogles Fast PairFeature speeds up the pairing process by connecting your new Fitbit to your Android phone when the two devices are nearby. All you have to do is turn on your Fitbit device and make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on to get started, and then you should see a prompt to download the Fitbit app. It works with models like Luxe, Charge 5 and Inspire 2.

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Customize your exercise options

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (7)

We all prefer certain workouts over others, whether it's running, spinning, yoga, or just walking. Luckily, Fitbit lets you customize the list of available workouts on specific devices to your liking. Just open the Fitbit app, tap your profile picture, and select your device. Then tapA practice abbreviationsto change your Fitbit's workout options. You can choose those+ Exercise shortcutbutton to add a new activity type, swipe left on a workout to delete it, or use theEditbutton to reorder your workouts. Just note that the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 don't have a shortcuts list, howeverFitbit saysAll training modes are available in the training app for the Sense, Versa and Ionic series watches.

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Start an exercise with a single press of Fitbit Sense

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (8)

Fitbit Sense's workout app is easy to access, but there are times when you might want to start a workout right away. Customizing the Fitbit Sense wake button can help you with that.

Hold down the side button and your watch will bring up several different apps and features that can be launched with a long press of the same button. Options include the alarm app, weather, Spotify and your choice of voice assistant. Scroll down until you seeA practice, and select the training mode you want to start when you long press the side button. If you don't want to select a specific workout, you can also set the workout app to open when you long-press the side button.

Additionally, you can customize the long press actions of the side button through Fitbit Sense's settings menu. Swipe to the Sense app screen and tapIdeasSymbol. Chooseabbreviations,and then select thePress and holdPossibility. Tap thereA practiceand choose the activity you want to start when you long-press the wake button.

Find your lost Fitbit Inspire 2 with the Tile app

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (9)

Smaller fitness trackers like the Inspire 2 can easily get lost or misplaced. That's why FitbitPartnership with Tileto integrate its Bluetooth location tracking service directly into the Inspire 2. You have to download itTiles Appand make sure your fitness band's software is up to date before using it. But once it's set up and registered in the Tile app, you can call your Inspire 2 when it's within Bluetooth range or see its last location on a map.

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Use your Fitbit to find your phone

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (10)

We've all been through this; Maybe you left your phone in your jacket, or maybe it slipped between the sofa cushions. That's where Fitbit's Find My Phone app comes in. Just open the app on your watch and your Fitbit will prompt your phone to ring and vibrate until found. The Fitbit app must be running on your phone for this feature to work and is available on Fitbit Sense, Versa 2 andVersa 3.

Let Fitbit tell you whether you should hit the gym or take it easy

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (11)

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether it's time to push yourself or take a rest day. Fitbit is trying to help with thatDaily Readiness Score-Funktion, which launched in November and is similar toOura-Ringereadiness score. Fitbit gives a score based on factors like your recent sleep habits, heart rate variability, and activity, indicating whether you should exercise or prioritize rest.

It works on Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, and Inspire 2, but is only available to Premium subscribers and must be activated in the Fitbit app. Also, you must wear your device for at least four days, including overnight.

Adjust your stride length to make the step count more accurate

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (12)

Fitbit automatically calculates your stride length after you've tracked a run with GPS. But you can also measure your own stride length and add it to the app manually. In additionFitbit suggestsCount your steps while walking or running in a place where you can easily read the distance, e.g. B. on a career. According to Fitbit, when measuring your stride length, you should also walk at least 20 steps. Then divide the distance traveled in yards or meters by the number of steps.

Once you've measured your stride, open the Fitbit app and tap your profile picture in the top-right corner. UnderIdeas, chooseActivity & Wellnessand typeA practice. Beatinseamand enter your measurements.

Listen to your training statistics during training

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (13)

Fitness-Trackermake it easier to see workout stats at a glance, but it's not always possible or comfortable to look at your wrist while exercising. That's why Fitbit's app can dictate specific metrics like distance, time, average pace, split pace, and calories burned by voice. You can choose which of these stats you want to hear during your workout and also customize the frequency of the alerts by distance or time.

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Open the Fitbit iPhone app, tap your profile picture and scroll down toActivity & Wellnesscategory belowIdeas. BeatA practiceand scroll down to view thePlay while trainingOption found under the list of automatically recognized exercises. If you're using the Android app, tap the exercise tile in theTodayfeed and press the stopwatch icon in the top right corner. Then toggle the switch next to itUse voice cuesto enable or disable this option.

Disable those reminders to move

Try these Fitbit tricks to achieve your fitness goals this new year (14)

We all could probably use a reminder to get up and get some exercise, especially when we're working from home. But these little nudges might not be helpful for everyone, and some might find them annoying. To turn move reminders on or off, open theFitbitapp on your phone and tap your photo in the top left. Select your Fitbit device from the list and scroll down toRelocation memoriesPossibility. From here you can turn reminders on or off, or set them for specific time slots or days of the week.


What should I set my Fitbit goals to? ›

Set 1 daily activity stat as your main goal. Then, set an optional goal in each of the other categories, such as exercise and sleep. Steps taken, Active Zone Minutes or active minutes, calories burned, distance traveled, and floors climbed.

How do you cheat stride length on Fitbit? ›

Tap your profile image to enter Account settings, then scroll down to Activity & wellness just under your list of Fitbit devices. Then click on Exercise and scroll down to the bottom of the list. At the bottom is Stride Length, and you can adjust it for both walking and running.

What should my daily activity goals be Fitbit? ›

Out-of-the-box Fitbit will suggest some generic goals, with 10,000 steps per day being the most well-known. But if your Fitbit goals are too hard (or too easy) it can be demotivating, and could lead to your new fitness tracker ending up in a drawer in a few months time.

What exercises does Fitbit automatically detect? ›

It will automatically recognize these activities:
  • Walk.
  • Run.
  • Outdoor Bike.
  • Elliptical.
  • Sport.
  • Aerobic Workout.
  • Swim.

How many calories should I aim to burn on Fitbit? ›

As a general guide, that should be 500 to 750 calories less than the average you logged for those first three days, but pick a reasonable number that you can stick to. Continue to log your food for a few weeks so you can track how closely you're coming to your new calorie goal.

How many steps is a good goal for Fitbit? ›

The 10,000-step goal satisfies the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week (or 30 minutes of daily exercise). Ten thousand steps add up to about five miles a day, so we felt it was a good place to start for most people.


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